Photos of the 'Mother Ship' aka Kenoath's foot/abscess

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by GoneRama, May 13, 2011.

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    Natural Horse World Laminitis
    For sure Peta but that didn't stop me from hitting old google up for some answers and I came across that link up there^^^^ In Pippin's story it does say that it is possible for a hoof abscess to reabsorb or burst out with minimal signs to the human eye.
  2. retroremedy

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    Antibiotics can hold an abscess but as soon as they are ceased it will continue its path of destruction and since the abscess appeared half way through the antibiotic treatment this suggest the antibiotic was not having much of an effect on the abscess.

    Abscesses dont re-absorb, they exit or never existed in the first place. How would your farrier be able to confirm that an abscess re-absorbed? He wouldn't be able to! At the best it would be horse had acute lameness, tested positive to hoof testers and then came good without any sign of abscess rupture....therefore the logical conclusion to come to would be a stone bruise!
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  3. retroremedy

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    This is a barefoot natural site that also recommends homeopathics to treat laminitis :confused: this is also the first site that pops up on google that even mentions the re-absorption of an abscess....the type of site and it is position in a google search shows you how real the unverified the information is!
  4. GoneRama

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    There are some things that just aren't explainable. I'm content to run with the reabsorption theory I'm also content to enrol in the possibility of being wrong but in this instance I firmly believe I am not.

    People rarely like to enrol in the possibility of being wrong and I can understand that. Just because one hasn't seen it for their own eyes does not necessarily mean it cannot happen.

    I'm taking this idea of reabsorption from a retired farrier with a wealth of knowledge. A lot more than a lot of people on here would have (I did say a lot, NOT all). This is coming from someone who I know would not feed me with BS and has seen it for himself. He did say it is rather rare but not impossible.

    Yes, that is the first site that pops up that mentions it. Google 'hoof abscess reabsorption' and you'll find several other places where it is mentioned. What's wrong with homeopathics? ';' Does it not hold any credibility?

    You know what. Who cares really?! My horse is better, choose to criticise/correct what I say about the abscess reabsorbing or choose to lick your lips about it, have a think and enrol in the possibility that something like this COULD have indeed happened.
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  5. Pinkie_Pie

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    Well said GR. :))
  6. retroremedy

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    I dont know about you GR but I have lost horses to injury and illness. The hardest thing to deal with when you lose a horse is the "what ifs" and the contemplation that if you could have done something different and did you make the right decisions. It is the decisions we make that ultimately have the greatest impact on the horses health and the horses suffering...hence I keep an open mind to the range of possibilities a range of symptoms might point to and err on the side of caution to protect them from the worst case scenario.

    Homeopathics are not credible, people may report fabulous results just like they report fantastic outcomes and miracles by sitting under pyramids, but neither are evidence based...same as the assessment that a hoof abscess re-absorbed, it is just more likely it either did rupture or it wasnt a hoof abscess.

    But I totally agree with you, just be pleased he seems to be making progress because this is what matters!
  7. GoneRama

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    Ooooh been there with the what ifs mate... trust me! Had a sister who had a lovely thoroughbred horse break his shoulder on the back of a horse float so I had to help her through the 'what if's' stage. The what if/should have/hind sight that I've been going through the last few weeks is wondering why the hell I brought such a lovely natured horse up here to deal with these crappy conditions.

    Back to this abscess/stone bruise/whatever.....

    After today's results I'm really glad I didn't lance it. I could have aspirated it to see what was in there but I'm not terribly upset that I didn't. We're not completely out of it at the moment but certainly getting close.

    ***off to find a pyramid to sit under now***
  8. mochaminx

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    awww, I wanted to see pussy pics! PMSL!! sorry bad humour, Ive had very little sleep myself the past couple of nights with my own horsey problems so my SOH is a bit warped hehe *#)

    at the end of the day what MATTERS is that your horse is getting better! Geez, Ive come to the conclusion not to rule anything out! Ive seen, and indeed have been cured myself, of some problems by 'treatments or situations' that many wouldnt believe. I believe there is always an exception to every rule, and to always be willing to look outside the square! Sometimes weird shit just happens.. Ive seen it myself, and its not always a bad thing!

    Wishing you and your lovely boy a full recovery, from whatever it was, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be so far away from a local vet!
  9. Fezzie

    Fezzie Guest

    Nawww! I wanted to see pus too! :D

    Seriously though, that's fantastic news GR :))

    Who cares where it went - it's gone! :)*
  10. GoneRama

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    Thanks Mocha and Fez :)

    Can't wait to start riding him again, nothing too serious, I wouldn't mind getting a chiro/muscle therapist to him just to make sure he's right to go.
  11. ellechim69

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    I wanted to see pus too.

    Could you at least put some custard on his foot and take a photo so I can pretend it is real. Ok thanks that is all lol

    PS glad he is getting better tho
  12. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    There are some sick and twisted people out there! :}

    No, I shan't put custard on his foot because imagine the ants that would attract :eek:
  13. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Your just no fun are ya lol
  14. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    nope, fun police have got me arrested today.
  15. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    I am just so glad everything is starting to look up for you and look forward to the photos of your ride. You should be proud of the way you handled his issues. You do what you can with what you got with where your at. Well done mate
  16. GoneRama

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    Still not entirely out of the woods. There's still a bit of a lump at the coronet band and he's still slightly lame on it but he's on the improve. Don't think I'll be riding this weekend now :( Still might trim up the other foot so that doesn't start giving me any grief.
  17. Troppo

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    Good to see he is on the up and up. We can get Hutchi to have a squiz at him when you bring him into town - what that man doesn't know about feet is not worth knowing!

    Sorry been offline the last few days - had a busy weekend with the relo's visiting and playing tour guide and wedding planner :p

    Yes GTD I am still looking for the right one to come along. Have a few options to play with but haven't landed on anything yet. Taking my time browsing - I want the right one!

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