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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Brew, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Lin

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    Have you had this confirmed, DH? The way I read the Recreational membership it doesn't give you access to any competition run by EWA affiliated clubs. The Senior membership lets you enter EWA affiliated and official comps, the Associate EWA non-graded events but the Recreational is silent. This suggests to me that you couldn't go to anything run by an EWA afffiiate club?

    Be good to get some clarification on this as $205 for the recreational membership is good value and could be ab option for a lot of our members.
  2. Double Helix

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    I am still trying to get "absolute" clarification but have a couple of correspondence's with EWA that suggest you can enter unofficial / training days, clinics... They are just still using language that I am not 100% confident accepting, typical bureaucracy #(
  3. JustJam

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    Lin, I think that is what Double Helix said:

  4. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    So why have HBF then? If you can get covered for everything with AON?

    I thought AON did some special kind of horse-related stuff, which is why all the horse clubs are with them.

    I don't have full private health cover because i can't afford it. I do have life insurance. And I have essentials cover through HBF. That's all i can afford. I don't compete, and don't imagin i will anytime soon. But i would like to be covered for horse-related stuff.
    So would i be able to just get insurance through AON for everything (essentials like dental etc, life, and horse stuff)?

    And if the answer is 'yes', then i ask again, why do people have HBF (or whatever) when they can get everything through AON?
    Is it just for the 'gap'?

    And why would you consider getting AON insurance yourself, when you are a member of whatever club, and part of the membership fee insurance?
  5. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    I don't think you are reading things fully, Cornflower.

    AON is an insurance broker that seems to specialise in putting together insurance packages for horse-related activities.

    HBF, life insurance, accident/income protection insurance and so are obviously policies that you can buy off any number of companies and which are not tied to any particular type of activity.

    So, why have HBF? So you can be covered for private hospital and all sorts of ancillary services like dental, optical and so on.

    I'm sure AON, as an insurance broker, could come up with a policy that does anything you want. Depends on how much you want to pay.

    And why get AON insurance yourself when you are a member of a club? Because, and this has been stated about umpteen times now, the cover you get by being a member of a club is for public liability. It covers the Club running the event for negligence claims, injury and property damage done by your participation in their event. It is not personal accident and personal liability cover for you, this only comes from being a direct member of the EWA (or Showhorse Council).
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  6. Heifer

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    Yes, what Lin said. AON (unless you get a special privatly obtained policy) won't cover you for a car accident or falling down the stairs, or for dental, obtical etc. I have HBF for the every day medical costs and AON for the horse-related accidents.
  7. It really gives me the 'you know whats' that EWA are dictating to affiliated clubs that they cannot offer Day Memberships, when some clubs may not even be insured with EWA!!! If a club has insurance that allows Day Memberships then they should be allowed to offer it at ALL comps, regardless of whether they are affiliated with EWA or not. Legally, club constitutions have to meet DOCEP regulations, not those stipulated by EWA.
  8. Cornflower

    Cornflower Well-known Member

    Lin, i'm sorry if i'm asking you to repeat what's already been said. I just need to understand things.
    As i said, i'm not a member of any club, so for me, i'm only looking for myself as a pleasure rider.
    And as i do not have full private hospital cover, as i horse rider, i'm just trying to understand what may be best for me.
    Thank you, i do understand it more clearly now.
  9. Ive checked and the PCAWA insurance policy actually states it covers anyone between the ages of 5 and 80! This covers all of the committee members, coaches, instructors, riders, etc at clubs who get their insurance through the PCAWA.

    PCAWA also have an 'annual day membership' form on their website that allows you to join the association directly for $40/year, which covers you for public liability at all pony club events. I assume this also means all pony club-run events like gymkhanas, hack shows, training days, etc. Would be good if this could be clarified as it is dirt cheap, and another alternative for disgruntled EWA members who are not interested in the personal liability insurance.
  10. showhorsewa

    showhorsewa New Member

    THIS is what the cost hike is all about. Do you actually read the email blasts? Do you get involved in the organisation that you are a member of? The SEC is a bottomless money pit that we as members cannot sustain. YOU, the members, TELL and TOLD EWA for as many years as I can remember that you dont want to lose control of the SEC.

    Make up your minds members
  11. showhorsewa

    showhorsewa New Member

    Your call

    Its your call, you tell them that you want cheaper membership and the SEC goes. In my opinion its a huge money sucker, that we (EWA members) don't own nowand will never own, the land belongs to the shire, so you can all have a brick and a bit of tin when the lease runs out. It's been a burden on EWA for a long time now. EWA SHOULD be about running our sport. Sadly, much time is taken up running the venue. It's a great venue and would be sad to hand it over but at the end of the day, that's what our membership money hike is going to support. AND I reitterate, the majority of members raise arms when asked, whether to keep or lose the venue.

    Just for the record, EWA is the official state office for EA events, you can go for your life starting another body to compete, but you wont get rights to any official events
  12. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Wow. I feel like that should have had 'ner ner na ner nerr' added to the end of that.
  13. showhorsewa

    showhorsewa New Member

    Not at all, but geez get a grip people

    My name is Joanne Bastian, I have been a EWA vollie since 2004 which is relatively short compared to lots of other people. My email address is, my phone number is 9296 0441, I have put this here before. If you have a genuine gripe, let me know.

    If you want to be part of the solution, stop being part of the problem, stop hiding behind user names on stockyard, who are you? Not you, but all of you.. you are all very vocal when it comes to this forum. Who went to the AGM to state their opinion as a member?

    It's so easy to type stuff into a forum, it takes a true volunteer to make a difference. Our sport relies SO heavily on volunteers and.... food for thought again.... what happens to the sport when the exiting volunteer committee member leaves with all the information because they are too precious to hand it over???

  14. pso

    pso Gold Member

    This aimed at me personally (given that you quoted me)- or at members in general??

    -I know the SEC is the reason for the cost hike...I know this it the reason it costs 59% more to join here than in NSW for example- who dont have a EA run facility...
    -yes I read the email blasts (but I know many dont due to spam content also sent out)
    -yes- I am involved LOL- but never again after this year...another vollie never coming back...;)
    -I dont recall members ever being given a choice???
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  15. JustJam

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    Good morning Jo - And welcome to Stockies :)

    No one is hiding here Jo.... if we did the '6 steps of separation', my bet it that we would get to 3 steps and realise that we pretty much all know each other - in the flesh! lol

    My name is Sue Barber, and my mobile number is 0428 738 859.

    I'm just going to chuck a few comments out there for you...

    - I think that you will find that many Stockies have a lot of time (and sympathy!) for the volunteers - and many have volunteered themselves in different capacities.

    - Many Stockies have contacted EWA regarding issues raised here and elsewhere - with no response forthcoming. I emailed them three times without reply. On the otherhand, EA has replied to my emailed queries in a timely and informative manner.

    - It was a little hard for many to attend the last AGM as members... seeing as many would not/could not justify the cost of joining for 6 months (see next point)

    - Many members paid the joining fee... not realising it was only for 6 months! Heck, I nearly did it! The renewal forms which came in the mail, and on the web-site, indicated the renewal was for one year - somewhat misleading! lol) (This was a point I emailed the EWA to clarify... no response! lol)

    - There is a lot more to this, than this and the other current thread... people would not be even thinking of creating another 'organisation' if they were comfortable with the communication and running of EWA.

    We are just a small group of horsey people who are a little upset and fed-up of being rail-roaded by, as you pointed out, the only "official state office for EA events" ';' (I' pretty sure the word ''Extortion' was thrown out there, more than once!)

    This is a discussion forum... and as this topic is a little 'hot' at the moment, it is getting discussed! lol :D


    Edit: Good morning pso! lol
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  16. Merlin

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    Great Jo that you came on here and said your piece for EWA**)

    I said previously about the "griping" and was shot down for it, when you have a "bandwaggon" of angry punters after blood a "self absorbed, snarcky bitch" like me rubbed salt into the wounds.

    Your dead right that ALOT of people hide behind their avatars, some might know who some are, I wouldn't know most if I tripped over them in the street!!!!

    Im Claire Hills-Foufas and am NOT a "griper" nor am I a "self absorbed, snarky bitch" I speak my mind and never follow the masses like a sheep to the slaughter;)
  17. Heifer

    Heifer Gold Member


    Is there a problem with discussion a massive issue (such as our state body driving members away through unprofessional behaviour and increasingly rising cost? Seriously, how could the last 6months ahve been twice as expensive as the following 6months???). This IS a discussion forum. And a horsey one at that, so what is wrong with discussing an issue that so many people are feeling very annoyed about?

    I dont think anyone wants to see EWA die, but when members feel they are not being communicated with properly, listened to (communication is a 2 way street), and are being backed into a membership corner (the cancellation of day membership, you cant tell me that wasnt to try and get more people to HAVE to join), it makes sense that discussions would start as to what can be done away from the EWA.:}

    Are the EWA not worried that long time members, and serious competitors, are either not currently members or are questioning whether they should remain members? I know quite a few who did not join these last 6 months.

    Raising costs to try and prevent a deficit will not work if membership numbers drop, and/or dont continue to rise at the same or greater rate. This is a pretty basic concept.

    I agree that the price hike for 2011 has not been as great as was perhaps expected after the 2010 stunt... This is a good thing and perhaps is the result of EWA listening? ';' But this thread was started BEFORE Ewa had given any indication as to what the new fee structure would be, and time was sure ticking along.

    So do not shut down people (who have freedom of speech in this country) for wanting to discuss the future of horse sports and memberships. Some good could even come from it that could perhaps improve things for EWA financially.

    Heather Woodley 0417500631
  18. retroremedy

    retroremedy Well-known Member

    hmmm yes apparently it is easy typing stuff on a forum.....nothing like having a go at an individual on a discussion forum :confused:

    If people are complaining on discussion forums yet not coming forward via the formal communication pathways or volunteers are quitting and taking information with means there is conflict and problems within an organisation.....and that conflict needs to be resolved and I hope the leadership recognises this and makes it a priority to take the lead in fostering greater harmony between all parties, as it doesnt matter who is supposedly whinging, who is supposedly being precious as any type of change (and EWA has instigated LOTS) needs to be managed carefully.
  19. IPPH

    IPPH New Member

    Jo, sorry to say but when complaints are ignored and letters/emails not responded to, people do get a bit PO'ed ;)

    As to 'hiding' behind a forum name ... no offence but there are some serious wackos out there that I do not want knowing my name and phone number lol. This is the 'world wide web', not the 'WA equestrian industry web'. I have enough enemies locally, don't need anymore *#):p

    Have tried the personal touch ... didn't get me very far ... I don't have time to go to AGM's these days ... trying to run a business and train/compete two horses.

    I would like the see the SEC seriously overhauled if the EWA are going to continue pumping my/our money into it - it is certainly not what it used to be.

    All I ask for is a decent grass surface outdoors that my showjumper won't do another tendon on :( and some bluemetal to replace the dust and rocks and boggy spots where we are parking floats and loading/unloading our horses.

    For close on 400 bucks PA, I don't think that that is too much to ask.

    Otherwise I simply shan't ride or compete there anymore ... just not worth the drive.
  20. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    As far as I am aware a person over the age of 25 cannot join PCAWA as a riding member.

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