Orange Grove Breed Show Results

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  1. minimo

    minimo Active Member

    VERY Happy with how Elle went at Orange Grove today.
    Results are:
    1st Best Presented Mini Pony
    1st Mini Pony filly 3yrs and under
    RESERVE CHAMPION Mini Pony Female
    AOR - 2nd Best Presented
    3rd Filly 3 yrs and under.
    (she looked funny up against a Clydesdale and a Freisan)
  2. Leon

    Leon Well-known Member

    Awwww Congrats Minimo... Minis aren't my thing (no offence) but she is just GORGEOUS:))
  3. Rubes

    Rubes New Member

    This isnt a result but what was the name of the warmblood stallion there today? San something possibly?
  4. balletprincess

    balletprincess Well-known Member

    My TB mare (who I pulled from the paddock the night before and poor thing had no idea what was going on) received 2nd TB mare 4yo & over (2 in class), and Reserve Champion TB Mare. She was so well behaved, so I was really happy. She even got on the float both times with minimal hassle! Yay :) She was more there for fun, the last show she went to was in 2006 prior to all her injuries.

    My little Welsh C was so over everything by the time his classes came (his 2nd show, and he rarely been touched in 2-3 weeks thanks to me tearing a tendon in my finger). He was the only one in his classes, so he came 1st Welsh C 2&3yo Gelding in the Welsh Youngstock ring, and 1st Best Presented Welsh C, 1st Welsh C Gelding 3yo & under, and Champion Welsh C Gelding in the Orange Grove Show ring.

    Huge thank you to Cataby for all your help last night and today <3
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  5. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    it was so busy! There were some truely beautiful horses and ponies there! had to laugh at the little black n white pony having a good hoon thru everyone!
    I was quite disappointed by Clancys behaviour today#( i have always know its not a good idea to take 2 of mine to a show together, but figured cause it was so close to home id try it... today was a reminder. Clancy reared and bucked in our classes because he was away from abbey. hes never behaved like that at the last few shows. he stuck me in the arm with his 1st rear as i just wasnt expecting it. and spent the rest of the time out of ring ( and there was alot of waiting!) screaming his head off!
    he was placed 1st in paly geld under 3, reserve paly geld, 1st best mane, 3rd in arab derivitive. i would have prefered to not place anywhere but him behave. oh well, we learn dont we.
    Well done to Shannon ( littleone) with Abbey, she was a bit of a twit when taken away but not as bad as clancy.
    looking forward to hearing how Elanda went after i left with Sheldons 1st show, he was such a lovely little man! well dont janine**)
  6. Emma16

    Emma16 Well-known Member

    congrats guys...

    balletprincess, i really like belle :)
  7. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Very proud of Molly yet again. Due to different things going on I decided to still attempt to take her to the show on my own and she proved to me she could do it. She was so well behaved, came home with Champ Filly/Mare but was beaten for Supreme as she isn't very 'Andalusian-ey' but for what I want to do with her that suits me fine! She also won best presented :)

    I couldn't have asked any more from her, she floated like a dream and stood tied to the float while I got her ready. I really love this filly!!!


    And what she thought of it all -
  8. littleone

    littleone Active Member

    Yes well today was eventful and very long!

    We took out 2nd in Best presented Arab (so stoked)
    And then 4th in our Arab Mare 4 years and over.
  9. balletprincess

    balletprincess Well-known Member

    Thank you so much Emma16, I am just swelling with pride thanks to your comment :) I umm'd and ahh'd for ages about bringing her, then decided to just for the heck of it.
  10. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Well done to everyone at OG today..Horses looked great..
    Big Congrats To Britney & Belle ..
    Stars results 1st Pinto Mare,2nd Foundation Mare,3rd AOR Mare,Reserve Champion Pinto Filly/Mare

    Wow BP u must have been out late to wash yesturday or did u go out b4 me?I seen her this morning in the yard and i was wondering if her mane was plaited up..If i had known you were going i would have waited for you...
  11. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    well done bayley!

    Any other Andy results?

  12. trippa

    trippa Well-known Member

    gorgous pony well done!! :) do you know how the fresian and cydie went?:)*
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  13. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Thanks! Supreme purebred was Rachel's stallion (there were 2 stallions), Champ Filly/Mare was Barb's 4yo mare, Champ Gelding was Rachel's Pura Raza Chico. There were 6 purebreds and 4 partbreds entered all up.
  14. balletprincess

    balletprincess Well-known Member

    It was dark by the time I got out yesterday :( Had problems with my car and float, but got everything sorted in the end (around 3 hours later!!). Cataby plaited for me last night since I still can't move my finger, so anything like plaiting is still out of the question for me. I think I owe her a HUGE box of chocolates ;)

    Couldn't get there til later this morning too so I could let my babysitters sleep in a little bit :) You were probably long gone before I hauled my bum out of the house lol.

    Congrats on Star's placings, she's such a cute little mare.
  15. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Sandhurst C :)

    I just went for to watch as I was kidless for about 2 hours today and I have never seen so many horse at the Orange Grove grounds! Does anyone know who got SOS?

    ETA - It was Michael Proctors WB :)
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  16. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Kayash and I took our girls and had a great day :) Both very well behaved!

    Lilly was champion TB mare :)

    Balletprincess I thought that was you!

    Never seen so many loose horses at 1 show! Was the loudest show i've ever been to as well haha
  17. Debonair

    Debonair Well-known Member

    sorry bout that! Clancy was one of the main causes of that!
  18. cobbie

    cobbie Gold Member

    Haha we were next to you under the tree but it wasn't just him! Even Lilly who you never hear a peep from was quietly chatting to herself which is a first!
  19. balletprincess

    balletprincess Well-known Member

    Lol Tarz. I had a massive blond moment and didn't click when I read your name on the sheet until later. Congrats on Lilly's wins, she's a gorgeous mare and very well deserved :)

    I actually only saw one loose horse, so must've been off in my own little world. Lots of horses there though! Bet the organisers were pleased with the turnout.
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  20. KPF

    KPF Well-known Member

    where's sunline??? .. . . . . . You hooo???!!!:D

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