Parelli and their view on helmets

Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by bubblez, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    LOL you surely have met the worst of them then-some of us are (almost) normal;) and definitely a little more well rounded!!
  2. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    In all honesty I am a great believer of 'alternate' horsemanship. I live it everyday and everytime I am with my horses. But I don't believe in a set ridgid manual on equine education....anymore than I believe there is only one way to teach or get through to children.
    Each individual holds its own set of challenges and eventual rewards.

    In saying that my first responsibility to my family is my own safety. I know that what I do or don't do can influence an outcome, but I also know that try as I might I cannot predict or prevent an action by an animal under me or beside me. I might do it 99% of the time but the other 1% of the time I am at the mercy of my horse and its split brain!
    It is that 1% of times when a helmet is invaluable.

    I think that in this instance where a clinician has come out publically and declared that helmets are at best an 'option' and at worst an 'inconvenience' that they stop and think about the things they sell and use and say are 'mandatory' their lead ropes of particular lenght, carrot stick, games ect ect.
    Why are those things indispensible tools with no compromise.....yet a safety hat is "optional" and "inconvenient" to balance and perception?

    Again, lets see some priorities Linda.
  3. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Unfortunately this is what happens when anyone dares say anything regarding NH.....people get upset and accuse others of 'bashing'.
    Even in this instance where the replies are in response to verified public statements!

    The issues is helmets.........and a few backhanded jokes are just that....
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  4. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    Whoa you guys really cannot take an adult approach on this can you and have simply turned it into Parelli bashing!?

    You would seriously think that we all don't have a thing in common reading this thread? Don't we all love our horses and want the best for them and for us as their human partners? I thought thats what this forum is all about. How a person decides to make the journey safer (or not) is really a personal choice and people should not judge them.

    Unless you have actually followed AND been assessed in the CURRENT Parelli program not just wriggling a rope and saying you have done Parelli after watching a DVD from 1989 you really cannot comment objectively. Parelli is not just something you do with your horse on a Wednesday. It is a whole of life horsemanship handling/riding/management technique that is constantly evolving thanks to Pat & Linda's committment to their horsemanship and their students. The Parelli's have just packaged their concepts to help us students to understand what makes our individual horses tick. Everyone has different ways of learning and retaining information. If this is what works for you great if not, there are plenty of other trainers/mentors out there that have plenty to offer whether it be in a DVD or not..

    As i said before i don't bash traditional methods of riding/training, it is just not what i choose to do. Every time i ride in a public place i see pretty darn ordinary displays of riding and treatment of horses mostly due to people's ignorance and the bigger bit concept.

    Unfortunately is a sad fact but 100% of horse issues are created by humans. You could then also say that a lot of horse related accidents are caused in some way by the human. To this end i think it is a good idea that most of us wear a helmet to prevent a serious head injury.
  5. painter

    painter Well-known Member

    I don't follow any one method of anything and personally havn't bought any parelli books/dvd's/equipment etc. As I said in my first post, not wearing a helmet is stupidity and I have never bailed on a psycho horse because personally I feel safer in the saddle in that kind of situation (not getting back on a psycho horse if you are not experienced enough to ride it is a different matter entirely!)

    I never realized (and I am *really* surprised that people hate Parelli and natural horsemanship with such passion.:confused: I wonder how many people are turned off learning about natural horsemanship because of responses like these?

    I don't follow the parelli program myself, but I still think they have done alot to help horses by making horsemanship information available to everyday horse lovers. Does PP teach people to become zealots - is that part of the program? Or is that something that happens to a small minority of people because of a flaw inthem as a human being rather than having anything to do with Parelli? Seriously, I'd like to know.
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  6. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I think you'll find that "people" don't hate NH with a passion at all.

    If anything you will find that "people" probably just hate all the over the top commercialism that seems to drive alot of the NH strategies.

    My bet is that you will definately find that those "people" also see how over zealous and over the top the followers become, some to the point of fanaticism.

    Its evidenced by the way that every topic that starts on issues (even this one) that it doesn't take long before those devottees are shouting "bashing".

    Thats probably what "people" hate. :)*
  7. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    I used to feel safer on top of a horse losing it too, before i learned how to handle them on the ground. How I never came off and seriously injured myself i'll never know and i have been in some pretty hairy situations prior to me learning NH. I always wore a helmet but was also aware that it was not the be all end all in guaranteeing my life in the event of a fall, especially the clunky old ones of my pony club days over 20 years ago!

    There has been a divide in the horse world ever since the early 90's i would believe between the 'naturals' and the 'normals'. It is a real shame as we are all after one goal and that is to become better horse people, what does it really matter what clothes we wear and saddles we ride in? Or if the mentors we choose don't do things the traditional way.

    PP teaches horsemanship to everyday horse lovers not brainwashing or cultism for crying out loud! Bigger brain theory not the bigger bit theory. We all consciously choose what path we take.

    Love to meet you all out riding one day, perhaps we would all have something to learn off each other.
  8. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Now see I hardly qualify as a 'devotee'-in fact I haven't followed the program for a couple of years but it 'opened the door' to a whole new world of horsemanship for me which I appreciate so I do get annoyed when people (who mostly haven't even tried it) are so rude and dismissive about it. I can take a joke as well as the next person but you don't see 'backhanded jokes' about racing or dressage or eventing or.....can you see my point?
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  9. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    We wouldnt dare would we Pockets! We are the first to be bashed yet i see appalling acts of horsemanship (if you can call it that) every time i ride in a public place. Whether it be something like pulling on the most delicate place on a horse (the mouth) or forcing a horse to face something that is scaring them. Yet I won't post about it on here as it is usually just lack of knowledge on the persons part they are not deliberately meaning to undermine their horses confidence.
  10. Sorry guys had to poke my nose in...

    First; can some of you please stop and think about what you're posting??? So much of the content is completely childish - this isn't high school! If you can't type in an adult manner, leave the thread alone.

    Second; Yes there are Parelli followers who believe it is the be all end all but I don't see any on this thread??? I am a classical rider, I do english disciplines, I do dressage, I school, I jump, I like a bit of cross country. BUT I am not stupid enough to think Parelli is a load of twaddle.

    I have seen Parelli-taught people do some amazing things for horses. I have seen it work some absolute wonders on horses other people would have shot. I am not a Parelli follower, but I have enough smarts to recognise that the program is incredibly beneficial for many horses and many riders! Of course it isn't going to suit everyone. Chambons don't suit everyone and polo doesn't suit everyone.

    I've seen people taught traditional-english riding do some terrible things and show themselves up to be complete fools. It isn't the method. Its the people using or misusing it!

    Third; This thread is about WEARING HELMETS, not how awful or how wonderful Parelli is. Get your heads out of the sand and keep your negative and derogative comments to yourself.

    One of the first rules I was taught about horse riding by a 'traditional' rider and I believe is also one of the Parelli rules... is horsemanship is all about looking at and improving yourself first. So how bout we do that eh?
  11. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    **applause for merrylegs**
  12. mod 6

    mod 6 Moderator

    Thread going in circles and claws are coming out so I am closing the thread.
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