Philippe Karl (Classical Dressage) is coming to Perth!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by CDA, Oct 20, 2010.

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    I feel that I am not qualified or experienced enough to comment on the competition aspects thing.

    But I think Juan Manuel Munoz Diaz is an awesome representation of classical dressage riding at top competition level. It would be great if more classical riders got out there doing their thing, as Fuego XII's performance proved, it is certainly crowd appeasing!!! No way he could've gotten to the level he has gotten to if the competition scene was contradictory to this style of training/dressage.

    IDK but I personally think that once you and your lovely andy boy have progressed through PK's levels, you should certainly re-consider the whole competition thing - give it a crack and if it doesn't work out what have you lost? After all isn't it the training that is different, the end result is still the same? Because if you get out there competing and PROVE it can be done (Classical dressage in comp) than others may not be as skeptical about the whole PK and Classical Dressage thing.

    I had a quick flick through the EA tests and can't really see anything that's negative for horses on the sheets? They don't ask for over bending, hyper flexion etc, all stuff CD is against, I can't see any of that ';' But again, I am not qualified or experienced enough in dressage to comment. :p


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