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Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by shyloh, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Tintara

    Tintara Well-known Member

    Hi Shyloh

    He is just a straight palomino; what you see along his back is generally called shadowing which a lot of palominos have, particularly at certain times of the year. It also seems to be more common when one parent is smutty - I've seen some ripper shadowing, false dun factors etc on horses that have a smutty parent. Apart from which I don't think there are pure-bred genetic dun Welshies anyway (no doubt someone will correct me if this isn't true:)* ) so his sire would be a buckskin and if neither parent is a genetic dun he can't possibly be a genetic dun either.

    The shadowing doesn't make him ineligible for paly registration at all so if you want to get him registered, go right ahead **). The coloured hairs in his mane and tail probably come from the liver chestnut dam and are possibly a legacy of the shadowing along his back. They may go against him to a degree in paly classes depending on the judge but ultimately good paly judging comes down to conformation in the end so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  2. Elanda

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    that's what I wasn't sure of:):confused:
  3. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    :DShyloh is smiling:D
    thankyou to all that helped goodie for putting up his photo's
    tintara for your great colour knowledge and to everyone else **)
    cheers shyloh :}
  4. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    yes we are searching for a dun luck so far...
  5. Abbey09

    Abbey09 New Member

    Black marks on a palamino

    Hi im just wondering if anyone can tell me what black patches on a palamino are caused by.

  6. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    @)welcome Abbey09
    hope you enjoy stockyard forum
    the black patches could be caused by the smutting gene or feed like lucerne or molasses
    cheers shyloh :}
  7. magic_kiss

    magic_kiss Active Member

    ummm your boy is still Palomino but palamino roan thats what the redish colour is.
  8. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    Magic Kiss if you want to see what a palomino roan looks like ask Coliban nicely and I am sure she would be happy to put up some pictures of Metallic Oak
  9. You are a mind reader, mudslide! I was going to put pics up anyway, I got Tel's pics last night, it is very green in Michigan now as you can see.

    Metallic Oak(exp USA) Q-42461, bred by Coliban stud.

  10. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    Hahahhaha Lena you know me to well :p
    Wow look at Tel hasnt he matured beautifully, was thinking of the photos you had of him in the round yard, that might give MK more of an idea on what the pally roan looks like :)
  11. He is a busy popular boy, it is full on breeding season over there, so he is a bit on a lean side*#)
  12. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    hello colibanqh
    could you please put the round yard photo mudslide was talking about up
    stunning horse I bet he would be very busy
    cheers shyloh :}
  13. Hi Shyloh
    here you go:)
    I think mudslide meant this one.
  14. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    ooo me like that pony!
  15. mudslide

    mudslide Well-known Member

    Thats the one, thanks Lena :))
  16. This pic was taken at Muskatine, Iowa. Look at his extended trot!**)
    Gee, I miss this horse! :D
  17. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    thankyou **)
    what a awesome boy can see the difference in his coat in the other photo's he just looks palomino which i might add is still beautiful
    cheers shyloh :}
  18. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    ahhhh there is my Tel man! he's looking awesome as always. love that boy.


  19. magic_kiss

    magic_kiss Active Member

    i no what a palomino roan is (i own one) Normally pallys dont have redish colour in there mane but pally roan horses do. Coliban you guy is very nice.
  20. shyloh

    shyloh Well-known Member

    got a photo to put up of your pally roan magic kiss
    pretty please :D
    cheers shyloh :)

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