Perlino OR Cremello???

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by Coliban Quarter Horse Stud, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. Yes!:D
    In reality she is taller and bigger framed than the perlino mare.
  2. Trojane

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    Thanks Lena, she must be a lot of horse then! :)
  3. Sheza big boned mare, that's for sure.**)
  4. Hi all
    here are more pics of the cremello and perlino mares(cremello on the left, perlino on the right.)

    cremello mare

    eye of the cremello

    eye of the perlino

  5. MUM1

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    Hi Ghostie

    Hello Lena, She sure is looking great! When I purchased Ghost I'm fairly sure the owner told me she was a perlino not a cremello.Whatever she is - she's lovely. She has the sweetest nature,a real softee. I hope you get a wonderful baby from her. We have the pally mare and foal that came down with them. We are prob going to sell one of them to cut down on our numbers. Possibly the 2yo Junior filly as she is ready to be broken for this season and will be a great broody down the track with her breeding. Have you heard how your pretty Junior filly is going? Cheers
  6. Hi MUM1 and welcome to SY!
    The Junior filly we bred is doing great! The owner is very happy with her. She is booked to Caroline Jonson for next year. I also am very fond of Ghost, she is a sweet trouble free mare. I hope to get a buckskin foal out of her. On her rego papers she was listed as a cremello, after I have done a test on her we have officially changed the color to a perlino.
    cheers, lena:D
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    Hi Lena

    We bought the three girls down from NSW (once EI allowed them into VIC). We kept Smart Sue and her filly foal Sally (by This Invitation).We also have a gorgeous bay yearling filly by This Invitation from our Radical mare. It is the pally filly (2yo) that we will prob sell so we can hopefully find some time to devote to our bay filly. I have emailed you some pics of Ghostie we she first arrived here in VIC and also what I have of her progeny. She is a sweetheart and I missed her heaps when she left here.Some horses just have that way about them and Ghostie is one. Cheers Lesley
  8. MUM1

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    PS The pic in my avatar is our now 2yo Junior filly.
  9. Thanks for the pics MUM1**)
    Ghost had lovely babies, that's for sure! You should be proud of them.:)
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    I really couldn't tell the difference at all from the photos, but nice you have one of each :)

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