PH&PC Open Gymkhana Good Friday 18/04/2014

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  1. PHPC

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    The next event at Perth Horse & Pony Club is on GOOD FRIDAY 18/04/2014.

    Open Gymkhana, RAS Qualifier, and Encouragement Hacking and Dressage.

    Gates Open at 7:00am

    Start Time for the Hacking (all rings) 9:00am

    Encouragement Dressage commences from 10:00am
    Dressage tests are Prep B, 1.2, 2.2, 3.2 4.2 - maximum of tests can be ridden

    Entries on the Day

    Official Hacks - Margaret Thwaites
    Official Ponies - Jill Hancock
    Encouragement ring - Adam Van der Wahl
    Dressage - Val Mayger

    Full Canteen Facilities
    Coffee Van and Ice Cream Van visiting on the day.

    Trade Stalls from Pimp My Pony and Show Style Browbands

    No Day insurance available. Competitiors must be a member of EWA or SHC or a member of PH&PC to compete on the day for insurance purposes. New memberships to PH&PC welcome on the day.
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  2. Sublime

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    PCAWA open rider insurance

    why can't the PCAWA open rider insurance be used for this event. If I join PH&PC will not be paying (duplicating) PCAWA insurance?
  3. PHPC

    PHPC New Member

    Perth h&pc is not affiliated with PCAWA which is why PCAWA insurance will not cover you.

    The added bonus of joining Perth h&pc is that it allows you reduced entry fees at all of our events. You only need to attend 2-3 events and you have saved the cost of the membership
  4. leawood

    leawood New Member

    Is perth having a hack day on the 13th of april
  5. PHPC

    PHPC New Member

    There is a hack day at our grounds on 13 April. It is not being run by PH&PC, from memory I think the warmblood society has hired the grounds and they are running that event. I know the program for it is on the other site.
  6. mad -horse

    mad -horse Active Member

    I thought a judge can't judge the same section with in the same month in the official ring. Didn't Margaret thwaites judge hacks at Harvey Ag
  7. PHPC

    PHPC New Member

    Thank you for your query mad-horse.

    Margaret Thwaites judged Official Hacks at Harvey Ag Show

    SHC and EWA Show Horse have advised that judging at Harvey Ag Show does not preclude her from judging Official Hacks at PHPC on Good Friday
  8. PHPC

    PHPC New Member

    Less than a week until the Open Gymkhana at Perth H&PC on Good Friday.

    Hack Rings commence at 9.00am
    Encouragement Dressage commences from 10.00am

    Full Canteen facilities
    Coffee Van on the day
    Ice Cream van, from approx. 10.30am

    Trade stalls including - Pimp my Pony and Show Style Browbands will also be on the grounds.

    Program available on other site.
  9. mad -horse

    mad -horse Active Member

    SHC rule 11.9
    A judge shall not adjudicate at two or more Shows within the same A.S.C Group
    boundaries within thirty (30) days unless judging different sections. Judges are strongly urged to refrain from accepting too many appointments during a show season.

    As you can judges can but it is not recommend she should judge the ponies so that people can use the points
  10. PHPC

    PHPC New Member

    SHCWA and EWA showhorse have approved this appointment in writing

    Points gained at both Harvey ag show and the PHPC show on18th April can contribute to qualifiying for the Perth Royal Show.

    Please note - this thread was created to advertise the event on Good Friday

    For any enquiries relating to the conduct of the show please email your enquiry to and we will be happy to respond to you directly

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