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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by cathnrob, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. racehorsemad

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    A crack with the whip on the bum does the trick if they turn their bum to you, just make sure that you are far enough away that they can't kick you when you do give them a crack. They usually learn the first time not to be rude. Overall I think its the kindest way, as you usually have to only do it once, instead of constantly chasing and scaring the horse every feed time :)
  2. Diana

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    I'd just give them a crack on the butt with poly pipe or a lunge whip - horses in a herd do way more damage in the end and humans are worried about hurting their feelings ';' I don't tolerate horses pointing their butt at me (unless I'm absolutely certain than they're actually asking for a butt scratch...) - it's absolutely rude and the horse has to know it's not on. My yearling got quite the shock when I informed him it was not on with the help of a pitchfork (the NON-pointy bit, obviously - usually would use poly pipe/whip but basically just used the closest thing I had in my hand and a wheelbarrow wasn't really going to help).

    Hasn't pointed his butt since ;)
  3. South Boulder Boy

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    A few years ago we had a very stallion like gelding (as in his overall behaviour, he didn't think he was a boy with mares or anything). His behaviour was at the point where no one was allowed in his yard unless they worked at the stable and were experienced. In winter you'd go to take his top rug off and he'd wait til you unclipped the leg strap and then he'd cow kick out at you. If you moved away (as natural instinct says to) he'd spin and double barrel then chase you out the yard with squeals and leaps. And tying him never helped, hed just break what he could. Well one day I went in there and decided I was goin to fix him once and for all. See if you arrived a whip or anything he was a perfect angel, he knew what it was and what would happen if he was naughty. So I hid a whip up my shirt so as far as he knew I didn't have one. Went in, tied him up and made as if I was going for the leg strap, instead with the hand he couldn't see I pulled out the whip and the second he lifted that leg I cracked him across the ass. And you know what? He never pulled any shit with me again, not even once.

    He was a smart horse though, he knew who he could try it on with. For the boss he was always the best behaved horse you'd find. I remember one day she got off him, put him in the tie ups with out clipping him up and said 'Now dont you dare move' and walked off to put the bridle away. We all watched dumbfounded as he stood stock still til she came back.

    No real point to this post just something this thread made me remember.
  4. Sox12

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    Aslong as your keeping safe thats the main thing, for your mate to just shrug it off, that isn't very good.
    You just have to show the horse your the boss I think.
    would it be worth a try to do some join up with him or something if your going to be looking after him for a while??
  5. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Could do Sox, but Im not really interested, I have handled him in the past, took him to Watkins Horse handlers to get broken in, thats another story. But he's too above me really in riding etc. I use to work in the racehorse stables and never came across a bad manner jobby like him! I have never had to educate them, but if my friend wants me to feed him, Im going with the whip!!:)
  6. corporate pride

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    I had a horse that use to be like that. He almost got me a few times! I did the same as u but with a lunge whip, he was allowed to stand a certain distance away from me and I stop shooing him as soon as he's in the area I want him. He was a very dominant horse, one day he bucked me off over a jump lined me up and double barrelled me in the face. U and ur friend needs to be careful around this horse, I had this horse over a year when this happened. Ur friend needs to get serious or she's gonna get kicked :(
    U done the right thing in my opinion having been there myself.

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