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  1. holistichorse

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    Equestricare now has a range of online horse courses.

    These courses cover all aspects of Equine health and include slideshows, video's, manuals, articles, quizzes, assignments, tutor and certificates of completion.

    Topics include: Introduction to Equine Anatomy, Equine Evaluation & Conformation, Horse Massage Techniques, Equine Stretching, Introduction to Exercise Physiology, Saddle Assessment and more!

    For more details email or hop on to Online Courses
  2. hogmatvin

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    That is really something new to me .I have done distance learning but online horse course is really exciting for me ,I would like to share this on my social networking site so that my friends get aware of this .
  3. holistichorse

    holistichorse Well-known Member

    Certainly :)
  4. JovialCJ

    JovialCJ New Member

    Fantastic, I am definately going to look into this :)

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