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Discussion in 'News Items' started by bravisimo, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. squid

    squid Active Member

    Sopers filly is a full sister to their stallion Tall Dark n Okay

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  2. ddr

    ddr New Member

    So what you are saying is you knew she was 100% performance bred, before you siad

    "So all halter bred winners here"
  3. squid

    squid Active Member

    Yes I knew her breeding, I looked it up 2 months ago when I first saw her. Ive known Sopers for years. They live not far from me. Have some nice ponies.

    If you are trying to start an argument then dont bother, I dont have time or patience for pathetic things like that.

    I said all winners there at that show were halter bred and they were. She did not win, she was second and reserve behind Legally blonde. There were no other halter bred mares there. 3 halter bred horses total. Mine, the reserve geld and legally blonde.

    Im not sure which part of that you dont understand. perhaps you should read my posts again and stop misinterpreting them for your own needs, what ever they are.

    As I keep saying, we need more halter stuff here, thats why I think its great we have 2 big studs here now. 90% of all that compete around here are performance or working bred. When the halter horses do compete 99% of the time they win the halter classes. In my circut area anyway.

    Is that the only result you know from MAW?
    Tashenstraw won Champ stallion. I know that one. He is halter bred, and a nice horse, he is also winning western pleasure classes. I still havnt heard the others yet.

    Have a nice day.

    Jan is a very busy month for me too. 5 shows in the 4 weekends. I will be at all of them, then I have to hand over my yearling to his new owner.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  4. ddr

    ddr New Member

    I am not trying to start an argument, just saying keep it real
    something which I thought you of all people would understand
  5. squid

    squid Active Member

    Totally agree.
    I just have a passion for bloodlines and I like to take note of what bloodlines are winning what and what crosses best with what, know what I mean?

    What are you showing this season? I have the yearling geld in the pic below that goes end Jan. Will be kind of sad to see him go as I foaled him down. But he is destined for a performance career. Yes he is totally halter bred. I look forward to seeing him under saddle.

    By March hopefully the fat boy (yes he is very fat) will be ready to make his assult on the biggies.

    I cant wait to see how he goes this time as he is a huge 2 year old.
    Most of his shows he did last year after xmas, except prob congress and Nats he was very underdone due to recovering from a serious illness. he is twice the horse size and quality wise that he was as a yearling. Its a credit to him that he did so well at the majors even in that condition. We nearly lost him.

    I still dont really know how good he is yet. its all exciting watching them grow and develope.

    You wont have any trouble finding my float if you want to say hello.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  6. Eo

    Eo Active Member

    im just wondering what happens to all the halter bred horses once they have finished theiir halter careers. any mares and stallions probably are bred but what happens to the geldings. do any halter bred geldings make good riding or performance horses.

    "if you start with a good temperment and good confirmation you cant really go wrong"
  7. squid

    squid Active Member

    there are plenty that go on to performance careers.
    One by Cool Seeker won the NPHA $20,000 western pleasure
    There are a couple of Kid Cross 3 years olds winning performance events, Crossing Over and An Obvious Clu.
    There are some by Noble, Mytee most of the top halter lines are performing under saddle at National Level.
    Any halter horse should be able to do performance classes. I just sold a Halter yearling to a performance home. Is is alreay booked into one of the top trainers for next year.
    You dont see many mares and stallions go on as if they have proven themselves at halter they go on for breeding. But most geldings will go on.
    There are people that just show at halter even with their geldings as they just dont wish to ride.
    Gelding halter is big business inthe states.

    If they dont have the conformation and soundness to ride, then they shoudlnt be bred and should not win a halter class.
    Hallter horses need more quality and muscle bulk, but still should be well conformed and serviceable. I know many are not.

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  8. Squid
    would you give me a definition of what you class as a halter bred horse?

  9. squid

    squid Active Member

    Are you talking bloodlines or conformation?

    OK see of I can put this into words without needing pics, LOL

    Most halter breeders, inclluding myself, here and in the states go for certain lines, Those of Conclusion, Kid Clu, Ima Cool Skip, Impressive. (just some) They seem to have changed the way the halter horse looks compares to other lines like pleasure, hunter etc) by going on these lines. they are also the lines that produce the most world champ halter horses as well as Nat champs here.

    Conformation wise,
    I like, short backs, long deep hind quarters, well developed (not nesc over done ) gaskins and forearms, but more than the avarage working horse shows. Short cannons, hocks low to ground. I dont like over straight pasterns or small feet.

    A good amount of tie down and stifle muscling, lots of low down muscle. Big deep hamstring muscling inside and out. A good V in the chest. And good pec muscling.
    Not just heavy bulky muscle, but lots of definition.

    A long elegant neck and MUST be a pretty head.
    The whole horse must be balanced and have extreme eye apeal and WOW factor. It must blow me away when I see it, so that I have to look again.

    We could say that the working bred horses look the same on paper, but it is obvious they dont in the flesh, well not to me anyhow. I find many of them stumpy and not very easy on the eye.

    My definition then of a halter bred horse is one of those lines above, as it has been shown they tend to breed true to themselves, you are more likely not to get a suprise with an ugly foal.
    They must be sound enough to be able to perform in western arena, I dont meen cutting etc as that would be like asking a clydy to race, its not what they are bred for, but they should be able to pleasure, trail, hunter.

    Not sure if I have aswered your question or not. LOL

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  10. Squid,
    how much halter blood the horse should have for you to class it as a halter bred? , 12.5%? 25%? 50%? 75% ?100%?[:-grin-:]

  11. squid

    squid Active Member

    If I personally was going to class it as halter bred I like at least 75% , but that is not alwasy practical in this country as its only recent years halter mares have been coming in ,and the studs have been really concentrating their bloodlines. Curtis eg with their new imp to go over Concentions mares. Both stallions are very closely related.

    I know many class it as 50 or 65%, but I like 75%. Most are only 50 or a bit over though.

    I guess in most cases if a horse is halter on top we tend to call it halter bred, when it may only be 75 or 60%

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  12. So when you are saying that only halter bred horses are winning in Vic, NSW and QLD do you mean that they are only halter bred on top?[:-grin-:]

  13. squid

    squid Active Member

    The majority down here are ontop, or ontop and dams top lines as well.

    If 50% or more we tend to refere to them as halter bred in most cases. They are usually on top as there are more halter stallions inthe country than mares.

    In NSW and QLD it is getting to almost the 100% halter stage, as that is where the imp halter mares are. You have JVQ, Coronation Park, Burkes. they really dominate the big halter classes and futurites as they are using Imp halter mares. Curtis is not far behind.

    Down here in Vic most are 50% or 60%, there are some like mine that are 75%, but its more the western pleasure lines here or working lines with halter on top. You would call that a versitile horse, which they are, and it is getting harder for them to win the big halter classes at Nats and the big shows. You get the exception of course, but if you take a futurity of say 12, you might have 5 of the top 6 will be halter bred.

    If you came over here and saw the imp mare and stallion JVQ had at Q5, you would see what I mean, they are unlike anything we have here, the mare is the biggest I have ever seen.

    Real purpose bred halter horses have only been in the country for a half dozen years or so, so still a long way to go. Kid Cross, was one of the first, Tashmere, Temonee. Profit of course earlier on.

    More people are getting into the halter lines so it will be interesting to see how the future goes.
    I dont think we will ever get like the state though, where only halter bred horses dominate world champs.

    For me the QH world is very exciting as it is.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  14. So really , squid , without a lot of hoohaa what you call a halter bred horse (being by a halter bred stallion), anyone can call a performance bred horse(being out of a performance bred mare), correct? And it is a matter of opinion. So when you are going on and on about halter horses don't forget that at least 50% of their genetics came from the performance background , at least here, in Australia.

  15. squid

    squid Active Member

    yes you can call it what you wish if its only 50%. Depends on whos talking.

    But who really goes around and asks which mare its out of.
    Its always who is it by that seems to get asked. Funny that. I have been asked many times who my horses are by, but not a single person has asked who they are out of.

    I call mine halter horses, and many of those I do (and not just I) refer to as halter are just that, bred and conditioned just for that. The diff in how they look is obvious.

    Its interesting though how many halter stallions (i mean 100% imp halter) are used to over other lines, I am guessing to Improve them, but you very rearly see a top halter mare being put to a performance bred stallion.

    I wonder why that is? Are they using halter horses to improve to look of the performance mares? just something to think about, I dont know the answer to that one. Seems odd though when the performance bred horse is (in some views) superior, better bred and sounder.

    I guess you would call that Versitlity. But not too many horses, if any can be a super star in more than 1 or 2 disiplines, so i dont really see the point for people that dont want to be average in every event, but specialize in just one area, but each to thier own.

    Well been nice discussing with you Collie.
    I hope you will come over here one day and we can really discuss things face to face, even if we dont agree. Maybe I will see one of your horses winning at the Nats one day. Excuse my ignorance if you already have.

    Gotta go and get dirt bag ready for show tomorrow and then out for tea tonight, so wont be back for a day or so if you are waiting for a reply to further.


    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  16. Yarrabah Quarter Horses

    Yarrabah Quarter Horses Well-known Member

    LOL Rose [​IMG][:-congrats-:]

    **counting the sleeps till xmas** [image][/image]

  17. squid

    squid Active Member

    Bindi if you check out my website it has all my mares and fillies breeding on it.
    My mares have only a small ammount of performance blood on the bottom lines.

    They are almost all imp lines of most which is halter and american reg as well.

    Not sure of that has answered your question, or not even sure the point of my horses breeding to you. It is all there on my web. If you know your halter lines you can work it out for your self.

    My colt is all Imp halter with a tiny bit of Sprint on the bottom way back. He cant run though. LOL

    I am concentrating of breeding as much halter blood into my stock as I can. So far I am very happy with what I have put together in my first couple of years. There is plenty of old halter blood in my band.

    The proof is in the future.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  18. squid

    squid Active Member

    Bindi where do you get this figure from.

    "Also, I don't know what price you sell your horses for, but that figure you quoted of 8K is very low in my books."

    No you dont know what I sell mine for, and it doesnt really concern you, but in the post where I refered to this figure I was talking about all the mediocre QHs that have been bred for versitility with unperformed breeding in many cases and find themselves in HDs and the sales such for VERY cheap money. Even Rocky sale has cheap stock. Just because people keep breeding them.

    1 stud I know of has more than 20 for sale of all ages. If you still have 4 year old unbroken colts for sale that you havnt been able to pass on, for less than $5000, then HELLO wouldnt you look at your breeding program?
    its these things I am refering to.

    If you can sell yours for mega bucks them Im very happy for you, but like blue ribbons it doesnt mean they are the best. I have paid more than 5 figures for horses so im not taling out my ass. Ive also sold them for that. Not just QHs.

    One superstar QH that I can think of was bought for $2500.

    I wouldnt say 8k is all that cheap for some people , there are many top horses by imp stallions from some of the biggest studs that sell for less than that, but at least they have been bred for a purpose and you would hope succeed at that purpose.

    There is just not the market for so many of them. How many of them would you buy. I see perhaps 1 in the HD every 6 months that I would consider.

    So many by unperformed stallion and out of unperformed or unproven mares, just because they have breeding. LOL. Breeding isnt everything. Even Zabeel sired some duds.

    In further to your post about my mares, you may have missed my post in earlier weeks, but we are intending to Imp 2 mares infoal when we finish building our house. 1 financial commitment at a time. LOL

    You are right about how far behind we are to the states, but with 1/2 dozen new halter Imp coming in each year, some of which are world or reserve world champs, we can improve all the time, hopefully without the mistakes.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  19. squid

    squid Active Member

    I dont have imp mares yet, thats why I am plaining on doing it in a few years. All in good time, but I have ambitions like anybody else and I happen to think I have some dam good stock and bloodlines already.

    My mares are by Imp stallions, out of mares that are themselves by Imp so that about as close as I can get at this stage. I have chosen Imp stallions.
    My colt is not imp, but is all imp haiter blood. They are all american reg and none is lower than 96 % american imp blood. (those % came from the AQHA when I was checking their american status before bying them.)

    The yearling I just sold is 98.5%

    Not all Imp horses are the best, I have seen quite a beaten in the ring already and I personally know of 2 mares that were purchased for less then $5000 Aus then imp. But now they have the IMP after their name, are they as good as what we already have? perhaps not, but they have IMP status. Same goes for a couple of stallions.

    Yeh hobbies are expensive, but actually we made money this year. So I guess its not all that exp if done right.
    We covered all our expenses and made nearly 5 fig profit. I dont think that is all that bad for a new stud only operating for 18 months.

    The future is exciting not matter which area of the QH we are in.

    Perhaps you should take a look at my site as see what I am trying to achieve and the bloodlines I have.
    I am very happy with what we have done so far considering we only started 2 years ago with a vacent peice of land and no horses.

    Have you got a website?

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.

  20. squid

    squid Active Member

    I count profit as what is left over when ALL expenses are paid for, such as feed, vet, worming etc.

    Yes I agree it is better to breed with well proven lines, so that is what I am doing. My lines are well proven and many of the top breeders have them in their studs. My colt has proven himself in the ring and time will tell if he will at stud.

    I dont think buyers go to a large stud for their new horses in general. I get at least 2-3 emails or calls a week to see if we have anything for sale or know of anything and I am only a new stud, but obviously they see what they like on the end of my lead or on my website.

    The proof is in the pudding.

    I am loving what I am doing with my QHs and learning all the time. The best part is we have sold all our stuff as yearlings so I dont need to go to the expence of keeping them till they are going. I am very happy with what we have achieved in such a short time in a new area for us.

    Good luck to you as well and best wishes.

    Aim for the moon, for even if you fail you will still be among stars.


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