PH strips for foaling, who uses them?

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Coliban Quarter Horse Stud, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Hi:) it is never too late to learn new tricks. All the years before we have been assessing mares by visual signs. I was advised to have a go with the strips, so I did:)
    My question is at what number should I put the foal alarm on. At the moment mares are at dark green(8) on the PH scale and 2 weeks off foaling by visual.
    Any tips?
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    I've not used these yet either and was lucky enough to have a friend lend me a foal alarm this year for Spice and her colt so I did not have to many sleepless nights. I have one more mare to foal yet though so want to try it on her. I know there is a particular type you need to buy, the one with the yellow lid I am told.

    From what i have read else where and understand, the mare's pH level in her milk decreases slowly until she foals so I guess you need to be diligent testing and noting the colour changes.
    Other things have have heard are that the result should only be read 15-30 seconds after dropping the milk onto the strip as if left longer the result may not be accurate.

    8.4 is apparently normal and a long way off foaling. From what i know, I would be putting the foal alarm on when she gets to the low sevens/high sixes. When it gets to 6.2 , foaling is meant to be very close.

    But then mares are totally unpredictable sometimes. read the other signs as well. :)
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    I still like having the alarm on a little early - with the Mini's, they tend to foal 300 days + (dam of one of my mares foaled 284 days well) & i have had a mare foal with no udder/milk/other signs... she went down & foaled 10mins after a check so the alarm is on even before PH testing just to reassure me.
    Have even had a mare sit on 8.4 for weeks & drop to 6.2 very slowly, then another mare go from 8.4 to 6.2 & below within days.


    I use these PH test strips, they seem to give a better/more accurate

  4. Thanks guys:)
    I am still testing two mares every day for an experiment sake. :)
  5. Off in the bin they go:( last night the mare tested on 7, and in the morning she foaled. If I were a first timer and trusted the readings on the PH strips, we could've missed the birth.
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    Agreed re missing birth.
    Though one would hope other breeders would rely on other forms of predicting imminent foaling.
    I have a mare due in a little over a week & i haven't bothing testing the PH levels, she's not ready to go anytime soon by other signs. :)

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