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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by equinetamer, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. equinetamer

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    Hi Im looking to start adult riders and do some low level competing this year.
    Ive got an unregistered qh/tb whose dam and I think his sire has passed away, so there isnt a way to register him in either studbook - not even sure he can as hes 50/50.
    I am not sure how to go about registering him a competition name? I dont think hes pretty enough to do hacking, so it would just be competing low level maybe pony club events? Or a couple EA not sure.
    I assume youd have to register him a name to compete, just like dog showing, but not sure where to register or how.
    All these memberships, insurances, registries - i have no idea whats best for me, so I thought Id ask you lovely experience horse people! I apologise if this is such rudimentary basics youre having a laugh! :lol:
    Much appreciated!
    Edit: also would pc or ea insurance be better?
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  2. Jordy D

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    I can't help you with EA registering, but your horse could be registered with the AQHA depending on if the sire and dam are DNA tested. If you know the registration names of the sire and dam this can be searched on the AQHA website and if they have been recorded with DNA you may be able to have your horse registered though there first. The AQHA are very easy to deal with and can help you over the phone easily.
  3. GoGo

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    Eventing or showjumping . just get yourself an EA or Pony club membership and name your horse. No need to stud book register. You will need to get the horse microchipped and registered with the EA if you do anything above low level. not sure on other codes, breed classes would probably require stud book.

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