New Unofficial Hacking Rules are up!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by droverchick, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Oakey Dokey

    Oakey Dokey Active Member

    i have just read the new rules i totally agree with them all!!!

    so there!!!!!!
  2. wild gurl

    wild gurl New Member

    wow after reading this whole thread and 20mins later i have came to the conclusion that the rules are fantastic =D all but one and that is the rider rule =[

    what about nw and upcoming horses that need education before entering the official?? and like others have said what if we have 2 horses one official and on unofficial?? i think that it should be allowed to ride in both rings just not both rider classes. the rider is obviously good enough to compete in an official ring so therefor can do the official rider class but not the unofficial. there problem solved. i think that after a season EFA will realise this and be changed. hopefully, but for now rules need to be followed =D
  3. Yikkers

    Yikkers New Member

    I think this has already been said, but have people considered taking new / green or inexperienced horses to breed shows to compete. They are generally cheaper to enter, give you the same experience and normally have unregistered classes for those whose horses are not registered. I find its alot more relaxed. I always campaign my horses at breed shows prior to competing at an Official level.

    I applaud the EFA and think it would be great if all clubs in WA followed the rules, it would make hacking alot fairer for the unofficial competitors.
  4. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    I take my new ones out straight into the official ring, educate them and have them ready to compete at home before they go out.

    I only usually do 2 events on a newcomer for a few shows until they are stronger and able to cope with a full day. If you are going to be official standard - go straight out.

    Newcomers win lots of champions at their first outings if done properly
  5. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    im all for playing by the rules but ther is a hugh gap for young kids coming off the lead or just starting out, maybe b4 rules make sure every1 is catered for ... as these rules do nothing but make it hard for my 8yr old and others out ther , but hey the unofficial kids and adults are getting looked after and i wonder how many of them are efa members?????
  6. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    LB: Have you written to the EFA regarding bringing First Ridden or something similar in to cover those kids ? As i'll be in a similar situation in another year so would be interested to know if you did contact them what sort of feed back you got ?
  7. Ltd Edition Madcow

    Ltd Edition Madcow Well-known Member

    Seriously the end of the day it's just a horse show! There are many more important things in life. People were whinging there were no rules and now there are rules people are whinging?

    Once apon a time there was 1 was all open. If you wern't good enough you didn't get placed or you had to wait for the barrel race at the end of the day for a ribbon!ROFLMO Leading rein used to be where the kid got chucked up onto the back of mums hack, had mutliple twists in their stirrups whilst they bounced around with a smile hoping for a ribbon. Fortunes wern't spent on polished ponies and designer outfits etc.

    There are sooo many classes and rings available these days to cater for all levels. Walk/Trot and first ridden rings for eg were unheard of. If you wern't capable of cantering yet or controlling your horse then you just didn't go to a show til you could. It seems the more levels and classes there are to cater for everyone ...the more people complain?

    If for some reason you arn't allowed to ride in the unoffical ring and don't want to go offical, then there are so many other options to gain experience. Most pony clubs hold closed gymkhanas, there seems like there's breed shows on almost every weekend, training days, pony and adult riding clubs...etc

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with Cavs post LOL:p

    I havn't read the rules as they don't apply to me. However I'm with Scorpio in that the unoffical ring is a great idea to give confidence to those up and coming riders as a transition into official. Many off us started off there and I'm still quite protective of it. Unfortunately some people were abusing the system so rules needed to be made. I'm sure these rules are not set in stone yet and they will be fine tuned as needed. It seems there is an appeal process for exemptions etc which sounds very fair.

    It dosn't matter if you're offical or unoffical...most of us show because we enjoy it and love our horses. If eveybody just did the right thing they wouldn't be any problems:))
  8. mochaminx

    mochaminx Well-known Member

    Well said LEM! :)* :)*
  9. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    i did email therese a while back wen all the talk started and was told it wud be considered, i might also add that i do have enormous respect for the committee and in no way am i directing this at them. i just voice my opinion, do u recall me emailing you regarding sponsorship???? well this was all part of the plan . also the ras said they wud bring it up at the agm ,
  10. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Yeah i do remember, that was a while back. If your really serious and dedicated about proceeding with trying to bring the first ridden back perhaps now is the time to chase them up about it.

    Oh and very well said LD Madcow. Where did the LD come from, is that new ???? When i started a very long time ago i was in the same boat certainly no unoffical or beginner rings back then, infact I don't even remember lead line being around.

    And I agree with Scorpio I don't see how anyones horse/pony a newcomer or not would gain more experience in the unoffical ring as in the offical ring, they operate the same its just the quality of competitors that would vary, so at the end of the day it's obviously more about ribbons either way. AND I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT KIDS HERE i'm talking about people wanting to get their well presented quality horses out, but for some reason wanting to start in the unoffical ring before heading into the official, what is the difference if your horse is quality enough to end up in the offical ring other than the competition you'd be against. Am I missing something ?
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  11. giddy up girl

    giddy up girl Active Member

    I remember when I was a kid there was only one ring...the official one....when you where good enough and had it all together you won a ribbon...eventually you ended up at the "top of the heap" and then we had to move on to big horses.

    Then they brought in the unofficial ring...which I suppose served a purpose...the problem being was many people abuse it and lost sight of why the unofficial ring was "born" in the first place. I say good on those who decided there needed to be rules and regulations governing it, as slowly but surely it was being abused by far too many.
  12. Horsetalk

    Horsetalk Well-known Member

    Yes, well said Cav, MC, Scorpio and Dollar. I agree with you here, the new rules are needed, will be more fair that way. :D
    Our Newcomers are educated at home and go straight into the official ring. :))
  13. Tallarook

    Tallarook Well-known Member

    Ha Ha Madcow,

    Yes in our day when we started out there was an official ring with a "CHampion" in the pony and a "CHampion" in the hack ring. No riders, no small and large or reserves.

    In the unofficial where i started there was an "Encouragement pony of the day" not small and large and definately no reserves.

    When i started i might get a ribbon in rider maybe a =3rd, then i would hang out for Cavalletti jumper and pairs of ponies for a ribbon. If i still missed out i would hope for something in the consolation class. My god it took me about 4 years to get my first real champion sash and that was in the novelty events.

    I have to say after assisting running 2 clubs over the past 10 yrs, you are all right the more sections we cater for the more whinging and bitching that goes on.

    Get out there get some experience - improve and progress and enjoy it while you go along.
  14. Pony Tails

    Pony Tails New Member

    I remember the good old days when we all went in the same ring (Official) and there were no Champions or Res Champion except for at Champion Hack days, Ag Show or the Royal. Unlike all the show/Gymkhanas you go to now days. You went to Gymkhanas/Shows to get your points for the Royal and the Novelities at the end of the day for a bit of FUN!!!!!.

    Maybe they should bring back the good old days.*#)
  15. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Agree whole heartedly**) When I started showing we lived in country SA and there were only ag shows...all in together, and if you wanted to win you watched those that did and tried to get as good as them**).....and the novelties after lunch were the best part:D
  16. Cav

    Cav Gold Member

    awwww you made me blush :)

    when i started out at the age of ten in hacking, there was unofficial which is where i started and there was no such thing as leading rein or first ridden! my pony used to bolt out the arena and one day i got too good for unofficial and stepped up!!! thats how i learnt. maybe we all need to take a step back and look at what we/our young riders or ourselves are really trying to achieve because i know when my daughter (if she so chooses too) competes, she will have to LEARN how to better herself as a rider so she can compete at a higher level. Those that ride official & unofficial, why DO you compete unofficial? No newcomer or young horse of mine has ever started in unofficial for experience, if you do your groundwork at home it should all come together at a show and you can gain the horse the same experience whether you go official or unofficial.

    really people, at the end of the day even though we all like to win the blue, its only a 50 cent ribbon if that and seriously, who the hell is going to remember who won what in 20 years time...who will care???:confused:

    ps: i really miss novelties, my bolting pony we later found out was an experiened prince phillip games pony....she knew when the flag went down.
    ill post you some funny pics some time of how i started out, youll all laugh!! :)
    pfft....wheres the fun gone in this sport! bah humbug!#(
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  17. I know little about the hack ring politics however dressagequeen, I do agree with you as I have a huge true hunter type - big boned, can go all day and jump til the cows come home however being large and heavy set definitely has no chance in the official ring ie do they have classes for hack up to an including 18hh?? LOL
  18. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Once again...if they are a true hunter, and there are quite a few now up over the 17hh, enter in the Official HUnter, and maybe the heavyweight. There are plenty of Official Hacks that aren't true hunters, you dont see them going into the Unofficial hunter, so why should it be any different. Some of the top Official HUnters only do their hunter classes:)*
  19. dressagequeen

    dressagequeen New Member

    while this is true that they dont go down to the unofficial hunter, this is because thye have a lot more classes offered to them as opposed to just one class for the whole day? maybe it woulod be better if they offered more hunter classes at showsbecause its not the much fun going for one class and thats all
  20. Ltd Edition Madcow

    Ltd Edition Madcow Well-known Member

    Riverside held a FULL Hunter programme at their show today. There were height, weight and ladies and gents Hunter classes plus Champion and Reserve. Then you can always do the heavy weight hack class and riders. Thats plenty of classes!

    Eastern States judges are always amazed at the number of classes we have in WA. I personally quite often only do 1 or 2 classes in the hack ring. If you do well in your height whats the point in dragging your poor horse out in every class (unless you really need the points or they're being naughty*#))?

    If you choose to buy a "hunter" then you have to accept that they may be more limited to the classes they can do in the "Hack" ring.

    Cav- LOL I too had a games pony that I used to try and hack. If the ring was close to the SJ arena he used to leap into gallop evertime he heard the start whistle!*#)

    Scorpio- sadly I often didn't even place in the consolation hack in the encouragement ring (These days everyone would just get a ribbon anyway). Thank god there used to be novelties at the end of the day otherwise I would have been waiting a while to win a ribbon LOL

    Ah it's nice remembering the olden days ROFLMO

    Dollar- The "limited edition Madcow" is my home puter sign in (I'm a bit dumb and couldn't get "Madcow" to work at home:eek:)

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