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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Maree4, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Arfy

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    I thought Philippe Karl has some great points, the main things I took from his presentation and book are:
    1) either use the hands or the legs, dont confuse the horse by halfhalting all the time and applying both aids (thus rendering them ineffective)

    2) avoid hyperflexion, instead encourage extension and always having an open poll and the head beyond the verticle

    I tried these with one of my horses and with my instructor after she attended the clinic (who rode/owns the black stallion) and i felt so connected with my horse, he moved so lightly and we really did reach a greater understanding. I'd recommend everyone try at least these ideas! I had no idea my horse could move his hindquarters so much!

    I'm currently looking at purchasing a new Warmblood and now every horse I look at is just shown with pictures with their necks hyperflexed and behind the bit!! It's very frustrating and I didn't realise how many people view this as the 'ideal' way a horse should be ridden!
  2. Wendy

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    Would love to see some feedback from someone who attended the course.

  3. Excelsior Centerpiece

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    well- after reading through all the drama on this thread, its almost like days of our lives isnt it....
    id like to go watch next time he does something similar!
    everyone is different and sometimes you click more with some instructors than you do with see and read as much as you can and find out what works for id like to see what PK is all about!
    hopefully he does another demo soon!
  4. Wendy

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    Talk about drama!

    I have just been lookng at some photos and comments on the C----horse site about his other clinic, the poor man, the disgusting weather, the conditions he had to work in and, it seems, he copped a fair bit of criticism to boot.#(

    No wonder it is reported he will not be returning to Australia. :(

  5. naughtydog63

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    Shame he's not coming back, I would have loved to seen it, especially after the conflicting stories I have heard. It's interesting, cause no matter who you are you're going to get some lovers and haters. Pat Parelli comes to mind under this catergory.

    I know I have gone to a few clinics and taken different things in, you really do have to take it at face value, whoever you go and see.

    Flower pet(?), what you just discribed to do with your horse sounds very similar to an exercise I do (sans the rising and lowering of the hand?) pushing the horse forward into the contact, turning him to supple him through the neck and then he becomes soft through the back and the contact and makes a connection with me. Sames like common sense methods beginning applied in a very different way?

    Don't hurt me, please... I come in peace. Just my opinion.

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