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    who has dealt with it?
    I in no way mistreat or not worm my horse when I bought her as a yearling she was sold with "allergies" which was fine I stuck to a strict diet and as time went on I tested and tried different feeds and to no avail it didn't matter she always seemed super itchy throughout the summer time but come winter when she was clipped and it was cooler she was fine, I have had multiple tests done seen multiple vets and each time I have been told something different, until I saw a local country vet that thinks that she has
    she has all the symptoms
    ?Small lumps, from pea to marble size, develop in the skin on the underside of the belly, chest, withers, neck and face
    ?Itching and rubbing causes thinning and loss of hair, and scaly skin, particularly along the mane
    she was treated with a straight does of ivermectin
    which made her extremely itchy so I was giving her a steroid to stop the itching but has anyone else dealt with it?
    so she is ruining my fences bending gates cause she is constantly itchy
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    Mine also suffers with this. The itchiness drives him mad at times. I worm him with a lot of thought as to time of year. I worm him heavily leading into spring. He is really itchy for awhile but then it settles down. I have also found that applying topical steroid creams to the lumps and itchiest areas to be a great help.
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    Funnily enough my sister has just dealt with this on her horse back in September.

    On the advice of a mate of ours who also dealt with this on her horse the following treatment was applied.

    Worm the horse twice, full dose, 5 days apart with Mecwormer + Bot. Applied the same wormer topically to the lumpy bits once a day. Within 10 days of this treatment starting the lumps were noticeably smaller and by about 14 - 15 days they were gone.

    Do a google for "Mecwormer + Bot" and you'll see that it mentions 'cutaneous onchocerciasis' as something that it treats.
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    You can treat with any macrocyclic lactone (ivermectin, moxidectin, abamectin etc - abamectin is in mecwormer). You will need to keep repeating the treatments as the drugs only kill the microfilaria (basically the baby worms) and not the adult worms. Basically you're trying to break the life cycle by killing the young worms, but it takes a long time. Often they get really itchy a few days after you have treated them because the baby worms are dying. If you wait until they are itchy before giving steroids then it is too late. A long acting steroid needs to be given at the same time as the wormer so that the itchy inflammatory process is prevented from developing.

    If you're still having troubles consider taking the horse to a specialist dermatologist (Murdoch's specialist is very good). They'll be able to make a definitive diagnosis and plan the best treatment option for you.

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