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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by cathnrob, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Ok, well I've been feeding my mates horses while she is away and have had horses in the past so im not a novice but these horses are so in your face! I wave my hands and tell them to back off, the mare isnt so bad she will but the other one will actually turn his back on me and double barrel, which I'm none to happy about.
    Spoke to my mate and she laughed and said he does that with her.:dry: Sorry but that dosent cut it with me. I've started taking my flicky whip down with me and use that on them, not whipping them as such, tapping them and wave it around, there getting better. Probably think I'm a meaney but I dont care.
    Im not scared as I have a Dexter bull who has been trying it on lately, and although disconcerting intially with this animal pawing the ground and getting down on his front legs with his arse in the air and rolling his eyes:blink:
    I thought hang on buddy I'm boss here, so I started waving my arms around and growling and yelling like a banshee and making him run around the yard until he was stuffed and he hasnt tried it since. What do you guys think?
  2. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    If I have to have someone feed my horses, I tie their feedbins to the fence so feed can be tipped over and human kept safe. I would be very upset if someone were waving a whip at my horses or chasing them around :(

    Just keep both you and them safe and let your friend deal with the dangerous horse herself .
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  3. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Hi Wattle, She does know I have been taking the whip down, and is ok with it. I dont chase them around the yard, more to keep them back while I feed them. :)
  4. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    I hate pushy in your face horses but at the same time it's not really your place to be teaching groundwork manners. If you have your mates permission though and they don't mind by all means teach them some space manners but I wouldn't just go ahead and do it with the owners go ahead.

    I'd be incredibly upset if someone was making my horse run around until he was stuffed.
  5. Premier

    Premier Well-known Member

    I think cathanrob is talking about making her Bull run and she just keeps the horse back with a whip
  6. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    Ohhhhh I see. After a second look it does read both ways haha.
  7. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member

    Good onya. I feed a mates horse regularly and there is no way I was gonna allow a big horse to think he could march Into the stable when I was in there. I didn't use a whip but I certainly set some boundaries and now the horse waits until I'm ready for him. I'm not training him, but I am certainly setting some boundaries for safety for when I am there.
  8. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Yeah I was talking about my bull, just re-read my thread, I thought it sounded clear, anyway these horses have no ground manners at all, I have no intent to teach them any, I just take the whip to keep them away while I put the feed in and for my own safety!:) I guess that can be deemed teaching them ground manners to some, but I know there will be no follow up with it, when my friend gets home.';'
  9. South Boulder Boy

    South Boulder Boy Well-known Member

    No by all means set some safety standards! I read it wrong sorry. I read it as you were making him work as well. Sorry that's my bad.
  10. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Thats ok SSB, my thread could sound confusing near the end there! :)
  11. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    Hmmm... maybe I am the worst 'horsey' person in the world, and maybe I am just a biatch, however... if someone asked me to feed their horses then they must trust me (right?) And any horse that I feed (including my own) stays at least 3-5 metres away from me while I put the food in the bin... simple! :dry:

    Yep... they would get a gentle reminder to 'back away' first and then a very firm directive to bugger off!! if they didn't! Particularly if one of the sods had tried the ol' double-barrel action! (Yep and good flick with the whip, yelling, waving a lead rope at them... whatever it took!)

    I don't give a rats whose horse it is I am feeding... this is MY food and MY space until I say otherwise!

    I am not 'training' their horse, I am merely keeping myself safe and being true to MY rules! :D

    Seriously?! Would your mate think it funny if you were in hospital with a concussion?! Broken bones or face?! On life support?! Or dead?! Yep, that's hilarious - Not! :mad:

    With friends like that, I think you need a :hug:
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  12. Noelle

    Noelle Gold Member

    Yep ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ What JJ said. cathnrob, your safety comes first. I guess if the owner doesnt like it then they can do the feed themselves.
  13. NaeNae87

    NaeNae87 Well-known Member

    ^^^^^^^ This!! I whole heartedly agree. I expect my horses to have manners at dinner time, and if they don't my friend who sometimes feeds them has my full permission to tell them off and make them get out of her space.
    One tried the ol' double barrel with me once. Next time at feeding time, I took a dressage whip and as soon as he attempted that again, he got a crack on the butt. That sort of behaviour is not only rude, but it is down right dangerous. I see no problem with you defending your personal space against horses that have no respect.
  14. izzy2512

    izzy2512 Gold Member

    I'd also be pretty upset if my friend asked me to feed their horses knowing that it'd be a dangerous situation ';'

    I agree with JJ. When your safety isn't involved I don't agree with training other peoples horses when not asked, but when it's dangerous you gotta do what you gotta do.
  15. 7notHeaven

    7notHeaven Active Member

    Having been in this situation with someone elses horses I wholeheartedly agree with your reaction CnR. :rolleyes:
    I have done exactly the same thing and would all over again. The difference is horses that charged you with their ears back and then threatened with their rear ends to horses who now wait quietly well out of my personal space with their ears pricked until they are told they can "eat now" and I walk off ;). And yes there was chasing with a whip involved (no contact was neccessary) but who wouldnt want polite safe horses over raging 1 tonne lunatics :eek:
    Maybe since its a friend you could give them a quick crash course in how to gain respect at feed time, especially if you can show them some results? Information and education is precious . . .
  16. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Mate, this horse is a big boy too who has never been broken, both horses are paddock ornaments and have very little handling. One farrier that came out to do there feet left after 5 minutes muttering about uneducated horses and my friend nose was really put out. Duh... I have a farrier who trims my cattles feet and other livestock, alpacas etc and the first time my guys were done he was impressed, how they handled it. Now she wants to use him for her horses. Dont get me wrong these horses are well fed and looked after but have no ground manners at all.
  17. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    CnR - even more reason to keep yourself safe! I'm now thinking poly-pipe! Or better yet, tell your mate you can't feed her horses any more... although I get that that is probably a difficult thing for you to do.

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  18. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    Yes well, she use to get the FIL to do it and she had a falling out with him so now she's asking me, which I dont mind, as up here we all help each other out, but my first time was a eye-opener and have told her I'll be taking the whip with me each time. Like I said previous she didnt mind. I mean my O/H might do it if Im down Perth and he's non horsey so its just not my safety but his and anyone elses as well.
  19. cathnrob

    cathnrob Well-known Member

    PS My O/H came with me and saw for himself, so he knows now what to do, just wave the whip around and keep him away. Once the food is in its fine.
  20. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    CnR, I don't mean to bang on about this (well, actually that's a fib, cos I do! lol :p) however it might be an idea to make sure that you OH knows not to turn his back on these horses even after he has put the feed in the bins... don't take his eyes off them for a second!

    If you OH puts the feed in the bins, and turns to walk away, and just at that point the horse starts to move forward towards the bins, the horse could take it as a sign that he has 'scared' your OH away from the food #(

    The horse might get it into his head to take the matter further and really try to establish his dominance and either charge at your OH or try to 'force' your OH even further way... obviously the consequences could be disastrous :eek:

    Horses that have no respect for people are bloody dangerous... I think we all tend to forget that at times. Even the most well mannered horses, with fantastic ground manners can have lapses of concentration! (I have a broken thumb to attest to that statement! Oops! My bad! *#))

    All the best and take care! :))

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