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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by kt20, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. kt20

    kt20 Active Member

    On Sunday I went to see my horse and had that sinking feeling as soon as I saw him. He was struggling to walk in a straight line towards me, and though he loosened up a bit as he walked he was lame and was hitching one hip and throwing the leg out to the side and then the other hind was coming underneath him to support the fact that the near hind was going out sideways. There wasn't a mark on him, nor swelling or heat, and he looked symmetrical from behind. I assume he has had a crashing fall in the paddock - a new horse had been put in there that morning, and it had rained so the grass would have been wet and slippy.

    He walked the worst of it off, and has been improving slowly since then. He saw a chiropractor yesterday, who sorted out some of the knotted muscles - he was sore from poll to tail - and suggested I should leave it a couple of days before getting the vet to see if there are skeletal issues too. He will stand square, can stand on any three feet, and is tracking up, though not evenly - the near hind is taking shorter strides. He is happily following me around and is moving around the isolation paddock I put him in. But the first two strides he takes when he first sees me still look pretty awful and he is obviously lame at the walk.

    I am obviously worried about his hips and pelvis - but it does make sense to give him a bit of time to get over soreness from the fall, since he seems happy and is moving around, before I spend a stack on x-rays etc. So, if you are still reading - has anybody had similar experiences? What were the symptoms? And what ended up being the problem? If you ever found out. What are the symptoms of skeletal hip/pelvis problems? NB I am not asking for vet advice - the vet will be out on Monday morning if he isn't massively improved by then - I am just trying to find out a bit more since I am doing my nut just a little bit. Happy endings are particularly well received.
  2. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    hi kt20
    have you ever bruised a bone yourself???
    it can take a good week to feel a bit better.
    i think you are doing the right thing, as you have the vet coming back on monday, so if he hasnt improve, your vet should be able to take it from there.
    hopefull he would have made a full recovery by then, so no extra vet bill LOL LOL
    fingers crossed, hope all goes well
  3. kt20

    kt20 Active Member

    cheers smash, yes, I was just remembering how long I hurt for after the last time I fell off and it was at least a week. And I don't weigh half a tonne (yet). So that cheered me up.
  4. Rem

    Rem Well-known Member

    My gelding hurt himself in the paddock and was lame (read could hardly walk!) afterwards. I got the vet out straight away and he said to give it some time before we went to x-rays and the like. I went and bought some ointment from the stockfeeders, think it was called "Old Timers" or something similar and rubbed that gently all over his back, shoulders and bum everyday, he loved it LOL!

    It tooks weeks but he improved a little each week and then when he was looking quite a bit better, not ready to do any work, but not as sore, I got a massage therapist out to him. He gave him a really good going over and suggested I keep up what I was doing, did that for another 3 or so weeks and then got the vet out again, turned out he didn't need x-rays, just time to heal with a good massage everyday. :)

    Best of luck with your boy, don't panic yet. :)
  5. kt20

    kt20 Active Member

    glad your boy came good, they do pick their moments though don't they. I finished work last Friday for Christmas and was looking forward to lots of riding, but Pudding had other ideas, the great donkey.
  6. Sherri69

    Sherri69 Well-known Member


    Don't rush to the vet give it a bit of time. If they knock themselves around it can be sore for day's or weeks. Bruising and soft tissue damage is very painful and if no change within a 7-10days then I would seek vet. Vet's usual answer is an x-ray, then oh nothing there here's some bute.
    I just spent $700 on x-rays for my dog 9 months old who has been intermittantly lame for a month only to find he has growing pains as his bones are stretching and this can be extremly painful.
    So I would say wait as more than less has pulled something in the paddock if there is no sign of swelling or injury.
    Try the chiro again it's cheaper than the vet. :)*
  7. Rem

    Rem Well-known Member

    Tell me about it kt20, my boy had only just been started under saddle! :(

    Oh, I forgot to mention that he was on bute for the first couple of weeks as well.
  8. kt20

    kt20 Active Member

    yup well he was cantering around the paddock apparently today, obviously not while I was looking (oh cos I'm so sick mum, look, ow, ow, I can't possibly do any work). The people who saw said he looked a bit funny (v. technical) but he must be feeling so much better, so I am much happier.

    Its good for quality time though, hey Rem. mmm.
  9. LauraandNero

    LauraandNero New Member

    Hey kt20,

    My horse destroyed his rug one day in the field when I spotted him went to rescue him and he ran off, stepped on the rug did a full army roll on the ground got up continued to run then slipped over sideways on the wet grass then he got the idea to stop running he was very sore and sorry for himself but I gave it a two days to see if he got better or worse then when he didn't get any worse I rang the Bowen therapist, she went to work on him then said to give it a week for the bruising to go then if he wasn't any better call the vet.

    He was fine but he was the same as ur horse no swelling or heat just a really pathetic walk! He was fine!

    Hope u have the same results!
  10. kt20

    kt20 Active Member

    That must have been no fun to watch LauraandNero, but yes I think my boy is going to be similar, he is pretty good now. I took him for a walk to a little creek this morning and he had a good splash and then got down and rolled (!!!), much to my surprise cos he has never done it in front of me before. So I don't think there is too much wrong with him at the moment. But I'll leave it another week before I work him.

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