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    It does say a lot about their training but also the nature of the horses used. You have two types of horses when they get stuck, te ones that fight and thrash and usually end up hurting themselves and the ones that just go 'oh I'm stuck' and just wait (or give up). A friends racehorse got himself stuck in a roll holl that he'd dug just the other day, he behaved the same as this video. At first he tried to get up but then he just stopped and waited. It took probably 10 minutes for me to pull him up (they aren't light!) yet the whole time he was so calm.
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    Holy wow what a pileup:eek:

    Yeah last weekend I came home to find my mums numpty had managed to get his leg stuck on the wrong side of the fence. It looks like he tried to turn around and pull it back but when he realised he was stuck he just went to sleep where I found him, potentially hours later. He stood perfectly still while I untangled him and then wandered off in search of food no worse for it. Then again this horse is known around our neighbourhood for getting stuck in strange places.
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    That made me cry! Weren't they wonderfull?!

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