OTTB needs fattening up please help

Discussion in 'Feeding Horses' started by BooBoo84, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. South Boulder Boy

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    Also if he hasn't been off the track long then I'd give him plenty of time to adjust. The best way for a thoroughbred to adjust is to feed similar to what he was fed in work and slowly change that, obviously you can't always do that so you can expect a good 6 months for their body to adapt to the change in food and work load. It's quite common for them to look damn awful in this period before they come good :)
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    This is a discussion forum, so no one should ever be asked to provide their credentials when they are just responding to a post asking for help based on personal experiences.

    If the OP wanted help based on credentials, she would seek out the expertise of a professional.

    To the OP, based on your current feed, I don't think you are feeding him enough either. The tru-gain is designed as an additive to be fed at a ratio of 500gm to 1 kilo per day, so not sure how much your large scoop holds, but I would not be feeding over 1 kilo myself.

    My suggestion would be to increase the hay to all he can eat (preferably an oaten hay roll), then provide two hard feeds of equal size like this:

    1 scoop Lucerne chaff,
    1 scoop of oaten chaff,
    500 gms tru gain,
    2 kilos Mitavite xtr cool pellet (or similar).

    You could swap the pellets for grains and a mineral supplement, provided you are sure he has never had an ulcer problem.

    Try not to exceed 2 to 2.5 kilos of grain or pellets in any one feed bucket, as it just becomes too much for their small stomachs to receive at one time.

    Try to space your feeds as close to 12 hourly apart as practical.

    Remember to make all your feed changes gradually, and I am not a fan of the bran mash once a week, as it goes against the idea of making feed changes gradually.
  3. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    I'll post some photos for you of my boy as I feel he will be a good example. He went through damn awful and skinny to fat with a dropped gut to looking ok again. Bare in mind I didn't alter his feed fast, I slowly dropped his workload and slowly took him of the race feed. Then no matter what he looked like I kept feeding him the same stuff in the same amounts and just gave his body time to adjust. When he looked his worse he had also just gone into a shared paddock for the first time in his life so was bullied a bit (you can see the bites in the photo I'll put up) and had pulled a shoe with the nail going through causing an abcess. I didn't baby him too much though, as much as I wanted to remove him and put him back in his own paddock, I just gave him time.
  4. Warren

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    Sounds like you and I think along similar lines, Deb2.

    I agree with you about the Tru Gain (I think I said somewhere that it's a weight gain additive only) and like your suggestion to feed Mitavite Xtra Cool - I knew there was a cool complete feed I'd forgotten. And yes, the horse definitely needs more food overall!
  5. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    2 weeks off the track, loss in muscle

    ~2 months off the track and into a shared paddock, massive drop in weight

    ~3-4 months off the track, still on the same feed. Notice how he's gained a lot of weight but his guts dropping and ballooning, this is common until they fully adapt to change. Most think as long as they're fat it's ok but even here he's not quite right and I can tell his body hasn't adapted yet. Sorry about the angle it's hard to quickly find some photos on my phone that show his change

    This is now, notice his guts come back up and he's carrying his weight more evenly and healthier.
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    Very similar to you Warren.:)* Decades of owning/riding all sorts of horses, a stint with a feed company, and many years working in the breeding and racing sectors.

    I like your posting style. Good common sense stuff! **):D
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    South boulder boy my OTTB looks in between pic 2 and 3.

    Thanks everyone I have gotten some scales and will weigh everything out and adjust it accordingly. There's no feed in the yard plus small paddock he's just been moved to (till hes used to the other horses and vice versa) so I've put in a bale feeder of meadow hay.

    Was super proud of him today he walked down a main busy ish country road to get to the new property with no problems. He's never been on roads before. Such a sensible boy.
  8. BooBoo84

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    South boulder btw you don't need a photo bucket acct
    To add pics?

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