New to Perth, info required on vets, agistment etc - South of River

Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by caha1978, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Hi All, I've recently moved across to Perth from the UK and I'm just starting to look for a horse. I live in Shelley but work in Jandakot and I've been looking for agistment around Oakford.

    I'm looking to buy a young (4yo ish) for eventing/dressage - not going to be challenging for a place on any Olympic teams but wanting to compete at lower levels and have general fun with. As I'll be breaking in myself I am looking for somewhere with good facilities and prefer to have plenty going on to get them used to a busy environment. So, suggestions welcome!

    I have my eye on a horse for sale in the hills and am viewing this weekend. I may choose to get it vet checked and if so, would welcome any suggestions in relation to vets for this (PM is you prefer).

    Many thanks - and will hopefully have an update on a new horsey soon!

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