Planned Breedings for 2014/2015 season

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Razzie, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. wawa85

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    Thank you :) I planned to breed her to him last year but didn't have the money. I won the bid on him in stallion auction this year. I think Moonshine will produce a very nice cross to Shanti both have great temperaments and conformation. He's also not hugely dishy so I won't run the risk of ending up with a dished Arab head and a chunky QH body!

    Lucky Molly, Royal Oak is gorgeous!
  2. Here is our update:
    Miss Plentiful Bars - reabsorbed.
    Delkara Honey Bars - foal sold in utero
    Smooth Lil Jet Chex - foal sold in utero
    We are nearly sold out before they are born. All foals sold so far will go east.
  3. mirawee

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    No foals expected this year as I will be in Europe to watch WEG :D

    As soon as I get back we will be trying to get Diva in foal to Bellario :) Hopefully she gives me a filly then no more foals for her and no more foal planning for me for at least a few years :)

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