Planned Breedings for 2014/2015 season

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Razzie, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    Well i hunted and hunted, and couldnt find an Thread started on this, so i will start one...

    Whos planning on breeding this year for a foal?

    My youngest foal is now 3yo, and one of my mares has now retired from the Show Ring, so I will be putting her in foal again.

    Pinto Arab 75% to a Pure Arab 100%

    Resulting foal has a 50/50 chance of being Pinto, 100% chance of being Chestnut, and will have 87.5% Arab blood which is registerable.

    Hoping for a Pinto Filly... :)
  2. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Nothing set in stone yet which is terrible!

    I have a dose of 'For Romance' (Donnerhall, Don Schufro, Florentstan, Sandro Hit bloodlines) sitting at the vet, a dose of 'Redline Shooting Star' and also of course my own stallion to choose from.

    I have 2 mares I could possibly put in foal, Fittingly my Thoroughbred mare and Molly my Andalusian x Thoroughbred mare but not sure which to what or at all this season yet!

    If I ended up putting both in foal this season right now Molly would go to Redline Shooting Star and Fittingly would either be back to my stallion (the filly is such a cracker!) or use the For Romance dose, I just don't know!

    I will either make my mind up soon or miss breeding any this season and enjoy this years foals :p
  3. Better deals on in utero babies!

    Delkara Honey Bars(palomino, Aa) is in foal to Tru Blu Texan, prebook her foal in utero and save $$$!



    Coliban Metallic Bars (cremello roan, Aa) is in foal to Tru Blu Texan, prebook her foal in utero and save $$$!



    Please don't hesitate to inquire on other mares avail for Designer Gene Program:), you will have the whole year to pay the foal off.
  4. Remaani

    Remaani Guest

    I'm not covering my Arabian Riding Pony, or Welsh mares this season.
    Have left 1 Miniature mare empty also.

    My stallion, Tiny Toy Santarado (pictured last year as a 18yo):


    Has covered my mare, Woodley Park Mystery Girl:


    And i'm using outside stallion, Lindan MG Sirocco (owned by Delrae Park Stud - TJ is the stallion that had the intensive flesh/muscle eating injury years ago & was in Murdoch for a long time. He's an amazing stallion).
    I haven't got a pic to use.

    TJ is going over my Small Horse mare, Karajine Montana Moon (she's visiting him now) - she's actually by my old stallion above. ;)

  5. kiraSpark

    kiraSpark Gold Member

    Remaani the photos of your son showing your minis is lovely. So nice to see a young boy getting out there and showing them, he looks very cute :)*

    We arent breeding anything this year, havent done for a few years...we have enough youngsters on the ground at the moment to get started on, without having any more.
  6. We will have 6 foals by Tru Blu Texan(imp) next year out of:
    Delkara Honey Bars(palomino)
    Coliban Gold N Metal(palomino), foal sold in utero
    Coliban Metallic Bars( cremello roan)
    Smooth Lil Jet Chex(bay)
    TK Blondie( palomino)
    Miss Plentiful Bars(imp) sorrel))

    Call For Zippo (imp) is in foal to Lazy Loper(FS)
    We will be busy:) Before we bred so many we made sure that we'll have enough feed to sustain them if they don't sell as weaners. Our hay crop is looking great.
  7. Dream Merchant

    Dream Merchant Active Member

    Oooo... what color possibilities would come from Coliban Metallic Bars? Definitely a palomino or buckskin roan?
  8. Or a smokey black/ smokey black roan
    I think if it is a tuckskin it won't have any roaning, but if it is a palomino, it would be a roan.
  9. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Why would the chance of roan be different between a buckskin or a palomino?

    No foals again for me this year. I keep tossing up whether to breed Diva again as I would like to put her to a warmblood for a second (and likely last if a filly) foal but she likes a second mare around to babysit for her and I don't want to breed two in this market...
  10. It depends which coat roaning is attached to.

    I don't think the market is that bad?
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  11. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    I thought it was common knowledge that the market is poor ';'

    I've done one breeding for myself this year, for an 87.5% Part-bred Welsh aimed specifically for Official Leadline (not to exc 12hh). If it comes out yellow (hoping for buckskin), I'm giving it to a friend who's always been after the mare **):} So future home is guaranteed either way :D

    No more big-horse breeding for me :D
  12. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    The market is only bad for what there is already an oversupply of..
  13. The market always gives an unbiased reflection on what sells and what doesn't.
    People should be blaming themselves, not the market, for producing something with no demand for or already in oversupply as ClubIgnite mentioned ^^^.
  14. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    And this is why i just breed for myself, though i have sold only two of my past foals, one did take awhile to sell but i will admit i will never do the breeding again and the other i could have sold ten times over, even more if he stayed entire.

    This future foal, i definetly plan to keep as i dont want to breed the mare again, though if i choose to sell it i know i have a market for it.
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  15. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Can you explain this please? Every scientific article I have so far looks at says roan is a simple dominant trait. Therefore base colour shouldn't make any difference.
  16. There is nothing more to add or explain to what I have already said:D
    Blu's roaning sits on his red coat, when he drops his red, bred to the red based mare, the resulting foal is a red roan, when he drops his black - the foals are either black or bay, depending on Agouti, with no roaning.

    that was the reason behind my previous comment:
    It is handy when we breed red based mares to Tru Blu Texan, the chance of getting a solid red foal is very minimal. So far we haven't had any.:)

    I hope it helped:)
  17. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    Thats interesting Coli, I hadnt read anything on Roan that indicated it worked that way and attached to the base colour. Smoothy seems to produce equal red, bay and black roans :confused:

    As soon as I confirm that my mare is not already in foal (she ran with my stallion for a month or so before he was gelded in June - but he never successfully served a solid mare the entire 10yrs he was entire so I dont like my chances!) I have a boy lined up for her ;)
  18. Sassy,
    Firstly you have to work out which side of the pedigree the roaning came through:) Blu also produces bay and blue roans out of black based mares, it depends on both parents coat color."'
  19. pin

    pin New Member

    My TB mare (by Carry a Smile) was AI'd last week to GRP, Golden Rock. He is close to 15hh and she is 15.2hh and very compact. Hoping for a nice little sports horse there. UPDATE: yep, she is in foal :)

    My other TB mare Rose (by Drought), I just picked up from spelling today and is massive! Might have to get a few kgs off her before breeding, but she will go to Lord Lamarque, once I can get a handle on her cycle.

    And maybe, just maybe my WB pinto filly will go to Hilkens Black Delight. Last dose of his frozen of his that I am aware of, so we have ONE shot!
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  20. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    Still confused lol the roaning can only come from him, none of the mares he has served have been roan? I dont think there has been any pattern between the mares colours (red/bay/black) to them producing roans. I will have to do more research on this one! :eek:

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