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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Eddy_Soph, Jan 13, 2015.

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    I'm looking into part leasing my horse 3 days a week to help me out with costs until I get a job. Of course this decision isn't Rush but I can't seem to find any contracts. Ideally I'd like her to pay a set price each week to help cover costs. However if she chose to have lessons it would be with the instructor he currently is working with. If like them to get accustomed and have her also be able to have hands on with what it's like owning your own horse. (Ie; come out to hold for farrier and possibly take to pony club and classes etc).

    Is there anyone with experience with part leasing and what I should be charging, where to advertise and how to know if she suits him? Also where to find a contract. I have a full lease one however no part lease one. :blink:

    He isn't perfectly schooled and well mannered so I know it might be hard to find someone that's willing but he's a very honest buy who loves to please.

    - Sophie
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    I used the above one & have twiddled with it to suit my needs.

    Horse Legal Forms

    I've had my pony part leased (to either one or two people) for several years now & it has really helped me out.

    i charge enough to cover agistment & a bale of hay. Plus 50% shoes, saddle fit and massage - whatever he needs to keep him ticking over in order to be ridden. thinking about charging for his pentosan shots too.

    be really clear in your mind what you will and won't accept. I'm pretty assertive and a complete control freak so i double check with ppl that they are okay with that - i've learnt over the years what is okay with me. i INSIST on very open communication because it REALLY jacks me up if i am the last to know about something my pony did. PLUS IMO it is similar to owning a pony - so poo duty, feeding, being present for massage & shoes etc is very important to me.

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