Philippe Karl (Classical Dressage) is coming to Perth!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by CDA, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. Heifer

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    Is that right??! WOW! I have done WAY more lessons with my own coach than 12, but would in no way suggest that I would be qualified to teach under her banner/method ';'. Is this really all it takes?
  2. Cornflower

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    Yeah, i was thinking the same thing.

    And this is exactly the reason why this pricing is too much.
    Because classical dressage is something for everyone, from total beginners, right through to grand prix. What better time to offer other techniques than when they are just starting out?
    It's not meant to be exclusive, and i for one, would hate for it to go that way! But for these costs, most won't come. Especially people just starting out, and those that really do need some help. And those are the people that usually don't have hundreds to spend.

    I've not said 1 bad word about the people doing the course, or those going to watch (heck, i will be one of them!).

    I just really, really would hate it to go down the 'exclusive' path, because i think classical dressage is a wonderful training system, and every person should be able to at least see, what it's about.
    You can't on one hand say that it's the best thing since sliced bread, and everyone should be doing it, yet on the other hand, present it in such a way that it becomes 'exclusive', and have people shy away from it.

    Why should only the 'genuinely' interested be able to attend? Anyone and everyone who at least has the slightest question about it should be able to go. Not feel that they are not wanted, or won't understand because it seems 'exclusive'.

    I really hope i'm making some sense here, because i certainly don't want to sound like i'm against PK or classical dressage, or the course, or the people attending. I'm quite the opposite actually, and i'm thrilled we're going to have some instructors in Perth. And it's because i am, that i would like to see this available to everyone. That everyone should feel welcome.
  3. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member

    I too would have been interested to attend but $100 a day is better spent on lessons with my young horse at the moment. If it was cheaper I would have.

    Surely lots of attendees at lower price is as good/better than a handful at higher price.

    CDA - i really hope you can make headway on reduced spectator prices :)
  4. Freestyle

    Freestyle Well-known Member

    I'd like to go and watch, and I dont think that $100 a day is a crazy amount of money. Think of some PD at work and you're looking at $1000+++ for a similar amount of time.

    It's a shame though, that you cant do part days. I'd be happy to pay $100 for two half days or similar. If people work and have their own horses, even one full day is a huge time committment. If they did half days you can watch the same couple of riders progress throughout the clinic.
  5. TBPA

    TBPA Well-known Member

    Well I was interested in going to watch but its mid week and I have to work to pay for my expensive horse activities so no PK for me.
  6. NumidianHorse

    NumidianHorse Active Member

    ... as I've previously said - I've flown both business and cattle class ... and know what I prefer on a flight from europe (good on him for being sensible!)

    ... and at approx $12.50 per hour to spectate ... not bad value ... haven't been to the cinema lately ... what's the cost and educational value of that?

    ... for Merrylegs ... helicopter?! eh?? **) go for it ... not sure how that will benefit the beautiful Levi in his dressage ... but you've got the space to land one in the front paddock :D

    for Nannygoat - not at ALL exclusive ... I'm going - am very basic rider, but want to learn good things from the earliest opportunity and recognise the investment for myself and my horse(s) ... and have been made very welcome by the other attendees that I've been talking with on phone / email ... we're all excited ... so come along and enjoy!

    ... and fully respect the decision of those who feel it's not for them :)*
  7. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    ok just talked to organiser ( for like 2 hours!)

    we have decided to allow anyone who wants to participate in the theory classes to come for FREE.

    these will be on mon, tues and wed (29th, 30th, 1st) nights at 7pm and go for two hours

    You will still need to PM me for registration details.

    Spectator fees will definitely be reduced...... you need to PM me once again to find out more about this.

    I have to go get my overgrown pony scrubbed for show tomorrow - I will be back online tonight and will reply to PMs
  8. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    no, minimum of 12 clinics.

    no guarantee you will pass the exams either! Many people dont make the cut. You also need to take a student to the exam as you get marked on your ability to teach.
  9. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    OK so that is 12 clinics and 4 lessons each time is 48 hours of lessons and $24K !

    Fingers crossed if you fail an exam you just have to pay for another attempt!*#)
  10. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    you have to remember that the selection criteria to get into the teacher's course itself is very high.

    He takes existing instructors only, and people who teach at riding clubs pony clubs etc. also you have to be at an acceptable level of training too.

    the minimum time to complete the course is 3 years, with the exam in the 4th year. Many people take a couple more years before they sit the exam so they are better prepared.

    I hope some of you can come to the free theory evenings.
  11. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    That is interesting but what kind of evidence do they require for the above? Anyone can call themselves an instructor and anyone can really coach at pony club without their riding/coaching skills really being fully assessed. Also how do you prove an acceptable level of training without a performance record?
  12. rbk

    rbk Active Member

    I am really sorry CDA, and i may be doing you a huge dis-service, but you just stated you charge $50 a lesson, but werent you online a few days ago not knowing what that horny like thing at the end of a fetlock like an ergot was? i am a little confused ..........and confused ... and confused... and disillusioned and... i dont know what now.
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  13. katers93

    katers93 Well-known Member

    Why would she need to learn or teach about useless parts of the horse? :}
    I am confused as to why an instructor would need to know that *#)
  14. rbk

    rbk Active Member

    hmmm see me - old fashioned -

    this is general points of the horse knowledge, whole of an animal that you specialize in tuturing others in - knowledge,

    this is the sort of thing taught at basic pony club and riding / lessons stuff................

    i would expect that someone charging me $50 an hour specialist classical tuiton would know the points of the horse.....

    This is basic horse care and knowledge?

    but i could be horribly wrong.......................................................
  15. Arfy

    Arfy Active Member

    That is just typical stockyards bull***, turning a thread about phillipe Karl into having a personal attack on someones ability to instruct! honestly you're entitled to your opinion but no one asked your opinion on that! Ugh I'm so disgusted by that uncalled-for post.

    And for your information, Cda is a brilliant instructor... One of the best I've had and I've had many. Inc international and roz tippet, Margo bolt, etc. Don't even THINK of calling someones ability to instruct in question if you've never personally experienced it.

    I'm sorry for the outrage but that post was just uncalled for, it's irrelevant posts like that which bring down the value of this site.
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  16. Arfy

    Arfy Active Member

    Just to re-clarify. This is a post about PHILLIPE KARL, if you're not talking about him or his clinic, go post somewhere else. Ughh
  17. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    you have to either

    1. be assessed on several occasions by Philippes 'wingman' and highest level instructor, Sylvia Stossel - she accidently put my married name down and my non married name so I was on the list twice lol... imagine how happy the first reserve was when we sorted that one out lol lol

    2. Have years of teaching experience, references, EFA or BHS or some FN qualification. You also needed to provide a video of your work with horses, and answer a lot of questions relating to your teaching.

    your acceptable level of training comes from your video and from Sylvia's viewing of you.

    Most of us (accept for 1 or 2) have ridden past and current horses to what EFA people call adv/FEI although Philippe recommends to start the teachers course with a greenish horse, so he can accurately judge your ability to train a horse all the way. there are a few participants who have competed FEI and are using their more educated horses for the clinic.

    Philippe Karl is NOT interested in competition results :) he is much more interested in a person's natural feel and intelligence when it comes to training a horse.

    Hope you can come along retrorememedy at least to a theory night, would be great to finally meet you and other stockies too!

    Come and meet the great man and ask him all the questions in the world! But be prepared for an honest answer!
  18. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member



    I don't know everything. But I do know about Classical Dressage and handling horses and these are things that I teach for hours, every day.

    Thanks for the kind words Arfy.

    Hope that some people will come to the free theory at least. Will keep you posted about spectator fees.
  19. Mater

    Mater Well-known Member

    Well done CDA on your gracious and intelligent reply to some posts that could have derailed a thread.
    Good on you for being so passionate about this, and I'm sure you are forgiven for being human and not knowing everything!

    I hope everyone who goes to see PK has a great time and learns alot.
  20. Mod 5

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    Come on everyone, back on track please!!!

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