Pinjarra Dressage Day Results

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Lauren, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Just got back..
    I came 7th outa 7th.. came 7th by 0.70 or something lol
    My position was terrible! lol.. looking at the tape if my legs were any more back i'd be sitting on them (yet the judge said i had good seat and leg aids (wth?).
    Reddy was sooo good.. he was very nervous at first coz i got on and made him nervous by tensing up (but all he did was jigjog and prance around abit)
    Vicky hopped on him (thankyou!) and he was an angel for her so i realised it was coz i was nervous.. 2nd time i hopped on he was perfect. :)*
    He had to stand around ages for our shot.. so was rather annoyed and didn't wana stand still (when i was talking to the judge and trying to tell him my name he was pawing and just wanted to get on with it.. lol)
    Anyway THANKYOU SO MUCH Kuri. It was so incredibly nice for you to go so out of your way and let me ride him.. I couldn't have asked for a nicer horse to do my first show on.
    Thanks again.

    Oh and Tanika.. Bear and you look amazing.. i can't believe how different he is.. he seriously looked like he'd be competing for years. :))
  2. crumpetsryum

    crumpetsryum Guest

    You should be SO proud lauren you did a fantastic job, and I'm so glad you worked through your nerves. Everyones horses looked amazing, and all worked so well. You should all be proud of yourselves!
  3. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Come on.. i know their was lots of stockies their..
    Post some piccies and some results!
    (i'll have piccies in about an hour)
  4. benben

    benben Well-known Member

    i came 6th and not sure what i came in 1.2
    i just want to say a big well done to lauren she did a great job and you should be so proud of your sefl :)*
  5. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Thankyou so much for today.
    I had so much fun and Reddy was so good..
    Me & Mum are definately head over heels.. :))
  6. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Thanks.. i saw you ride the 1.2 (we had just arrived)..and you and sparky looked great. You make such a good team.
    Thanks again for riding him.. before you did i was almost ready to just go home. lol
    (i'm soooo glad i didn't)
  7. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    Before I start uploading pics I'll have my little rant. Tanika and Bear, you two were so beautiful. It's so amazing to see how much he has progressed with you, you two are a perfect pair. Well done for staying on and giving it your best Lauren, it doesn't matter what you score or where you placed if you got on that horse and actually did it.
  8. Charlie1

    Charlie1 Well-known Member

    I had an awesome time. I'm proved in both my test and got the best score we have so far. Just missed out on a placing in the 1.2.I'm so proud of my boy :)
    Cheers Jade
  9. coco

    coco New Member

    My daughter had a good day on her new pony she got first in her prep test with 74%, so very proud of her and pony.Well done tanika you did a lovely test cant believe the differance its fantastic.Well done to everybody who competed.
  10. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member




    (love the silly face in this one)
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  11. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

  12. Leti loves Elmo

    Leti loves Elmo Well-known Member

    Well done everyone. Aww wow Tanika looks wonderful on him. Love the second picture, looks rather pro
  13. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I know aye.. they looked sooooo good.. i was shocked.. couldn't believe it was the same horse!
    He just looked fantastic.. and Tanika your such a fantastic rider.

    Coco does your daughters pony have the big blaze? or was it the smaller pony?

    Yay.. Go Buddy. :) wish i got to see you ride.. :)
  14. Ellie

    Ellie Well-known Member

    **Taps Finger Impatiently**
    Where is Tanika!... I want pics and results :)

    EDIT- awww he looks so good and yep love the 2nd one
  15. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Haha.. i think i'm.. coughing.. in that 2nd pic..
    Bear is such a spunk!
  16. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    These pictures are gunna be bad quality because I resized in paint, if you guys want the big good quality version to preint out just pm me
  17. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    -Mocha here!-

    I had a really great day, thanks for everyones support and Kat for floating him there.
    Bear was awesome. He didn't put foot wrong and we came 3rd to some seriously gorgeous, perfectly schooled horses.
    We got 64% on our dressage which is great, I was just aiming for over %50.
    I got comments such as 'nice rythmical trot' 'halts square' 'attentive and submissive, listens to aids and accepting of the bit' 'well ridden, can ask for more activity as horse progresses' from the judge.
    I'm so proud of Bear :)
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  18. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

  19. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    That's great Tanika.. :)*
    The judge was super nice to me.. i was expecting.. bad position etc;
    But he wrote good seat and leg aids.. and good half circle and good rythmical trot.. and that Red was very responsive.
    And that red needs to be a bit more forward and that he needs to accept the bridle a bit more.
    I'm happy with that to say it was both mine and his first show and i only rode him for the first time yesterday..
    Oh also i couldn't get him to properlly halt.. lol
  20. Imperial

    Imperial Well-known Member

    looks twice!!!!

    is that bear?! Tanika you have done a fantastic job. he doesnt look like the same horse. and weldone on your test!!!! *claps hands*

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