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Discussion in 'Horse and Rider Safety' started by robbi, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. robbi

    robbi Active Member

    they newish type helmets that have been out for a while now that look like bike helmets, are they as safe as the dublin bigger white helmets?
    Alot of ppl that have them say they are heaps cooler etc...

    what are your opinions on them as i was thinking of getting 1???

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  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I personally don't like them. To me they don't look very safe and I'll stick to my fully head covered white helmets with good harness. Even tho they are safety approved I just couldn't wear one...


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  3. kt

    kt Active Member

    i'd say if they were making them now then they would be just as safe as the other more normal looking helmets or else people wouldnt be buying them. I've also heard they can be a lot cooler....

  4. robbi

    robbi Active Member

    i think i'll stick to my older 1!

    ~:p~*Jess* & *Malley*~:p~
    "Any Sire Can Be A Breeder, But Only The Great Sires Breed On"
  5. NorWester

    NorWester Well-known Member

    My niece rides in one of these, well I stand corrected USE too.

    After one season, this helmet hasn't taken any serious to damaging falls and already it is cracked through the back. I think the material it is made out of could be cracked all the way through, but the plastic shell covers this so you cant see it. How ever you can see it growing underneath.

    I also don’t like the harness on these newer helmets, they aren't fixed to the helmet, so the straps slider around, it is a nuisance every time you put it on as you have to make sure the straps are right etc. on the old helmets, they are fixed and much easier to do up.

    I personally will stick with the older equestrian/Dublin style. I had mine 2 years (nearly ready to replace) before it was stolen and I couldn't have been happier with its protection and wear.
  6. taylor

    taylor Well-known Member

    I've got one of the German ones from Horseland (I cannot remember the brand name tho!!!!! pricey tho!) and it's really nice and cool to ride in. It's more streamlined and a lot more stylish looking than the old bulky white ones, and is really comfortable.

    The cheaper ones that look like bike helmets I would have to look at really closely before I bought one - they look a bit plasticcy.

  7. Ali

    Ali Well-known Member

    I personally don't like the look of them, they are too much like bike helmets and they look too flimsy.

  8. Starbe

    Starbe Well-known Member

    i doubt that they would be flimsy, although they might look it.. i have no doubt they would be safer. its the foamy material that protect our head from any brain damage, not really the harder outer shell. Plus if the outer shell is extremely hard, and you fell onto something hard, it would be similar to banging your head without a helmet (the inside isn't exactly soft and comfprtable). I do think they look a bit silly.. but maybe just because they are out of the ordinary. I remember going "Errr!" when they first came out, then thinking, if i had never seen the white ones b4, then compared the both, who would choose the ugly white one!
  9. Rohim

    Rohim New Member

    I use one and it it by far better then my old dublin one, i used to ride in the old white ones and did more damgage to my spine when coming off since they don't absorbe the impact, then riding without one ever did. I now own a Aussie21 helmet, i've come off once and it absorbed all the shock of my fall.

    One the heat note, they are alot cooler to where, mines a black one and i come back from our rides cooler then my friend who rides in the old style, i think shes been converted and is planning on getting one too.


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  10. Veronika

    Veronika Active Member

    Firstly, Hello Rohim, great to have a new member.
    I personally could never wear the old style Dublin, because they did come so far down my neck that I found it quite painful to ride in. It always felt that I couldn't put my head back and look up...
    Hence I went for the Aussie21, which aren't like the newer, newer style but the weight difference is amazing. The Dublin helmets would weigh double to what mine does. When you're in them for a couple of hours, it certainly makes a difference. Even so, I'm drooling over the new styles because they're lighter still and the vents are great.
    Anyone with neck problems would know the difference even a couple of grams will make when you're wearing it on your head.
    In my opinion, they wouldn't get past the safety testing if they weren't alright. After all, all of the international eventing is done with the newer style helmet and it's got to pass some rigourous independent testing to get past that - mind you, you pay for what you get, so it's always good to pay a bit more especially for your safety.
    That helmet I say for $270 that I really liked isn't looking all that bad anymore...! Let face it, you're wearing it everyday and they can be used for 5 years (officially, according to the insurance) so that's 35c a ride if you ride 3x a week, for 5yrs.
  11. shaylee

    shaylee Well-known Member

    my daughter and i both have the new helmets as do a lot at the pony club and some endurance friends
    we find them way better then the old helmets cooler for one thing
    yes they do look flimsy but with every helmet once you have had a serious fall you arn't suppose to wear them again anyway
    the new ones are designed to flex and take the brunt of the fall and if a serious one they will brake as this way it removes the hard pressure from the head
    the old ones were so heavy that your head would take the brunt of the fall
    a friends daughter came of at a show wearing her new derby which are a stong helmet like the old ones ,,well she went face first and almost broke her nose and was knocked unconcious and taken to hospital
    the peak of her helmet was snapped into her face as it had no flex they said she was very lucky
    the hat was not so lucky as it is now in the trash heap
    you will always have people that like one or the other
    they would not safety approve these helmets for children to wear if they had not thoroughly tested them first
    if you go to try one on ask for a new derby insert to put in side it as you will find this way better then just the way it is designed if felt to hollow for me but with the insert it gave me more comfort and securety feeling
  12. Seahorse

    Seahorse Well-known Member

    for those who prefer their old helmets, please bear in mind that they may not be approved anymore. My old one was in perfectly good condition, proper harness etc, and I found out it hasn't been approved for eventing etc for about 10 years...oops.

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