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  1. To all instructors, parents and PC and ARC members:


    In 2010 it became common to see top riders and amateurs alike competing and training in Point Two Air Jackets. The Point Two air jacket has quickly become the choice of the top riders in the world, including WEG gold medal winner William Fox Pitt and Australian Olympic medallists Stuart Tinney and Clayton Fredericks to name just a handful, the Point Two jacket has proven again and again that it can offer far greater protection to riders in the event of a fall than a normal body protector worn alone.

    Once the rider is mounted, they simply clip the jacket lanyard to the specially designed saddle attachment. In the event of a fall, the lanyard is pulled from the jacket which deploying the firing mechanism which inflates the jacket in 0.1 of second. Once inflated, the jacket provides a protective air bag around the rider's torso, protecting the ribs, coccyx, spine, collar bone and neck, as well as internal organs.

    British Team rider, Oli Townend survived a dramatic rotational fall at Rolex Kentucky in 2010, which he categorically states is due to his Point Two Air Jacket and Champion Helmet.

    Adult riders in Australia are starting to see the benefits of this technology, with the jackets becoming more popular both in competition and day to day riding. They are light, comfortable and practical to wear, so riders are appealing for general purpose use at home.

    But what about improving protection for our children who ride?

    Late last year, Point Two and their Australia distributor, Southern Stars Saddlery, launched the new Children's sizes in response to huge public demand. Children's Jackets need to be correctly fitted by qualified agent and hence cannot be purchased online.

    The jacket has been rigorously tested in the UK by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), with exceptional results.

    "The Children's Point Two almost eliminates the risk of life-threatening chest injury from a horse fall resulting in severe chest impact," says Lee Middleton of Point Two UK, "and a rider wearing a Point Two could sustain four-times more severe an impact than a rider with no chest protection."

    The Point Two can be worn alone out of competition or at Pony Club rallies or training days, and in EA Competitions must also be worn with an approved body protector.

    If your Pony Club, Riding School or Riding Association is interested in a demonstration and a group fitting for riders of the Point Two Air Jackets, please call the Australian Distributor, Southern Stars Saddlery on 0459 491 709 and where possible we can arrange a visit and demonstration by your local agent.

    For further information on the Point Two and technology and benefits behind them, please email

    Southern Stars Saddlery is an Australian business that highly values rider safety.

    To View online: Point Two
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  2. snoopydoo

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    I LOVE the idea of these, but really will not spend that amount of money! The kids version is nearly $1000. I reckon that's a complete rip off!!! A gas cylinder, a valve and a jacket do not cost that much when put together!!!
  3. Hi Snoopydoo,
    I can understand why you think that- but really the Point Two is more akin to the technology behind the airbags in your car, and I don't think you would opt to save a few grand on your car and install your own bag and air canisters in your car?

    The Point Two is a highly researched and independantly tested peice of technology that is continually being improved and designed specifically for horse riders. The canisters are specifically pressurised and loaded to ensure the fastest possible full inflation. The firing mechanism is tested to minimum weight and pressure requirements to ensure consistent firing in the event of a fall without accidental inflations while riding. The shape of the jacket is designed to give you maxmimum protection in areas a traditional back protector cannot, including the coccyx, the neck and the abdomen.

    The children's jackets are proven to provide 6 times more protection than a standard level3 body protector, and be honest, most kids aren't even in a level3.

    What price your safety? How much do you value your body and your ability to go to work on Monday after a fall on the weekend?

    I truely believe in this product, and should you have any further queries, please let me know and I will be happy to answer them.
  4. carol51

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    it all comes down to how much is yours or a childs safety i would pay that for adult size but kids grow so quickly it makes it very expensive especially when you add in all the other costs of horse riding its a pity someone doesnt go into the rental side of things with it couldnt that be more proffitable and safe guard kids as well maybe worth looking into that side of things i know if i had small kids i would be very interested in that sort of thing
  5. Hi Carol,

    The kids vests (and the adults) have a lot of adjustement in them. The Kid's jackets will allow enough growth to last most children for 3 or 4 years. Renting them is probably not an option due to the insurance implications, though after a service to ensure all is well, they could be sold 2nd hand.

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