Perpetration going back to the US

Discussion in 'News Items' started by squidhillqh, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

    Just got conformation from Burke stud yesterday that my colts sire Perpetration is going back to the USA. The US have gone crazy wanting him back after he sired a reserve world champ last month. More money to be made over there I guess.

    Good news for me as I have the only Palomino STUD colt by Perpetration so far in the country. Perpetuality ( Chunky) will be appearing on Burkes website, they asked my permission to use him yesterday.
    Exciting for Chunky. Pretty proud of my boy that they think he is worthy of rubbing shoulders on their website with some of the best QH and Paints in the country.

  2. sash1407

    sash1407 Well-known Member

    Wow Squid, that's fantastic! How's that for topping off your great weekend with "Chunky"!! Congrats - he is a lovely boy!


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  3. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Gee I can hear the cash register ringing from here!! [​IMG]

  4. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

  5. Eicyng

    Eicyng Well-known Member

    Hi squid,
    Will he still be here for the open day , I am hoping to go & would like to see him.
    [purple]Cheers Eicyng[/purple]

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  6. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

    Yes he will still be here until December.
    I wish I could get to the open day, Id love to see their new paint horse, Cowboy.

  7. Taryn

    Taryn Well-known Member

    Congratulations sounds like your boy is going to follow in his fathers big hoof steps!

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  8. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

    Unfortunatly Taryn he wont get to follow his fathers footsteps completely.
    Perpetration won a World Champion in the US. My colt can only go as high as a National over here as I dont have a spare $22,000 to take him to the US to have a crack at the Worlds. If I win Tatts, we will go, but we are not holding our breath.
    He will win a National at some stage, and Ill be happy with that. Then his babies can have a crack at it.

  9. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Well done squid, better for you his sire not in the same country. Thats why i brought my colt as i new his father was being exported to the states. Realistically wot is the point of standing the son in the state as the same father? Thats the way i looked at it. Well done.

  10. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

    Thats just it, there is no point standing the son of a stallion in the same state, lots of people do though but thats why I looked interstate for new blood, so even if Perpetration was staying he is about 10 hours away.
    Its funny though, some of my peers thoughtI was crazy spending a fortune on a colt from way up north when there were heaps for sale locally. They just cant understand the benifit of new blood, they have been using each others stock for years and now everything down here is the same bloodlines. Not very often a Vic horse wins a national. I wonder why? Time for them to get out of their box.

    I would be interested in exchanging some semen with you in years to come, would benifit both of us, with new blood.

    Im waiting to see what Burkes bring back as the did this with Tashmere as well.

  11. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Hey squiddly i heard different today that he is staying put in australia! Have checked out burkes website and can't see a pic of chunky yet - maybe i'm not looking in the right place! Have you got any shows on this weekend?

  12. Scoop

    Scoop New Member

    Burkes Tashmere was imported and exported (deported) may be Perpetration will go the same way if you get my meaning. I thought Perpetration was world champion QH but he is only aworld champion palomino, where's DD and the world chestnut championship's

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  13. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

    Chunks wont be going on their website as they wanted to claim that they bred him. Not likely.
    Perpetration is still going back apparently as his sire perpetualism has died, so the yanks want him back.
    I havent heard from Scott at Burkes for a while so havnt heard the latest goss.
    Bit rich though, Watts bred Chunks, I prepared him and showed him and they wanted everyone to belive he was theirs. When I said they could use him but had to put us as owner and breeder, he didnt go for it. LOL

    Ill find out the goss.

  14. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Cheers for that squiddly.

  15. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

    Scoop, I thought every body knew that. LOL
    He was world champ palomino, and has sired a reserve world champ pally. he placed 7th at the QH world champs.
    He was imp here as a 2 year old, so didnot get the chance to compete at the worlds for a second time.

    I hope he doesnt go back just yet, I want a pally filly by him first.

  16. Scoop

    Scoop New Member

    Squid, did you know that Extreme Colours was also world champion palomino? he sired a world congress champion and has no impressive blood just go to show you don't need impressive blood to win. I'll be surprised if Perpetualism has died, he's still advertized at stud for $2500. Don't believe what studs tell you its an old trick to get you to buy.

    "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"
  17. squidhillqh

    squidhillqh Guest

    Scoop I only heard it last weekend. Havnt found out if it is true or not yet.
    There are a lot of fillies by Perpetualism coming into the country at the moment, so I guess they are grabbing them while they can.
    The bloodline of Perpetration contains more world QH champs and world champ producers than any other. Perpetualism, Tardy, kid clu, conclusive skipa W. Thats the line I like.

    No offence but I dont actually like EC at all. Not refined enough for me, but thats just me. I have only seen pics though, not in the flesh, but on those and bloodlines I wouldnt use him in my program.
    I like world champ QHs in my bloodlines, the pally is just a bonus. Pally on its own is not enough for me as far as QH go.

    Thats why I also have a Kid Clu grandson.

    I guess thats the USA for you. They have a world champ for everthing. LOL

  18. Scoop

    Scoop New Member

    Squid, I've seen Extreme Colours, he has very good bone for a halter horse, he's line-bred to Skipper W. Luv Hank Wiescamp horse's specially Skipa Star i think that Rule Breakin was the only grandson to ever come to Aust. Rule Breakin's dam was a world champion halter mare, they all go back to Skipper W, not many every came to Aust.
    It's a shame that Kid Clu died so early, i do'nt believe the story they told i think there's more to it.

    "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"
  19. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    Hi scoop, where did you see colours? I went to see him when he was first imported, then again 1 year later. Wow i was really impressed with him. So much so that i bred my mare to him and have a stunning pali mare who is now one of my broodies due to a severe injury she sustained last year. She would have been awesome under saddle too. Hey squiddy have you noticed that aqha have perpetualism registered as a palomino?

  20. Scoop

    Scoop New Member

    Hi Zoo, I saw Extreme Colours at morning sun ranch many years ago, he's a big boy , bad luck about your mare by him would have been a great all rounder. W.A. State Quarter Horse show i think about 3 years ago an extreme colours mare won grand champion. Old Hank Wiescamp (dec) bred some great horses with out using Impressive blood, Skipa Star was a great example he was the sire of Ima Cool Skip.

    "Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"

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