Places to take horses on outings in perth?

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by KT_EQUESTRIAN, Apr 25, 2014.


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    So I'm looking for some places I can take my young horse for some outings, I know about all the horse beaches but I want something I could go for a proper ride with different scenery/trails. Especially if there is something like hills/streams etc that not everyone has! It also has to be accessible from the road obviously and not too dangerous to get to...

    I'll add my recommendation for 'lake Adams' on Neaves road. If you go towards joondalup it's on Neaves road, there is an open area you can park your float out of the road and you follow that track to a square box thing the horses walk over, from her it's a looping trail with some well made cross country jumps and it's very scenic and has a lot of variety! It's a great ride! :)

    Let's make this a post everyone can check out, comment below your reccomend action V

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