People who put themselves in dangerous positions.

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by The Old Grey Mare, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    it always amazes me that people put themselves, sometimes unthinkingly, into dangerous positions with horses. a friend of mine was telling me about the day several years ago, as she let her horse loose & it ran past her, happy to be out for the day, letting a lovely kick or two on the way past her & breaking her leg. OUCH.
    so far, touch wood, i have only had some minor scratches.
  2. JessiTrist

    JessiTrist Well-known Member

    the other day i saw a lady road training a young horse. She was bareback on an older horse, leading a young horse on toodyay road, near the caltex, very busy, and the worst bit, she was alone and helmet-less!

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  3. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    It always amazes me how when there is a horse that is a problem to load at a show or pony club someone always goes and helps.
    it is generally the person helping that gets hurt not the owner as they have hold of the lead.
    if a horse is problem to load why take it somewhere, why not educate it to load properly or if they dont know how then seek profession help. dont take it somewhere and expect other people to put themselves in danger to help.
    a lady at out pony club helped one day and was in hospital for 3 days after.

  4. Goldpally

    Goldpally Active Member

    That is a very good point ! My horse are good to load but on occasions little miss welshie decides that she will have a bit of a try on first but will soon get over it . It does annoy me when a whole pile of people come over , think the pony is going to be there all day and start suggesting bum ropes , 6 people getting behind her , start waving whips around at other people horses etc , if anything causing a big distraction . I have not asked for help, am not having a life threatening situation - we are just having a slight disagreement and the best was to fix it is a nice pat with the end of the lead rope on her behind and we will be on our merry way .
    If I'm out , I'm usually by myself and if someone is having problems and I go to help and get hurt, then where does that leave my daughter and pony ? Or what if I am not focused on them and they are hurt while I'm not watching . I definately agree with you Shereem about getting the proper training or only stepping in if you feel you will TRULY be an advantage , and at least giving people a few minutes to try and load THEIR horse themselves , not rush over as soon as it steps 3 steps backwards off the ramp !!!
  5. Veronika

    Veronika Active Member

    I've been in a situation where my horse just wouldn't load...Luckily for me there was someone there who could help. Mind you, he was going to be the only person who I would have accepted help from because I knew that he knew what he was doing. My horse has loaded well since then, with only little bits of trouble sometimes like when we have to go home from the beach or his best mate's place. Talk about little kid "I don't want to go home!"...embarrassing.
    Helmets. It never ceases to amaze me how many people aren't wearing them. As a kid, I knew that if my mum had seen me ride without one, I would not have been allowed back on my pony for a month. And I knew that my mum would have gone through with that. Now that I'm older, I did ride without one for some time. Then I had a near miss. I was going out for a ride in the back paddock, not doing anything big like jumping, and as I saddled up and was walking out, i just happened to see my helmet and think, oh yes, perhaps I will. Needless to say, i came off, landed on my back and hit my head. It was a Friday afternoon, everyone had gone home and my horse couldn't get out of the paddock that we were in to alert someone that I wasn't on his back. I know for a fact that if I had not been wearing a helmet, I would have been knocked unconscious and no-one would have found me for a while...Scary. Mind you, if I had brocken something, I also would not have been able to get help. That's why I bought a mobile phone that goes with me when I ride.
  6. Naomi

    Naomi Well-known Member

    I very rarely ride without a helmet and a mobile. Although my horse is brilliant, he is a horse, and i never forget that. I ride out alone all the time, often in the dark and when I do, i tell people where Im going and when i'll be back. I've also got a tag on my horses saddle, that has my mobile number and my agistment centre's number, so if i was ever to fall off, and my horse get caught by someone, hopefully the message would get through that I was hurt. Seems like you need all the saftey precautions you can get these days.

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  7. crave

    crave Well-known Member

    My children are never allowed to ride without their helmets and I never go without mine. My younger sister trains young race horses and sometimes will ride up to 6 a day, she used to ride out in the bush in Chidlow by herself without a helmet! I ended up having a huge arguement about it with her and said what would happen to her 2 children if she was lying in the bush somewhere with concussion- she finally agreed to wear one.Is it stupidity or just a lack of fear?

  8. icebabie296

    icebabie296 New Member

    On the helmet issue, just the other day I was out for a drive with my parents, when I saw two s that I know one about 12 and the other about 14 they were both going out for a ride together without helmets on. You have to ask yourself what sort of people let their children do that. Not to mention that fact that both of those s are not as good riders as they like to think themselves and get into some very dangerous situations because of it.

    Though on the floating issue and people getting hurt because they try to help, more fool them. They know the risk they are taking and yet still do it. My dads horse will only get of the float when she feels like it. Sometimes she will walk straight on other times we fight for an hour. But she does it whn she wants to whether we use bum ropes or a whip or any other way of getting a hore on a float. But I still say that if people want to help knowing the risk more fool them
  9. Veronika

    Veronika Active Member

    I think with kids, helmets and parents knowing about it really depends on the parents. It's like all the kids you see on the streets at 9 or 10 pm. Some parents are too busy with their own lives to worry about that of their kids. Sad but true. Others believe that at 12 or 14, the kids are old enough to know themselves. Yeah, right! Who's parents will be the ones screaming the loudest and foulest when something happens? I guess they have to cover their own incompetence!
    I'll get off my high horse now. I'm not a parent yet, but I've got a very good role model in both my own mum and my sisters. Maybe we'll get to a stage where it's law that everyone has to wear helmets when riding a horse not just a bike! It's when the state and police has to take parental responsibility. Just like the curfew in Northbridge...

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