New QH lines to WA

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  1. Squid
    sorry to bud in[:-lookhappy-:], but I'd like to remind you about our rules[:-grin-:]( the ones you actually happened to set, and one of them rules was "no bullshit"(as you put it yourself) in the posts irregardless.... (in the News items in Classic show)....

    And how would you explain that?[:-question-:]
    You claim your mares/fillies are all by imported stallions and out of dams by the imported stallions.
    I personally don't see it happening in one of your mares case -"Angel"

    your words:
    "Here you go Collie.

    My mares / fillies.

    SQH Twice A Profit., over 15%

    Sheza Obvious Profit, over 12%

    Serendipity, (by Spot of grand) over 17%

    Angel (by our risky business) 0ver 8% "

    As I can see, your mare 'Angel" is not by the imported stallion and neither is her dam is (by the imported stallion )as you happen to state in your previous post to Bindi. ???????? Not that it is anything wrong to have a mare by an Australian bred horse but why bother twisting the facts? I am not nit picking, just highlighting the discrapences.[:-grin-:] .Please don't take it to heart[:-lookhappy-:]

  2. squid

    squid Active Member

    Collie I am not refering to Angel. She is only a 8 week old filly and also not one I am keeping. I bought her as a project to prepare as a yeanling and then show and sell.

    By a first season sire she was what I call Very cheap and too good to leave there so I am planning on have some fun with her then selling her on for a bit of pocket money. She also has breeding I like so if she didnt sell I couldnt really loose.

    Some times you just go with your gut.

    I only have 2 broodies who are EXACTLY as I say, you can see that on the website. I know I typed mares/ fillies, but I meant broodies I was breeding with as that was what we were talking about. Sorry for the misconception.

    Sorry but yes you are nit picking and I am not going there with you again. You questioned the fact that my mares had so much 3 bars blood. I found that rather insulting also. I am not sure why you did ,perhaps you were a bit shocked that I could possible have good mares, I dont know, but I was a bit put off by it. So lets not go there again. Please.

    I am an open book on my website for anyone that wants to look and form their own conclusion.

    Yes Bindi you have to love those tyre kickers, LOL but I have been lucky. I sold 6 horses within 8 months all very easily so it does help. I treat all prospective buyers the same as they might not want the horse themselves, but know somebody that does.

    So you never really know who is trye kicking. Having all details on a website stops a lot of tyre kickers as they know what you have. Sometimes I have a freinds horses on there and it is easier to direct them there for pics etc than to send heaps out over email.
    Thats why many of the biggest studs have them.

    I also like to look at what they have to see if its what I like.
    I would never ring you for a horse, as I dont believe you would have anything I liked, but you never know, if you had a website where people like me could see your horses, there just may be something that takes our eye and go against what we think.
    Know what I mean?

    I am suprised that you need to get many of them going to sell. If they are of the best bloodlines etc they should sell as yearlings for the new owners to send on to a trainer. They shoudl be snaped up .
    Thats how a friend here does it. His sell as babies.
    You prob dont know him, but he has purchased the highest priced colts, and mares at quite a few of the major sales, Tamworth, Rocky etc. All Cutting horses. You can figure out who it is without me naming names.
    He pays a fortune for them but has some nice stock. They sell as yearlings.

    I do believe its prob easier and less expensive to sell halter babies as thats when people want them. They want to show as weaners and yearlings. After that they send them off for training if they wish.

    I dont go on a 4 x service fee as I really dont need to. We have very few expenses. We are lucky enough to own our property, our total expenses for horse related things last year was just over $5000. One horse sold covered this and the rest went on our pocket.
    I know many are not so lucky. LOL

    I would love to hear more about the bloodlines you are using and what mares you have.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  3. Good try, squid![:-grin-:]
    you didn't have to give me a detailed expalnation[:-grin-:], it is not important, to me, anyway[:-lookhappy-:].
    But I am very happy for you trying to achieve your goals in breeding

  4. squid

    squid Active Member

    HI bindi. I would love to see your set up one day, you sound like a fasinating person to talk to. I could pick your brain for hours. LOL

    Are you into the TB or QH racing?

    There is a bit of QH racing stuff down my way, they are really trying to get it off the ground. Had a race meet at our loca race track last year but we were at the Nats so I missed it.
    It is somthing I would like to get into one day. You know train a QH for racing. I think my Vapour Trail mare would produce something special as she is the most awesome thing at full gallop I have ever seen. Just draw dropping.
    To the right stallion I think I could produce something to have fun with n the sprint track.

    Ive spent half my life in the TB industry so wouldnt go there again, but I can see why your hubby likes the racing paying the bills.

    My hubby has only been into horses since he met me, so he likes to win the sashes. LOL

    If you are into the QH side, what is it like up there, much call for it? Its still young down here. I mean the fastest thing around here is a 17 yr old TB exracehorse that they tell everyone is a QH.
    Would be good fun. Dont know about paying the bills though.

    As long as the horses pay their own bills hubby is happy. Chunky made more money than it cost us to campainge him last year so hubby was very happy. LOL

    Do you go back and forth to hte US? How did you go about buying horses over there to breed. Do you just leave them with trainers permanently or will you bring them over.

    I dont think I want to get into at that depth. I will be happy if I breed a Nat champ that can ride also. Then I know I will have succeeded.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  5. squid

    squid Active Member

    'Spend alot of time in the loo prior!! "he he, gee sounds like me before I do a big halter class. he he

    Sounds really exciting having horses in the states.
    Have you been to hte World Show? if so, are the Hunters really as big as they claim, over 17hnd?

    Sorry dont have much knowledge about pacing other than the injuries I treat. Is there much money in them? You see so many go to the doggers and in the sales for meat.
    They do seem to have a following here now as performance horses.

    We had one when I was 12 years old, dad got it from some clearence sale, didnt even know if it was broken in ,but we rode it. It was the most comfortable thing to ride. Even won an open led hack with it at an Aggy show.

    Do you come to Weeribee for the futuritys?

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  6. squid

    squid Active Member

    I have never seen the USA hunters in the flesh, but there are quite afew stallions in the US journal that claim to be that and more.
    I have also been told of some QH here that were suposed to be 16 + hands, but when you see them try about 15.1 LOL.
    Over exagerated.

    Which way do you come down to W,Bee. How long does it take you.
    Takes us 18 hours to get from home to Tworth. I hate the trip, but it is worth it when you win. LOL

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  7. QHLover

    QHLover New Member

    Hi All to further the discussion on what mares are in foal to halter bred stallions in WA my friend Sue from Sheoak QH's in WA has brought a Kid Cross Mare of Marilyn, she will be staying at marilyns to be bred to Potassium this year. She also has a Palomino mare in foal to An Obsession she had a lovely palomino Docs Tomcat colt this year and my mare and her mother (full sister to dam of 2005 $20.000 NPHA Pleasure winner) are both in foal to Page N Chicles cannot wait. Just startered breaking my Kid Cross Gelding in he is going very well.

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