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  1. sophie

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    Chavi, we origninally started a horse with Monty Roberts, then continued training with Parelli. I think as long as you know what your doing, you can mix many types of training.
    Yes I do agree that it is a personal choice as to whether you like parelli or not. It's really up to you! There are ups and downs about any training method, and the reason is because horses do have a mind of their own. Riders make mistakes and a horse will learn very quicky by your mistakes, they will learn what they can get away with.
    Anyway I talk too much and I'm sure you dont want to hear it.

    Sophie =)
  2. Mel

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    That is a great idea Chavi, there are so many masters in this world, it is a wise thing to learn what you can from each of them, you will know when it is good or bad and will learn interesting things from different people.
    It is a good idea to keep an open mind and not stick to one, you can then put together your own programme/training regime that suits you.

  3. beccy

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    i think it is great that so many people are trying to get to know their horse on a more spiritual level and understand on how they think. I have seen many horses do amazing things after similar parelli style training. Ground work is so great. Also you can get the horse to do anything on the ground as you can on top. Just watch nadien marrywether give a display in longreining. I still believe that most of "parelli methods" used is word of mouth washed down version and more like a fashion atm then actually getting progress out of the horse. Most people who try it aren't really sure what they want to get out of it and then horses get out of what they were originally supposed to do.

  4. icebabie296

    icebabie296 New Member

    I think it is great that you all have different opinions. Everyone has different ideas and it' swhat works for you not everyone else. I would like to add don't try to do ant 'natural hormanship' things off soley a video, it doesn't work, trust me I've tried. The reason for this is because the videos tell you what to do when the horse does exactly what it's told, but when you have a problem horse this is very rare. If you want to try parelli go for it but find a quailfied instructor who can help when you have a problem with your horse not turning when parelli says he should ect. I do suggest you try Monty Roberts join up with your horse and then move on to parelli because this makes your horse see you as the leafer of his heard. I know what i'm about to say will sound cruel but it's not. If you carry with you a small peice of poly pipe, when your horse pushes into you give him a quick wack on the shoulder with it NEVER ON THE HEAD, the wistling noise will give him a scare and then he feels the harmless wack of the pipe this should dicourage his in a matter of days. It just reminds him that it's your space his pushing into, anmd think of it as if you were the lead horse in a heard and he pushed into you he would get a bite, and well you can't go around biting your horse can you? [​IMG]
  5. Veronika

    Veronika Active Member

    I agree with Icebaby296 about the polypipe, well, I would use a piece of string (actually, the string that comes off the carrot stick from parelli). The instructor explained it to me as, making it your tail.
    You must all have ridden up behind a horse who madly starts swishing it's tail and if you're still there will kick out.
    You make the piece of string your tail. You swing it across your shoulders from one side to the other if you don't want the horse too close. They understand what you're saying because other horses will have told them the same thing many other times, and will back off. That way, if you do want them close to you they can do that, because you're not swishing your 'tail' but when you want them off you, swing that tail - eventually just moving your hands in that way will be enough.
    I've been doing parelli for over a year now, and am working on my level 2.
    I can't see why you can't use parelli trained horses in competition? My main instructor, Louise Armstrong, said that that was the best part of doing parelli - being confident enough to do the ode on the training day without saddle and bridle and then doing the next weekend with and getting the same results.
    The best gymkhana I've ever done was the day after a parelli training day. my horse was still sooooo in tune that I could drop the reins and still do the bending race and stake race and all of that with just my body. we beat the men that day. Sure, we've had off days since then but then everyone has them no matter who they are.
    Like any of these training methods - have a look at the videos to get an understand at what they aim for. Then you have to spend the bucks to get the hands-on instruction. There is no way around it. After all, you can't learn to drive a car from a book and a video - you actually need to get into one with someone who knows what they are doing.
  6. valdez

    valdez Well-known Member

    Veronika, Is it loise atkins or armstrong?
  7. valdez

    valdez Well-known Member

    Veronika, Is it louise atkins or armstrong?
  8. Veronika

    Veronika Active Member

    Sorry, Louise Atkinson. I know so many Louises that I do sometimes get them mixed up...
  9. sophie

    sophie New Member

    Louise has stayed at our horsey ranch a few times to do weekend clinics in my home town of Geraldton. She's really fun and everyone enjoys a day or two of Parelliing. Louise is deffinately worth the money for a lesson or two.

    Sophie =)
  10. The Old Grey Mare

    The Old Grey Mare Active Member

    i met a lady a few weekends ago who had done some Parelli work with her horse, unfortunately, it did not seem to be working for her. she had also spent a fortune in buying the videos, ropes, halters, clinics,etc. i don't think it worked for her because she really did not seem to have much common sense around horses & i think she needed to be trained before the horse being trained......

    i have watched some of the Parelli tapes & learnt a few things. some of the ideas did not make sense to me or were things i would not do with/to my horse. as i have a mind of my own, i can therefore pick & choose what i find acceptable. the best bit i got was about bridling my horse, always put the offside ear in the bridle first for safety & comfort factor for the horse. brilliant idea, i would not have thought of it, but now i use it all the time. has not made a difference to the horse or the way i bridle her, but to me it was a good idea & one that i liked.

    i equate these people to people, who when my son was small, would give me advice. all of the time i would listen, say thanks & then make up my own mind. some bits were good advice, others were average, the rest, rubbish. but i listened & sorted out the useful & the unusable. you pay them to give you advice. whether you use it or not is up to you.

    i think that each one of them has good ideas/skills, but it would always work best for them & for people who already have an ounce of horse sense.

    if you stood if front of me & my friend & then explained something to do with computers, i would probably understand & be able to use the info, my poor friend, would stand there like a tree & the info would whistle past her. LOL

    so after waffling, my point is, don't bag these people. listen & pick out what is good for you. mix & match styles. use them, they have done all the hard work to get ideas/results.
    i don't use many parelli/monty type ideas, but if i heard of a good one, i would grab it & try it out with my horse. if the idea does not work for you, who is to say it may not work for a friend.
  11. naj

    naj New Member

    sound like your orse is going through his rebel (teenage) years my bloke went through this aswell but the main thing is to always be ahead of the horse all the way
  12. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    I am new to the forum but after reading all the varying opinions on the PARELLI issue, i feel like I should share my story with youall. i got my horse when he was 6, a Tb off the track who had been banned twice by the turf club for bucking. Needless to say i did not know this when i bought him! The first year i had him i started taking him to shows and although he did well, he gradually got worse as the season went on. This came to a head when I put him in a paddock, he went psycho and he sliced through a tendon sheath and ended up in murdoch uni for 6 weeks. he had to be confined for a further 2 months after he came home and got to the point where I could not handle him without a bull bit in his mouth. he was impossible to float under any circumstance and dangerous to people if taken anywhere away from home. When we were allowed to i started riding him again and found that he was a nightmare but I began to feel safer in the saddle as on the ground he would rear and strike out or try to charge me if I even attempted to lunge him. He had so may bad experiences with so many things, was badly whip shy and you could not touch his ears without him freaking out thinking you were going to put a twitch on him. This only changed when i had Louise Atkinson out for a Parelli lesson. i have had 3 lessons, including 2 floating lessons with a horse that had become dangerous and scared. After two and a half months of Parelli, I have a beautifully mannered thoroughbred who i can touch anywhere, ride with a whip, in a halter and lunge once again. Today he acted as the older sensible horse on a float, waiting patiently for my friends young warmblood to gain enough confidence to walk onto the same float. His first float trip in months was a few weeks ago moving to a new place and he was so quiet in the float, i though he had fallen out the back!!!! Because he was mentally happy to be in there the float ride was so much more pleasureable for everyone concerned, rather than beating or insisting a horse get on a float and the entire float trip being a nightmare. I urge everyone to look into natural horsemanship methods. Please don't think that we are all loonies that never ride with a bridle or saddle. It so happens that my horse is a hack and a showjumper but he is still a horse and needs to be treated in a way that he understands. How can we attempt to train our horses when we often don't understand how they think and the games they play with? Skitty horses are often just insecure and need to develop a confidence in their leader- you. Pushy horses need to learn some respect which is what the entire system is based on. You can really start to do some amazing things with your horses, whatever the discipline, whatever the horse or pony may be. I went from having a crazy horse that i was fast becoming scared of to an absolute gentleman that turns heads for good behaviour rather than bad. It is hard work but the rewarda are permanent and endless. Contact Louise Atkinson- she will uncover your horses talent and the potential for a great relatinoship
  13. Murray

    Murray Well-known Member Staff Member

    Hi Tam,

    That is a great story!! [​IMG] Congratulations on a job well done.

  14. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Wow Tam, that's great! What a fantastic result and I'm so pleaded for you and your horse that it all worked out.Well done.

  15. Tam

    Tam Well-known Member

    Thanks!!! Because I have been through this, i really feel strongly about parelli, alot of it is common sense. i was ready to sell my horse or retire him in a big paddock at age 8 and now I have a horse that i hope to go to the royal with! I find it ironic how many people think we can make a 500kg animal do what we want by force. If it works once it will never work again! If anyone wants to know more about what we went through and how we came out the other side or help with your own horse just email me
  16. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    Tam - I couldn't agree more with everything you said. I too discovered Parelli about 18 months ago when I was about ready to sell my horse and our relationship is transformed. I am doing things with my horse that I never dreamed possible and my dream is going to be Grand Prix, and that is certainly not out of my reach now. People seem to think Parelli is all about bridleless riding, but it is not, just imagine you could ride bridleless - what kind of lightness, softness and beautiful ride are you going to get when you introduce the bridle for refinement? It looks pretty amazing - I have seen the most incredible piaffe and passage performed by a little quarter horse mare and in my opinion it was even better that what I have seen at Grand Prix level. If only I could let the whole horse world see the videos that I have seen, to show that there are other ways of doing things and the results are there!!

  17. Paddys girl

    Paddys girl Well-known Member

    I had an abused thoroughbred and and he was a dangerous horse around humans. Because I am a small person and I was a beginner as well I turned to parrelli and it worked great. However I did use it in conjunction with other methods. Basically they are all the same thing -horsemanship. Learning respect for each others space - learning to read each other's body language and teaching your horse to move away from pressure. All of the above processes are the basics and foundations for any equestrain sport. Whether it be pleasure riding to FEI or grandprix dressage. I would agree that parellli can be a great start for a beginner rider or a problem horse as it encourages learning without 'force' and keeps all happy and safe within the process of learning. However - I myself haven't gotton right into it and only learned the basic 7 games to get me by. Even now though I 'play' a little before getting on or lunging - or even leading around the paddock. It just kind of reminds my horse of his manners and how he is expected to behave around people.
  18. widgelli

    widgelli Well-known Member

    I do know of Parelli , but have never been to one of his schools.
    Watching some of his programmes on TV, it is similar to a lot of the things that I was taught by my Grandfather years ago.
    A lot of horsesmanship is common sense .
    Be kind and win their trust , but also be firm. If you have a horse that is bad , you can bet that he has been hurt and frightened before you got him , and it could take quite a lot of time and patience to get his trust.
    I have been laughed up because it may take me anything up to 6 weeks to break a horse/pony in , but I have never had one that I have broken in buck. Not even the little Arab gelding who took me 2yrs to get to that stage , as he had been badly frightened before I got him.
    Try to get inside their heads with patience , and you will work out all sorts of things.
    A horse has an inate curiosity , and they will want to know what you are up to if you dont rush them.
    I can remember a friend from Forbes in N.S.W., who broke a brumby stallion in with the help of a 44 gallon drum.
    When she first got him, he would attack her by coming at her with his front feet and teeth. She put the drum in the corner of the yard , and would stand behind it. If he came at her she would drop down behind the drum.
    She worked with him like this for a while , and finally curiosity got the better of him and he came up to the drum to sniff at her. When he got to the drum, there was a handful of oats on the top of it. He ate these , and this game continued until he would eat out of her hand while she was still standing behind the drum, Gradually she moved out from behind it , and as she had won his trust a bit more , she continued from there.
    I took her nearly a year to break him in , and after he had been gelded, she ended up winning with him at Sydney Royal.
    This was all done with patience.

  19. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    Unfortunatley I think it's a sign of todays life style that lots of people expect things to be done quickly. Rushing things with horses just doesn't work. i was always told that if you have an hour to do something with your horse, expect it to take two hours!
    I take certain things that are done in the Parelli style but I mix it in with what works with me and my horses. As most of these style of trainers say, "Think like a horse". I think we put horses into some situations that if roles were reversed and we were told to do them we would say No Way!!! I always try to remember when working with my horses that they are prey animals and we are preditors.We have to gain a horse's trust to make a partnership with it.
    I feel that to do this type of training you don't really have to go out and buy all the stuff that they try to sell. I've seen some of it and I just shake my head!!
    Everyone has different ideas when it comes to handling and training horses and every horse is different so an open mind to ideas is best.

  20. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I'm sorry Tam...My story is pretty much similar and it still doesn't change my mind about Parelli, great your horse pulled through...spose we both have happy endings at both ends...


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