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Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by smash, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    whoops LOL, but why would you put all that work in communicating with your horse on the ground, and then get on and not use the communication that you have been working on ????LOL LOL LOL
    why go to all the effort of teaching and learning a communication bond and understanding, then get on your horse and pretend you are a mute????
    so it seems quiet simple to me, to help stop confussion, you use the same language on the ground as you do on their back.
    but hey i am a simple person LOL LOL LOL
  2. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    wow what a fantastic post taylorc,
    yes i can see where you are comming from.
    dont worry i had lost my confidence to so know the frustration of trying to ask for help.
    but i feel riding camps and riding schools are putting in the wrong type of people to help, as they are teaching our up and comming riders to take short cuts, which is a shame.
    its hard, because when you ask for help, most of the help is the "short cut" help, and it is very difficult to sort out which direction to take if you are unsure.
    no matter how well meaning our input is, we could be leading someone to have a horrible accident, and that is what scares me, because we dont get to "see" what the real problem is.
    damn i like the way you write taylorc, it is just so easy to read, and makes so much sense compared to my ramblings LOL
    thank you so much for saying about the other side of things to, how offen we forget stuff like that.
    thank you
  3. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    Couldn't agree more smash.
    I think Pony Clubs for one are largely putting the wrong type of person in to help (although I can't speak for them all).

    But do you know what the hardest part (as a parent) is?
    It's trying to find out or knowing 'who' is going to teach your child the things you feel they ought to know, and then getting other people to agree with you.

    I got my daughters PC to get Saiorse to come and talk to a couple of the older groups at our last camp............. it was FANTASTIC!!!! and leaves me wanting more for the kids (and my daughter). I really feel that someone like that should be a regular each and every month for them (and yes, I would happily pay for it), because it is that sort of thing that PC does not teach.

    Some kids are lucky, they have parents who grew up with horses and have knowledge........... I didn't, so my daughter misses out on a lot........ I know this.
    What I don't know is 'how' to get her the other knowledge that she needs, and 'who' to trust to show her the right way, as I do not have the knowledge myself (hope that makes sense), to be able to tell whether or not a particular person actually knows there stuff.

    It's very frustrating being a 'green' parent.
  4. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    oh shenalar
    wow thank you so much for coming forward and explaining how frustraiting it is from your side too.
    i can not even imagine how hard it is for non horsey parents to try and even find the right path to follow.
    you see i can see it from a PC side as well, if we (as horsey adults) are finding it so difficult to find the right instuctor to help us grow and flourish, how damn hard it is it to find the right volenteer to instruct.
    it is a vicious circle, and i dont have the answers (wish i did) but hopefully someone will come along and structure some kind of "training licence" mmm that is not the word i am looking for, but i hope you understand what i mean.
    kids learning the wrong way, end up as nervous adults who constantly seek help and short cuts, the harder they try, the harder it seems to get, until there passion for riding goes. it is a shame.
    i think alot of problems also stem from not using common sense, a lot ( not all) of problems could of been avoided if they had just used some common
  5. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    Great posts Smash, your long post is so right. I see it exactly the same way as you. :D Glad you typed it and not me haha.

    Yes, horses speak loud and clear. **) If you understand them, you can pick up things before they actually happen. Don't know if I make sence here lol.
    In lessons ppl often say to me that it feels for them that I ride their horse from the ground.

    PC and kids camps teach only the very basic things and not always the correct way. Short cuts are a big NO for me as well. :)
    Shenalar, I can hear you, you don't want to learn from the wrong ppl. Go to an instructor you like working with and have private lessons. That will work out far better for your child. :) Another idea is, go to clinics as a fence sitter and watch ppl having lessons, you will pick up a lot that way. :))
  6. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    wow horsetalk, i think you have just come up with an amazing solution (i wish i had of thought of it) lol lol lol
    damn what a good idea,
    yes, if more of us went to clinics and sat and watched, we could work out, if that is the right instructor to help us along our paths. this way, if you think they are off the mark with there guidence or teaching, you have not had to endure a frustrating situation, of not understanding and upsetting the whole balance at what you were wishing to acheive, or the are teaching the techniques you wish to learn and understand.
    you are able to then approach them and seek the answers or help you require.
    that is a fabulous idea horsetalk, i am a little excited that your post may help hundreds of others seeking guidence, and not to sure where to start.
    also a fabulous idea to catch up on different techniques for others of all levels.
    what a smart cookie you are LOL LOL LOL
    thank you so much for your post
  7. ashka

    ashka Well-known Member

    This has been an amazing thread and I've really enjoyed the different opinions. I don't have much to contribute except that I wonder if some people just can't master the concept of 'feel' required for a true partnership with a horse?

    I am not a confident rider and used to believe it was about knowledge - so I set out to learn as much as I could via books, DVDs, internet, clinics, lessons, watching great horse people, watching not so great horse people, trying to listen to my horse, hours in the saddle, different environments, the list goes on. I don't know, I think some people just have it, and some don't...

    I have to say, I really hate those people you see who are just natural riders... even if in many cases they are not natural horsepeople, they still make me envious!

    The only other thing I want to say is that I tried for over a year to get some lunge lessons on a schoolmaster to assist with my seat as a confidence builder. Only three instructors were willing to do this with me - all three decided after one lesson that I didn't need to do further lunge work and wanted to get me doing general flatwork. Maybe there is also pressure on coaches to have their students out competing too quickly?
  8. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    i hear your frustration.
    my best friend of over 18 yrs is a damn worry wart. she too use to read watch and have lesson, she seems to think it is some sort of race, to get her riding on track. the funny thing was,and going to all these lessons and never going anywhere. she was a lovely rider (but she never saw how lovely she actually rode), oh she got her horse up to PSG and he did OK, but she missed so many basic stuff that she was allways having problems. she lost her horse and the next horse she got was not as forgiving as her first horse, and ended up scaring her a bit, so she sold him and breed her own.
    now she had lost her nerve by now, and as her foal grew into a monster, he had a ball with her shortcomings as a handler, which folling her to her riding.
    this horse became so dangerous, that he had no problems with the thought of suicide, if it was a means of scaring her. she had no idea of the pressures that she was putting that horse through.
    now, the horse was actually a lamb, full of life and a dream to work with, but her ways of overcoming her shortfalls made him dangerous, and she could not see it, even though i would point it out to her EVERYDAY lol lol lo.
    well luckily and sadly the horse badly injured himself and had to be put down.
    she went horse hunting and found a three yr ol fresh broke horse, i flew over and gave her some cold hard facts, and gave a very easy path to follow.
    she decided to try it, and is having an absolute ball, her confidence has blossomed and she can now see why the other horses were so badly behaved.

    but now she goes to clinics and lessons, and is able to open up and take in what ever the instructor tells her, and apply it in her way of training.
    she has one of the smartest 4 yr olds around at the moment, and is VERY PROUD of her bond and communication that she has with her horse.
    but the she had go through the long hard road of finding out "for herself" there are no shortcuts. many times she nearly gave up through being totally scared.
    boy that was an epic, sorry
    so ashka, i wish you all the best and hope you find the right person to help you.
    sorry for the long post
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  9. Grandera

    Grandera New Member

    This is a open forum.The whole exercise of this site is to talk openly and ask others for their opinion.Maybe you should try being more tolerant.

    I doubt anything drastic has change over the last decade,the fact that its in your face now because of the internet is propably why you notice more problems.
  10. smash

    smash Well-known Member

    try reading a bit more kiddo
    *****i am just about to leave for fishing*****
  11. Grandera

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    I did read the whole thread buddy.You seemed full of your own self importance the whole way through.Unbearably so.
  12. smash

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    oh look what i just caught LOL LOL LOL
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    Who need a boat, they bite well right here hey smash, pmsl
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    Smash, does this thread o yours come with a viewing lounge? It's kinda lacking a lounge. You'll need to fix that. I need to be I'll also need Tim know the drill. Did you get the genie back from Samm??

    C'mon, be gentle with our new members please. They don't know that you're marshmallow-like when you come over so directly on the forum ;)
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    And much fun as fishing expeditions can be...I don't need popcorn threads today. Really.

    Pinch of salt and a deep breath please people.
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    sorry mod 6 lol lol lol
    my fishing just showed this newbie has an axe to grind lol lol
    are you wanting to go fishing to caddi lol lol lol
    *passing mods some tim tams*
    damn samm still has my damn genie
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    your very good at fishing smash hahaha
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    Certainly is fishing season isnt Smash! Fishy here fishy there....fishy fishy everywhere!! :D
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    I'm no good with fishy thing, but would say FLATHEAD is caught. :D

    What about fish and chips for a change Mod 6? :D

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