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  1. Placebo

    Placebo New Member

    Hi TB4Me, thanks for replying to my message. I am sure you are right, that we would have crossed paths as I rode there twice a week and went to quite a few camps. I have an appalling memory though and don't really remember anyone from there :/ Aside from an instructor that I had that had a nasty fall, but even her name escapes me. In my later years there I just used to go out on individual bush rides, rather than group rides or lessons, so I didn't know many of the people there in those years.

    I am glad you can remember Baron from there, you must have a very good memory! I can't remember many of the horses that I rode, but I can remember Rebel, because my first fall was from him, bareback on camp and I regularly rode Houdini there in the later years. I am desperately trying to remember other riders, but drawing a blank :/

    I just dug out an old Broadacres photo and scanned it to see if I could post it here, but I just discovered that I can only link to a photo here and that is too technological for me, haha!
  2. Cowgirl Kid

    Cowgirl Kid Well-known Member

    I rode at a number of schools growing up:

    Wanneroo Equestrian Centre on Pinjar Rd
    Valentine Park before it was HEC or Academy Equestrian
    Hillview (both when it hired out horses and then when it did lessons)
    I had lessons with Mary Furguson before Reid Hwy went through her place in Carine

    I now run my own riding school. :) I really hope one day, down the track, people are talking about me and my ponies the same way they are in this thread for years to come! :D
  3. Warren

    Warren New Member

    The HEC existed long before Valentine Park. It was originally the HEC and was only VP for a short time while it was leased out. When the family moved back in, it went back to being called the HEC until it was sold.

    What riding school do you run Cowgirl Kid? Or can't you say on here?
  4. Floppy4ever

    Floppy4ever New Member

    I ride friends horses and the place there at on the gate it says Glen Hardey it used to be a stud saddle pony stud.
    the people who owned Glen Hardey Stud have moved out (about 10-15yrs ago) and they left 3 of the horses on the property for the new owner i used to ride one of them and my sister now rides her
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  5. Cowgirl Kid

    Cowgirl Kid Well-known Member

    I was so young when I rode back then I thought that was the story with the HEC..

    I can't say on here but operate from the Swan Valley :)
  6. Warren

    Warren New Member

    Haha! I'm much older than you obviously!

    Trying to work out who you are, or at least which riding school you run. Did you run a place near Wanneroo PC previously?
  7. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    I must be so much older than most here (unless maybe Warren) I rode at HEC from 1982 until around 1990.
    Sophie and I were best mates during those early years so I stayed there most weekends, when I left school I worked there catching and saddling the horses up for lessons etc.
    Our instructors then were Roz Tippet (however she was Miss McCuloch when I started with her) Mr Jauffret and sometimes his wife Aline or Dom.
    I saw Dom last year and she is doing well. Sophie sends the odd email but she hates computers- she doesn't ride these days after a nasty accident a few years ago.
    Everyone who rode there has awesome memories of the place, it really was a great family group.
  8. Warren

    Warren New Member

    My little old brain has been ticking over since reading this.

    You must've been there when I first started having lessons there (mid 80s).

    I also worked there for a while and I've been remembering all the schoolies and all the kids who used to come on camps! I've kept a few horses there over the years (close to 30 years I think *#)) and it's amazing how many of the old familiar faces from the early days were there each time I went back!

    I still think of that place as home and have really fond memories of my time there.
  9. Ian Hutchinson

    Ian Hutchinson New Member


    Hi, I went to Timbertop from 1974 to 1976. I remember Auriel Avery. I went every Saturday and Sunday. I loved the trail ride around to Thomas Oval through the bush. I remember riding a one eyed pony. Do you remember Digger and Bullet and Blinky? I REALLY MISS THOSE DAYS.

  10. Ian Hutchinson

    Ian Hutchinson New Member

    Yes I remember Ringo and a grey that threw me off on the trail ride when he was bitten by another pony.
  11. Ian Hutchinson

    Ian Hutchinson New Member

    Hi, did you live in Medina on Crabtree Way? Remember Bullet at Timbertop 1975?
  12. GoGo

    GoGo Well-known Member

    I went to Mrs Dears in Swan View probably 45 years ago now. In today's world she would have been shut down in a heartbeat. No-one cared if you had ever even seen a horse before. Rock up, pick a horse and head on up Morrison road into John Forest National Park. The horses knew their place in the line, when to trot, what part to canter at. If the weather was really bad we would go into an "arena" and chaos would ensue, horses going all ways at any pace.
    She lasted for at least 30 years, so it must have been popular.
  13. finding_nemo

    finding_nemo Active Member

    I started at Travers Riding School in Gosnells. It was run by Louise and Bernie Travers. I rode Tosca, Jamie, Milly and Jimmy. I rode Louise's beautiful big grey dressage horse 'Straus?) one day and that was like turning a light on.

    Also one a week camp at Timbertop and rode a pony named Bindi. One the camp by answering a question on Childrens TVW 7. Best prize ever!!
  14. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Swan View wasn't that bad. I have many fond memories of that place, I rode practically every horse there including the ones the instructor would bring over and Nikki's fresh breakers. Shasta, Spak and Bart were my favourites. I do remember a girl who would only ever ride Tristan and would throw the biggest tantrums if someone else was going to lol!
  15. Violet

    Violet New Member

    I rode at Wyandra for years too in the 80s. Haven't been around that area for a long time. Remember being devastated when they started carving up the land for housing estate/golf course.
  16. Seadaz

    Seadaz New Member

    Coming across this thread a lot later on...now 2016.

    I was a regular at Timbertops, my main rides were Rex (a kicker), Bindi (chestnut mare), Jane (skewbald), I remember Ringo, he used to share the firstmstable in the saddle up here with Digger.

    Was so sad when they closed down. I remember Karen M was given Bindi that christmas, and another riding friend got either Jenna or Kylie ( both chestnuts)... You mentioned Kylie (was your family into pacers? I'm sure the girl I'm thinking of had a connection to the pacer, San Simeon - the pacer - was this you?

    I have really good memories of my Sat mornings (well most of the Saturday was spent there actually) at Timbertop, lots of residentials in school hols.

    Loved the show that the Avery's put on, and the regulars got to enter too, I remember so wanting to have Bindi that day, but ended up with Jane.

    I so remember that first huge log we used to jump when we went out (not the show jumping arena), and being able to gallop up the hill and near a jump made from what I think was a hose!

    Yes lots of fine memories. After they shut down I discovered boys!!

    jackie S's horse - was that the black fresian? Gorgeous black horse, with a curly mane.

    When I had my son, I actually had Mrs Avery as my nurse at Rockingham hospital, she was great.

    Does anyone know if young Corey Avery (their daughter)'went on to a great show jumping career? She had that cute lil pony Master - who was a very unusual colour.
  17. Dingo

    Dingo New Member

    I rode at Broadacres from mid 80's to mid 90's. I was so proud when they asked me to work there weekends, looking back I picked up a lot of manure, don't recall doing much else. I was absolutely horse mad, would have done anything just to be around them. I did a few camps there, and a couple of gymkhanas. I remember doing the 10.00am lesson for what seemed like years, and all I wanteed in the world was to be in the 11:00 group (the most advanced group lesson). A girl my age in my class named Jodie was moved up before me and I was soo jealous. That place was my sanctuary as a child.
    I rode many horses, my most regular was a bay called Buttons, she always made me look good! My favourite was a grey called Sultan, I rode him a bit in the arena, but it was ages before I was allowed to ride him in the bush. rusty was a little roan who was a bit of fun. I recall a Shetland called Peter Pan, a black called Prince.... There was a blonde teenage girl who boarded her white pony, don't remember her name, but I always thought she and her pony were the most glamorous things in the world!

    Nice to stroll down memory lane.
  18. summer11

    summer11 New Member

    Oh wow, I'm sat bored at work so thought I would look down memory lane and stumbled across this post!

    I moved to Australia in 2005. Was badly bullied at school (kids are mean!!) so my mum came across an advert for 30 minute lessons with a private instructor on his pony. That was with Michael at Chrystel (sp?) on Neaves road on his old Arab x Fred. I loved riding him and got taught how to canter and jump there with the strangest of aids!!!

    We then moved to pineview where I was offered to buy Blaze and rode most of the horses there as I became close with the owners. Sadly when they closed their doors we couldn't afford one of their horses and Blaze had already gone to a new home with L'ollie and Ben.

    I then didn't have lessons but helped friends at a number of agistement centers before getting my first horse in 2010 and keeping her at the stables on Pinjar Road in Wanneroo. Spent most of my days down there and have some great and some NOT so great memories there.

    Have since trained to become a riding instructor where I taught at Oriel Park from mid last year until they closed their doors. Was a spin out to teach kids to ride on little Jess who had once taught me to ride 10 years earlier at Pineview! A friend and I started a page on the other site called Past riding schools and centers of Perth, dedicated to enjoying old memories, pictures and stories. This post ROCKS!!!!!!
  19. philip arlow

    philip arlow New Member

    hi Jez i was 16 or 17 at the time I seem to remember it as Pine Lodge Hunt Club.I met him with Sue & John Bussell at Walliston Pony Club. Pardoe i remember drove an old Chev Belair.. Full of Wind and P###
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  20. bluebass

    bluebass New Member

    Hello all, just discovered this site when googling Broadacres....
    I feel I may be one of the oldest here! I first started riding lessons age 10 in 1969 at Pine Lodge, which not long afterwards became Broadacres.
    My first lesson was on a tall TB or SB named Mick, on a lunging rein in the old wooden roundyard with Peta Booker (then Peta Leach?).
    I remember a few of the horses there: Mick, Maryannn, Charles, Three Wishes, Omo, Princess, Roman, Ampol, Mayday and Brandy Snaps, my favourite pony to ride.
    I rode there nearly every Saturday morning and at residentials every school holidays for some years until 1974, when I got my first (and only) horse Facade, a pretty bay galloway bought from Rachael Pardoe.
    Not long after that I moved Facade to Peta’s Caballo Stables in Wattle Grove and for some years we competed quite succccessfully at local shows, a couple of Royal Shows and assorted Agricultural shows.
    Facade was retired to live out his remaining years in a horsey place in the foothills, the name of which escapes me now, where he died in his early 20’s in 1986.
    I left WA that year and haven’t lived there since, but I have such great memories of all those riding schools, their horses and my dear Facade.

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