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  1. shann198

    shann198 New Member

    Does anyone have a Pandora saddle, or ridden in one all opinions appreciated
  2. SharazTash

    SharazTash New Member

    I own 5 Pandoras :D 4 super light and 1 weighted, and haven't ridden in anything else for 4 years! My sister and father each have one too. I can use any one on all of my 5 horses. My friends all have Pandoras, 16 between the 8 of us lol. We do endurance, pony-club, mounted archery and mounted equitation in them. I love it more than any other saddle i've ridden in including stock, western, setsi, podium, liversage, McLellen and Isabel. I'd strongly suggest trying it. My friend Mindy has 2 and writes an endurance blog. These are pictures of myself and my friends, I have done 2x 160km and 2 x 320km marathons and countless 80km rides in them :)

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