Perth horse and pony club open gymkahna 22nd june

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by leawood, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. leawood

    leawood New Member

    Hey guys,
    does anyone happen to have the hacking programme for this please. I have been on the website but the programme wont load for me.
    Thanx :)
  2. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    What is your email address, can send it to you.
  3. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    Try the website again, the link is now fixed :)*
  4. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    Hoping to go to this :) Depends how many times I can ride between now and then I guess. I should have my new saddle soon though which is an incentive hahahaha. Having a lesson today so will see how he goes ( or how dead he is hahaah ) who else is going?
    Andhi and Sorrel ( and of course Xena :) )?
  5. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Hey Izzy

    You're onto the goss already lol, yes I will be there with bells and whistles as cheer/fan squad for Jaana and Miss Xena and Bayley going to hopefully.... look forward to seeing you, been a while :D

    Have my cousin's wedding on night before so hopefully not to big a night beforehand
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  6. little_welsh

    little_welsh Well-known Member

    i will probably be going to this!!
    come say hi :)* (i am a fair bit younger than most who use this website!! 13 to be exact)
    but i wont bite ( i will just swallow you whole hehe*#) )
    i will be on a little 12.2 chestnut in the unofficial pony ring:)))
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2008
  7. SpArTiAn

    SpArTiAn Well-known Member

    am thinking of going. does anyone know when the showjump program will be up and what dressage tests they are doing?
  8. Satorii Lodge

    Satorii Lodge Well-known Member

    how you going to get there if i go to dressage day madam...havent decided yet
  9. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Miss Xena and I will be making our debut on the 22nd at Perth.
    I have my new Hacking jacket (thanks Lin), her browband (thanks sorrel), a great tie (thanks coda_cowgirl). I will be buying a sheepskin 1/2 numnah before then as well.

    She is starting show prep now, her tail is going to be washed this weekend and tail wrapped so that she doesn't pull anymore out of it. And her coat is like glass its gorgeous!

    Need to get a nit comb to do quarter marks - or rather attempt them lol
  10. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    See if you can borrow Kimaley's "stars" stencil Andhi - or I have one with little squares stencil if you want, are you good at shark's teeth lol.

    Little_welsh has a great sense of humour for 13yo, will look out for you in official :D
  11. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    I have a stars stencil :D no good at shark's teeth, will have some practice goes on her ample rump in the weeks leading up to the show
  12. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    i am only 14 dont worry. i'l come and say hi if i end up going:)* i will be on a chestnut tb in the unofficial ring:)
  13. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    hey does anyone know if it is entry on the day or if you have to send in entry forms and how much it costs:confused:

  14. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    I assume it's entries on the day seeing as I couldn't find the entry form?
    Dressage tests are up :)*
  15. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    hey thanks might phone up and ask to be definate:)* :) really sucks that the show jumping has been cancelled#( was really looking forward to it was gonna be my first ever showjumping course at a show:(
  16. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Have spare room for one horse on float pick up other horse from Orange Grove, around Armadale/Byford area on way to Perth if anyone needs a lift (good floater only requirement thanks and chip in for fuel) :)

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