Myalup Pines

Discussion in 'Training Horses' started by milo, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. milo

    milo New Member

    was wondering if there is a right or wrong time to go for a ride at Myalup, I have been on Sundays with a few others, but would like to go solo one day. Do professional trainers use the tracks?
  2. milo

    milo New Member

    I take it there are no stockies around this neck of the woods :D
  3. Fe

    Fe Well-known Member

    Hi milo. Not sure on the best times, I have not ridden out there. Just watch the motor bikes. I work in benger.
  4. annie

    annie Active Member

    We did an endurance ride out there last Saturday from the brewery and didn't see anyone else out there all day if that's any help
  5. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    Sorry, I can not help answer your question, but can I please ask where you park your float to ride there, as I live not too far away and would like to go for a ride there sometime?

    Is it sandy or rocky terrain?

    I am always looking for new places to ride out, and if you would like a riding buddy, perhaps we could meet up sometime.:)*
  6. milo

    milo New Member


    Hi Deb
    the roads run on a square block which are pretty firm limestone, but the other roads that cross are quite sandy, if you park on the limestone road on the corner then you can go north south east and west for about a kilometre each direction and still see your car and float. hope I make sense and pm me of you feel like going for a ride.
  7. Deb2

    Deb2 Guest

    Thanks Milo.:)*

    Are you able to let me know the name of the road I go down to get to the parking area please?

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