Palominos and feed related smutt

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by nklpark, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    Just thought i would share some photos of my palomino filly Isabella aka Miss Smutty .... i put her in the back paddock with no hard feeds after she took some fur off her back legs and OMG what a difference not a single smut mark or grease spot ';'

    Isabella now





    1st show n all hairy

  2. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    wow look a her coat now **)
    mind you i think she looks lovely both ways
    i now have the opposite problem than you cassadie is going darker and darker on just paddock feed :confused: especially as there isn't much clover around
    cheers shyloh :}

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