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  1. El_equine

    El_equine Well-known Member

    I can only speak for me hereI have my tattoo for very specific reasons. I got my first one as a symbol for surviving a very abusive relationship. Mine is on my ankle - most people don't even see it. I don't have it to look pretty or to make me look tuff.
    I plan on getting 2 more. One with the horse as was in the picture I posted way back near the start of this thread. For me this is a tribute to my horses that have helped and continue to help me through my battle with depression & anxiety. Again it isn't for anyone else to see hence why it will be on my other ankle.
    The third tattoo I will get is for my beautiful daughters, it will have their names, very small & again not for the world to see.
    I like to think I have inner beauty and I also have a tattoo just for me

    I guess all in all people are different and people express themselves in different ways. My MIL has an obsession with bling, to me it is uncalled for & way over the top, but it makes her happy & beleive me I would rather her happy than the other alternatives;)

    I have worked in childcare before & my tattoo was not a problem, but like I said it is kinda not real obvious. However the place where I worked would not allow any face peircings, only 2 holes in each ear, with studs as a OH&S issue. It is amazing what kids like to pull at*#)

    Anyway enough rambling from me**)
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  2. IbanezGirl

    IbanezGirl Well-known Member

    tattoos can start from $50 for something basic and right into the 1000's for large detailed peieces.

    pearcings. depending on where you go. anywhere from $45 to $65
  3. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Im a lecturer and also run a program to bring women and girls into science and engineering - my working with children clearance is current, my tattoos and peircing arent visible unless im wearing a dress/skirt/business suit and when Im visiting high schools NO one has ever complained or even noticed it. My three admin girls all have the infashion young trendy inner wrist tattoos and are dealing with people all day and no one has ever complained. If anything the tatts make us more approachable and give high school students something to 'relate' to I guess.
    Because i also do work placements I have only ever told one guy to try and cover up a tattoo he got as a 16 year old that was a home done job with a F word inside a skull. Because of first impressions he did cover it over by wearing a long sleeved shirt and now has the job and his employer a global engineering company have told him not to worry and he doesnt have to swelter through every day in long sleeves. As an assistant engineer now he does wear a suit if hes off to important meetings but that has more to do with appearing professional than covering up a tattoo.

    Edited to say THANKS :D Colibanh - im a nostril short of 44 in a photo finish LOL...and El Equine - my castle on my ribs is somewhat similar to your tatt for surviving an abusive correllation to Jimi Hendrix's song castles made of sand (melt into the sea, eventually) meaning, dont build your castle on quicksand, smoke and mirrors and expect it to last. The iguana? well, I bought him in a bar in thailand and left him with some thai friends to look after but decided one way or another he was coming home with me - even in ink form. My anklet, the three feathers, my sons and myself and each bead is a family member, mum, dad, sis, neices, nephews. Because some of those are over 20 years old when im in thailand next week will be having the color redone and a fijian iguana on my thigh (Yes, i have an iguana fetish).

    On a slightly more humerous note...dont split up with your husband and go and get his name tattood over by a mutual friend......I ended up basically with instead of his name a portrait of his face in wizard form on my backside GRRRR - guess whos side the tattooist was on when we split...I looked at it like this now, he has to spend the rest of his life kissing my a&^e.
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  4. MiniChicky

    MiniChicky New Member

    I love tattoos and piercings, i am quiet heavily tattoo'd having my whole back done, my wrist (quiet large) my hips, my foot my ankle and my thigh, it is quiet funny though because other than the one on my wrist (which i get quiete a few comments about) no one would suspect i have any work done, I remember when i first started my job i always wore long sleeve shirts just in case they where all very shocked to learn i had even one tattoo..

    So like the saying goes "don't judge a book by it's cover" just because people have tattoos or modifications doesn't make them any weirder!! Were all weird after all.. :)

    I also have had pretty much all your general piercings done (except my face) only ever had my nose which got a little infected and i didn't want to have any more get that way on my face..

    But i love tattoos and piercing i think by the time i am about 30 i'll be covered the rate i am going.. heheh
  5. IbanezGirl

    IbanezGirl Well-known Member

    hey minichicky, would love to see some photos of your work! :)

    o and as for the nose piercing, they take the longet to heal(mine took 3 months), and everyone i know that has had them, me included as had little infections. but any piercing that is just through skin heals very quick and you rarely get infections.
  6. MiniChicky

    MiniChicky New Member

    I'll try take some tonight for you, rough run down i have flowers and scrolls on my wrist going up my arm, my back is two horses at the top with these swiggly lines and my daughters name in the middle then a big butterfly in the middle then a heart with scrolls on my hip that says mum and dad, on my foot i have the southern cross with my own personal twist and my ankle i have a heart with wings and on my thigh i have a funny looking thing thats really hard to explain and when i do most people crindge hehehe.. :) I wish someone had told me that.. I only left it in for about a month because i didn't think it was healing because every other piercing i had was healed within a week.. :) Might have to try again cause i loved it.. :)
  7. IbanezGirl

    IbanezGirl Well-known Member

    wow sounds like you have extencive work done :)

    yeah 3 months is really an average healing time for the nose. my lip was healed in 3 weeks.
  8. AbsolutStables

    AbsolutStables New Member

    My cheek piercings took 6months to heal and were still a bit iffy ..then i got bored and took them out. but now i have dimples!

    I entirely recommend Off Ya Tree, they have done all mine but one - that was done at Exotic, and there was defiantly a reason why they only did one.
  9. cavalletti

    cavalletti Active Member

    I have my ear lobes and navel peirced. I want to get the second spot in the lobes maybe, but can't decide if it's worth it cause I rarely wear earrings anyway. As for tattoos, I don't have any, but really, really want one. Parents don't approve particuarly but they didn't know about the navel peircing till after anyway. I want something fairly small and can't decide on a sparrow, star, heart, wings or something... And location isn't decided yet either... wrist, hip or lower back. But I think I'll need someone to hold me in the chair as well! :)
  10. Sharaway

    Sharaway Guest

    Each to their own, very rarely do I see a tat that I find tasteful, as for some of the more extreme peircings, well nope not for me, and branding, god that one I really can not get my head around.

    I've seen a station hand up north that was branded once by accident when the bullock kicked out he wore the brand on his thigh, he was hell sore for weeks.

    Made for a very interesting pub story.

    However, its your body do as you wish to it, hope you dont live to regret it.

    I have enough scars from every day accidents with out putting them there by choice lol.

    I just hate the way tats age, they might look good for a few years but over time god they can look grotesque. That pixy turns into a troll, that butterfly an inkblott, that wizard a dark over lord lol.

    I have my ears peirced, and thats fine enough for me.
  11. Evered

    Evered Well-known Member

    As time goes by, better tattoo ink pigments, more knowledge on placement, people bothering to get tattoo's recoloured and touched up etc is meaning that they do not all end up looking like some sailor's green tattoo blob.

    In relation to the public service roles issue, it is actually gradually becoming not so much of an issue, I see undercover police with half-sleeves, etc. I work in a public service role, I just simply do not wear metal in my face at work? I really don't think the majority people are stupid enough to go to job interviews with tattoos and piercings everywhere, for jobs that would be very against it. Come on! Piercings can be taken out - as I said most people do not even know I have any as I don't wear anything in them. And unless you have tattoo's on your neck, hands, face, etc - most of it you can cover up with clothing.

    Sure I see a lot of piercings, tattoo's, etc that I do not like the look of, but don't judge anyone for it. I know how it feels. I walk into "higher end" stores with lip studs in - service is bad, insulting, zero. I walk in in my work clothes - everyone is nice and helpful. Hmm. Not nice - think about it before you judge (not aimed at anyone in particular!).
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  12. TBPA

    TBPA Well-known Member

    I think tattoo's are pretty acepted now but then that just about negats the whole reason for getting one ;). I often thought I might like one but never found anything that I felt was unique enough and now so many people have them I am content to stay bare.

    I do have an interesting hole in my arm where I can put an earing through to freak people out but that is more the result of my attemp at buck jumping at two years old than an actual piercing.
  13. Gemgem

    Gemgem Well-known Member

    I'm not really sure why exactly, but branding appeals to me. Its something I've wanted done for years and will get it one day, although after looking at some of the photos online, perhaps the top of my foot isnt such a great place to get it, Im not sure if there is enough flesh between the surface and the bones. Maybe I will get it on my ankle instead.
  14. LAURAmay

    LAURAmay Well-known Member

    you forgot the 'eagle into a budgie' sharaway!
  15. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    And don't they all head south?

  16. hehehe*#) old age and gravity!*#) hehehe;) not a pretty thought!*#)
  17. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    these are a couple of mine,and im getting some dragon flys on the back of my neck very soon...:)

  18. CCDC

    CCDC Well-known Member

    I love the horse on your right shoulder Mineees!!
  19. Totally andie and standie

    Totally andie and standie Well-known Member

    Hi all,
    In this thread i think people should keep there opinions to themselves and just enjoy peoples stories and pictures of there tattoos!! **)

    Well anyway i am hoping to find a picture or design to have as a tattoo!!
    Any Ideas???
    I want it to atleast express my passion for horses and my two horses Viento and Darcy!!

    My friend has an awsum tattoo that are on both her shoulder blades! The one on the left is a blue unicorn rearing up and underneath has a banner that says her little boys name and on the right it has a pink rearing unicorn with a banner underneath with her little girls name!! Both rearing at each other!
    I love it and it truely expresses her passion for her horses and kids :)*

  20. Jez

    Jez Gold Member

    Speak for yourself lol! Not necessarily, depends on how you take care of your body and genetics ;)

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