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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Sophia10, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Sophia10

    Sophia10 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have an Anglo Arabian mare, she is 17yo in 2013, and goes into heat a fair bit.

    As I understand, mares can become quite 'moody' whilst in heat. My mare , Sophia, has a very bad biting habit, and although I do reprimand her each time she even goes to bite, (by giving her a smack (if I can before she takes off) and tying her up to her naughty tree. ) she still tries again, and again.

    Also, she tends to make male horses become very herd bound too her, so much so that a lot of the time, both her and the male horse become stressed if they leave each others sights. We have recently bought a new gelding, and they have 'fallen in love'. He carries on like a stallion around her , and she is itching her tail off on all of the trees, trying to attract his attention. They are not yet paddocked together, as I am going to wait until she is no longer in heat.

    Does anyone have any tips/suggestions to control this behaviour? As even though I can 'live with it', I would love it if we could some how reduce the problem just by a little bit. People have suggested putting her in foal, but we are not really in the position to have this occur.


    ANY help would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. Sophia10

    Sophia10 New Member

    By the way, I am not asking for an 'overnight' cure (if there was one I wouldn't mind it lol) and I understand some methods will take time...
  3. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    I wouldn't put that gelding near her at all. He sounds riggy and his behaviour will continue and he *could* become hard to handle. Sounds like they could get seperation anxiety. I've been through the serperation anxiety thing a few times. I had to seperate my horses to other ends of the property so they wouldn't scream for each other and Barney was the worst, he'd run himself into a sweaty frenzy. Believe me, u wouldn't want it. U can't ride one horse without doing something with the horse left behind. I was lucky enough that my horses can be ridden without acting up its the horse in the paddock that's the problem. I would consult with a vet about the mare or look up herbal remedies. It's all well and good to put the mare in foal (as suggested) but once that foal is born and weaned, the issue might come back. (I know u didn't think of the foal thing)
    Good luck! Try herbal for stress as well for all horses :) try camomile
  4. JustJam

    JustJam Well-known Member

    She tries 'again and again' because your 'reprimand' means nothing to her ';' Trying to smack a nippy horse is pointless and will usually make matters worse... and missing your target even more so! And tying her to a naughty tree... to her, she is just tied to a tree ';'

    Anyhoo... I think your best bet would be to speak with a vet regarding her cycles, and as others have said, herbal remedies can be quite effective if you get the right 'mix'.
  5. kp

    kp Well-known Member

    Altrenogest. Sounds like hormonal behaviour. This will stop her coming into season.
  6. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    As has been said, get her looked at by a reproductive vet to see if there are any hormonal issues.

    What are you generally doing when she goes to bite? Is it when you touch a certain area? Is she sore?

    I have one mare who is not a touchy feely horse at all... she threatens to bite but knows with me she is not allowed. She has bitten a few other people though when they go to rug her so I try to avoid anyone else handling her in that way now :eek:
  7. I would suggest you should start with learning about horse management for starters, because nothing you described your mare and gelding were doing is out of the ordinary.;)
    Horses scratch their bums on trees not to attract attention of the opposite sex but to relieve the itch;). Worm her and the rest and you will see the improvement. Mares DO come in season, it is NATURAL. :)
    How each mare behaves when on heat varies. Drugs are good but the knowledge of herd husbandry is cheaper.:)
    Good luck.
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  8. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Shows how carefully I read it LOL

    As Coliban said that is more likely a sign of worms. If my mares want to get the geldings' attention they are MUCH more obvious that that :p They can be right little tarts and the geldings don't know which way to look :D

    She should only be showing sign of being in season for about 5 days - sometimes more depending on the mare. Then it all starts again 3 weeks later :p
  9. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    My mare won't hide behind a tree to attract a gelding's attention, she downright flaunts it to his face. Poor Rahni :eek:

    As for nipping, my young mare is growing out of this behaviour, but still does it occassionally. She was a lot better after she was spelled with a herd. Although we wanted her to be bottom of the pecking order, she weasled her way to third (about 10 horses all up) but soon learnt that biting an elder was disrespectful.

    You have to become the alpha mare.

    One of my friends has actually acted as if to bite her horse back. He has never tried it again. She can be pretty scary though! Haha.
  10. Nicki

    Nicki Well-known Member

    With the nipping, as has been said, you have to be 'alpha' and watch her like a hawk and be ready to growl at her BEFORE she nips. When you see her move to do it, block her and reprimand with a firm "NO" and push away on the side of the head/muzzle.

    With the being in season all the time, well mares are funny things and I daresay there are people on here more qualified to give advice but I will say my young pony mare when I had her at previous agistment used to be in season what seemed like all the time and was a flirty tart with all the geldings except my other horse who is her half-brother and lives with her. Now that she's on a property with a resident stallion and broodmares (all in separate paddocks obv) she seems to have regulated her cycles and I can even ride her bareback past the stallion's paddock without her batting an eyelash, even if he's running around charging at the fence and showing off.

    Sorry I couldn't be of any help but just wanted to say I understand what it's like with a perpetually horny mare! Good luck with your girl and I hope you find a solution **)
  11. Where is the OP I wonder?';'
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    People do it all the time Coliban - post a question then never return ';'

    (Lucksta is a shocker for doing it - as are a few other regulars! ;) :stir:)

    Maybe Sophia10 will return! :}
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    Sorry, just had someone point out that you mentioned me in here.

    Uhm what threads JJ?? I made a thread yesterday, less than 24 hours ago, and have posted 4 times in there? Sheesh....... not sure what other thread(S) you're talking about ';' :rolleyes:

    Just coz I felt like using it :stir: :stir: :stir:
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    :lol: Sorry Lucksta, honestly didn't mean to get you in a flap! :eek: :hug:

    I just immediately thought of the 'Video of Luck & I jumpin' thread - it just sprang to mind! :D

    Sowwy! :wub:

    As as said.... there are other 'culprits'! ;) :rolleyes:
  15. samgard

    samgard New Member

    As others have said, tying to the tree means nothing to your horse - they just dont have that type of cognitive ability. I suggest the following:
    1. Get her reproductive system checked out at the vet, I had a mare that was behaving oddly one year and it was due (I think) to a retained corpus luteum (sorry about the spelling). Once that was dealt with (with hormone injection) she was fine.

    2. Re-establish your rank as head mare. She wouldnt dare to have a go at the head mare in a herd situation and the nipping ties into her asserting her dominance. As she is unable to determine who is the head mare at all times, it becomes quite confusing for her and can make some mares (and geldings for that matter) cranky as they are unable to work out where they are situated in the heirachy. Make sure that when you go to her paddock she comes to you, she should "face up" as soon as she sees you arrive and then walk over to you. If she doesnt know how to face up, check out Parellis 7 games (you should do this anyhow as each game teaches good leadership and control). Once she has caught you and you have her halter on, ask her to back up a few steps. This is also what you should do if she is waiting at the gate for you when you go to get her. The rule is whoever moves their feet first loses, so she must move her feet and not you. This also applies for handling on the ground in al situations, never step out of her space, she must step out of yours - hold your ground.
    When you put her feed in, make her back out of the way but remain watching you at all times, while you "eat first". She mustnt turn away but remain faced up showing the same respect she would for the head mare. If she goes to nip - kick out like the head mare would and if she doesnt get back out of your space - drive her back a few steps. If she turns her butt toward you (at any time) without you expressly having askeed for it, face her up - its not on (and prevents injury from kicks etc.)

    3. I would have at least 3 horses together rather than 2 so there is less problems with removing 1 from the "herd"

    Hope this helps, sorry its turned into an essay!

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