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    phillippe karl

    As a dressage judge I take offense at the above remark. Why should we change what we apply to judging because one person says it is wrong . I follow the German Scale of Training because it's the way to go
    All the above improves the horses way of going. Mr Karl does not compete, I wonder why.Two of the riders at Mr Karls lecture are excellent riders,and you have no right to make comments about their riding until you are able to ride at the level and with the same degree of ability.
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  2. Babe

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    hi Sallie!!
    I googled it and found his website.....agree with what you say, take bits n pieces from everyone and not having seen PK in action I cant really comment...but I also do take offense to the changing of EVERYONE elses views and training methods to suit. I also think we have some wonderful trainers and judges in WA**)
  3. Secret85

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    I was going to post my thoughts on the evening, but wont now. I don't compete in dressage and have no plans to... Only wish to improve my riding for my own personal pleasure.
  4. pugjoey

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    Everyone has the right to an opinion people dont forget that!!!!
  5. Sallie

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    Pugjoey, do you have a golden pony ???
  6. wawa85

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    I felt that it was great to see the instructors out there riding. As pupils we rarely get to see how they ride and that they are not immortals, they are just like us, particularly they did very well given that they were in the spotlight and knew that they were being critised in front of their contemporaries and pupils. It would have been a very daunting and albeit eye opening experience. There is always something new to learn with horses and riding one person can never know all there is to know.
  7. SMR

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    Sorry Babe - I've only just got back to this thread. Glad you found them ;) (Did you find the replies too?)

    Yes, Pugjoey, everyone does have the right to an opinion, but some opinions are best kept to yourself.
  8. Babe

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    Found the replies SMR...very interesting
  9. nag

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    i went last nite, and enjoyed it to see transformations in those horses allowing the forward, horse relaxing, and i would be happy to see PK again
  10. Secret85

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    I'm just going to say plus 1 to this.

    How can the sport improve and become kinder to the horse if no one is willing to have an opinion of their own and speak out.
    Yes, they may be amazing riders, but everyone can always improve.
  11. retroremedy

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    I went and enjoyed the night and found it very interesting. I congratulate the riders who volunteered for the evening. I know most of them were there for hours before hand getting their horses ready and none really knew what to expect from the evening. None of the volunteers or their horses had ever been in such large full on event and I thought they all did an amazing and brave job.

    It is extremely unfair to level any criticism at any of the riders or horses as all were operating under a lot of pressure in a very spooky are lucky you didnt have me volunteering because I probably wouldnt have been able to get my horse through the arena doors and if I did you could have gone to absolute town with my excessive use of the whip, spurs and reins as I attempted any reasonable level of control to stay on! *#)

    All riders I spoke to left happy and intrigued by Phillipe and keen to take on board what feedback he had to offer and that kind of positive attitude you have to have a lot of respect for and highlights the kind of excellent riders/trainers they are.**)
  12. SMR

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    Well said retrorememdy **)
  13. Maree4

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    Second that SMR, they were very brave and patient, both horses and riders.
  14. intendeli

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    thats good to hear RR ..
    I didnt get a chance to speak to them so I am glad to hear they enjoyed the experience! I just wanted to watch them being given the opportunity to ride in his style. I would have liked to have seen them get back on after he had ridden them .. but I guess time constraints and all ...

    The evening will certainly give people something to talk about for awhile anyways!
  15. simbin

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    Thats great Myst but I dont see Spurs On and Tight Hands on that list!!! :p

    Its the method not the results that we need to be improving on and I include myself in that.
  16. SMR

    SMR Well-known Member

    I take it you haven't read the last few posts Simbin? It really doesn't take too much effort to start to think about the situation those riders and horses were in and how much skill it takes to be where they are. I really wonder how much you know about training methods if you are able to be so critical.
  17. intendeli

    intendeli Well-known Member

    Agreed SMR ..
    Mr Karl had spurs on himself and I actually noticed that they seemed to point upwards .. but that may have been my poor eyes :)
  18. nannygoat

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    I didn't see the spurs, but there are a type that point upwards, usually used by riders with longer legs so they don't have to tip their legs up (or something).
    They have no different purpose than normal spurs.
  19. crave

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    My comments about 1 rider was just that, a comment. I have used this instructor before and WILL do again. I know they were all "brave" being in the spotlight and judged by all, but at their level they should be (I am not meaning the PC kids) Just like many of us are when we compete, we expect advice on how to improve and be kinder to our horses. I will not back down on my comment about tight hands and spurs no matter who the instructor is, including PK himself. I was directly in front of the horse and rider in question and not at one stage did she drop the contact, and even worse was constantly see sawing both sides of his mouth, even when the horse was standing still and wanted to relax. I like this rider and have just stated what I saw. Is this not a forum to discuss our riding failures and accomplishments without being overly sensitive about it? At no stage did I say these riders were not talented. We seem to be able to add comments about PK why not others, whom by the way we pay to instruct us? This is not an attack on dressage rider or instructors. I am also not a convert to PK's "way" but did find many things interesting and will definately take on board and use "some" of his principles which would benefit myself and most importantly my horse. That also means I stay open minded about all instructors and methods for the benefit of my horse and hopefully in the process makes me a better rider/handler.
  20. crave

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    Oh and by the way Myst how do you know what level of rider I am, and why cant I comment?

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