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  1. lisajs

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    I am thinking about different methods/lessons I could have with my horse. He is 4.5 years Paint gelding, and I have had him 5 mths. He has been pretty nippy, pushy & rude, and has been off having training which has gone well. He seems really more patient and nicer. I tend to be very passive and nervous with horses and the trainer thinks he needs more assertive handling, i.e. to keep on top of him.
    Does anyone have much expereince with Parelli stuff and would it be helpful to my situation. My other thought is to sell the horse on to a stronger rider/horseperson, and look for an older more laidback type. Any input would be welcomed. I should point out that due to his unattractive behaviour so far I have not got really attached to this horse, although he seems very different after retraining.
  2. blondie

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    I wouldn't give up just yet.
    Parelli probably would help with him on the ground, and would make him respect you a bit more.
    An instructor once said to me that Parelli is okay, but in the higher levels it's pointless (in a training perspective) because although they might be able to ride a horse with no bridle etc, you can't do that in the main riding competitions ie dressage, hacking etc. He also didn't see much point to it because there are no competitions for parelli, where people can compete against one another.
    Overall, I'd say give it a go, but don't get carried away with spending too much money trying to go up levels, save the money for an instructor so you can have a nicely schooled horse instead.
  3. Em

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    Parelli is the only way to go - sure it gives you fantastic ground skills, but believe me you will also get the same results under saddle if the games are used correctly. Once you have respect on the ground you will be able to get it under saddle as well. I am learning this for myself with my warmblood and the results have been nothing short of amazing - I have gone from being scared to get on because I did not want to come off- whereas now I would be confident getting on in my arena with no saddle or helmet and just a rope halter. I look at horses in a totally different light now. I have such a soft, light and responsive horse now and it has only been 6 months.

    Good luck

  4. Em

    Em Well-known Member


    Don't give up. If your horse is Tennesee Moon who has just been listed, give him a chance. I owned his sister who once put in her place was the most incredible horse that I have ever owned. She was a real space invader but it did not take alot to rectify her manners. As long as you put your foot down with him and don't let him walk all over you, he will learn to respect you. DEFINATELY learn the Parelli games and you will have a horse that can't try hard enough for you. Believe me when I say his full sister, I should never have sold - she was the most wonderful horse who went to a wonderful home fortunately.


  5. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    What does Parelli teach the horse and rider?

  6. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    I have seen a lot of people use the parelli methods. From what i have seen the horses have basically become even worse. One girl was told to free lunge untill the horse licked his lips which showed he wanted to be ridden. This girl didnt have a lot of confidence either. So when she tried to put his briddle on and he put his head up it ment he didnt want to be ridden and she had to go lunge him again. The horse didn't get ridden most days due to this, and became even more pushy.
    Another time after a pat parelli clinic, people were using the "methods" to get the horse into the float. they were their for 5 hours cause the horse chose it didnt want to hop on.
    Another pony cant be lead or put into a float very well as you cant stand behind it in the float. you cant stand infont of it to tie it up.
    Free lunging has its place, but too much of it can make horses naughty to lunge with the lunge rope because they change directions as they please.
    Most of parelli's good points have been washed down by word of mouth.
    Ground handling is great for you and your horse. It helps you learn how to control him better and he will respect you more.There are many other methods available besides parelli.
    The best thing to do are the basics such as.. walk on, stand reverse. There are soooo many horses that wont do this on lead. You can then progress into turn on the forhands etc. Remember you are stronger on the ground then you are on top, and you can teach anything and every thing on the ground, including halfpass, passage into more advanced highschool movements. you can even teach them circus tricks from the ground. Each horse is different and individual and respond to training differently. If something works for your horse stick to it.
  7. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    Many a person would of tried Parelli but not necessarily had great results - infact, the results may have been dismal, but this is only due to the fact that when we are learning about natural horsemanship it is hard to let go of our old ways, and a lot has to do with learning how to read your horses body language and knowing how to use your body language to communicate with your horse. This does not magically happen. Like all things it takes TIME AND WORK. (The main way I am really starting to achieve results is through regular instruction) The seven games - when played correctly are the fundamental ways in which to teach you how to communicate with your horse, giving you the alpha horse role without beating up unfairly on your horse!!! Remembering that it is a partnership with you having the final say!(in other words 51% of control) I hope this has helped.

  8. Mel

    Mel New Member

    The 7 games are dfinately valuable and worth learning. This is where you will learn to bond, communicate and play with your horse.
    Following the rest of the programme is up to the individual, wether you want a horse that can do everything but is challenging you constantly because you are challenging him or wether you just want a best friend to have fun with. If you just want a best friend, I would hesitate to put him through anymore of the programme.
    I would hesitate to say that it is a 51/49% partnership though as we ask/promise/tell in other words.... they do it or else, that isnt give & take, that is just take. But like I said, if you want a performance horse that does everything, this is the way to go, otherwise learning the 7 games will give you the skills & communication you need on the ground.
  9. Rebecca

    Rebecca New Member

    I always admired Parelli and I have the Partnership video etc. Last year I went and saw John Lyons and I was hooked. Everything he said made sense!!! I was like der I knew that! He did a ridden clinic on some problems people had and I was very inspired. I think take a little from everyone and you will realise it all leads to one objective. As a matter of interest I am going to see Steve Brady in July when he comes here just to see his ways and maybe learn more.

  10. Mel

    Mel New Member

    Hi Bec

    When is Steve Brady coming to WA? do you know his schedule? he usually advertises in Hoofbeats but hasnt lately.


  11. Rebecca

    Rebecca New Member

    Hi Mel

    Steve Brady advertised is this months Horse Deals - I don't have it in front of me to tell you the dates but he is going to a few country towns then Perth - there is a phone number in there to ring.

  12. Mel

    Mel New Member

    Thanks Bec,

    Are you able to get a phone number for me? I went to a clinic of his last year and really enjoyed it, unfortunately I couldnt take my horse, would love to do it again properly this time, I drove 900kms to see him and it was worth it but I wished I had my horse with me.

  13. sophie

    sophie New Member

    I've been doing Parelli for quite some time now, and i would never turn back into the "normal" style of riding. To those people who bag it because they have seen other people trying the method without getting results, this is because they obviously do not know what they are doing! Therefore, giving you the wrong impression. The last time Pat came to Wa, I was lucky enough to be invited to ride in the Parelli demonstration team. For a whole day, we rode and demonstrated the results we were getting with out horses, and that you dont have to be Pat to be able to get these results.
    To Beccy, why cant you show and train Parelli at the same time? I have started 5 of my own horses very successfully using the method, and also been successful in the show ring with a soft and supple horse. Like i said, i would never go back to any other method of training. I hope i have helped with your enquiries.

    Sophie =)
  14. sophie

    sophie New Member

    I spotted an error in my last message, thats "with OUR horses" , not "with out horses"

    Sophie =)
  15. admin

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    Hi Sophie,

    You are able to edit your posts. Just click on the edit button above the post.

  16. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    SophieVee - I am so glad I have found someone who doesn't bag Parelli, it has totally changed my way of acting and treating horses for ever. My horse is a totally transformed animal, and we have the most wonderful partnership now and she used to hate me!! So many people judge before understanding just how much can be acheived using these methods, infact there is really nothing that can't be acheived.

  17. sophie

    sophie New Member

    Well I dont like it when people say Parelli is rubbish, even when they havent tried it! They see someone who doesnt know what they are doing - or are in the early stages of the program, and immediately say that Parelli doesnt know what he is doing.
    Then people say that you cant use it for the higher levels of dressage or whatever? My question is why not? I have seen a Parelli instructor demonstrating passage after the horse had had the bit in it's mouth only a few times.
    But really it's up to the rider, whether they want a relationship with their horse.

    Sophie =)
  18. Em

    Em Well-known Member

    Couldn't agree more with the why not!! in th higher levels of dressage - I too have seen horses in the beginnings of passage with some two time or even single time flying changes, throw in some pirouettes at the canter, all in a very correct dressage frame - WITH A BRIDLE as everyone seems to think Parelli is all about riding without a bridle but the horse is happy doing it as it is not having its mouth pulled and sides kicked into a frame. Riders who ride using Parelli's understanding ride without a bridle because THEY CAN!!! It is a great achievement to be able to do that not that many people could credit themselves with. Most riders who get to this level don't go out and compete because they can't stand to see how other horses are being treated. I know this feeling for a fact as it is starting to happen to me.

  19. Mel

    Mel New Member

    I have to agree and disagree with you guys, yes you can do higher level dressage using Parelli, my partner was at a high level and doing piaffe's and all those nice manouvers, one reason why we no longer do it is the horse went sour. Parelli is not really about giving the horse a choice, you ask promise and tell, in other words... they have no choice, we have since figured out that is the reason for the sour attitude and the continuous challenges by the horse back.
    I am sure you have noticed one day your horse is responding well, soft and light and the next day they are heavy and unresponsive & you need to use higher phases, it is not because they dont know what they are doing... horses are really smart... I think it is them trying to tell you something.
    Another horse we were taking through the levels lost it at Level 2, he was toooo sensitive and lost all faith in us, he went from loving and cuddly to standing constantly with his bottom to me, in other words, he really didnt want to know me, no longer trusted me, it took my months to get that relationship back and I know, I cannot do that to him again.
    There is good and bad and everyone is entitled to an opinion, as you can see, some Parelli worked for us, some didnt. It is up to the individual. I swear by Level 1 though and we now, never go past Phase 2 with our new horses and give them a choice, it doesnt take much longer and you dont loose your relationship with the horse.
  20. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    What do people think about mixing some of Parelli's method's with other 'natural horsemanship' people's ideas...such as Monty Robins or GaWani Pony Boy? I don't know anything about Monty except for a video I watched, but i've read some of GaWani's stuff and quite liked the way he wrote, though I'm not sure who it would go when applied because I don't know anyone whose tried GaWani's principal...

    I haven't tried Parelli, but I've watched a clinic that was being held at Greenacre's when I was working there. It seemed to have some good bits and others I just didn't understand (though that could be my lack of experince) and some just seemed to be money-scaming tricks! lol


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