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Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by Jessi, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. Jessi

    Jessi New Member

    The problem with my horse is he's perfect! He hasn't done anything wrong and I don't think he ever will. He has no vices, its really annoying, everyones like hey whats your horses vices and I tell them he has none and they give me a load of sh!t about no horse being perfect, but I think mine is. Actually there is one vice. He looses weight heaps quickly. That is easily overcome though.
  2. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Jess dw bout it! You should be proud! Be happy that you can just jump on and have a great time "laugh and enjoy the ride" my last horse I owned with terror, wouldn't dair speak a word on her back. Confined to a certain place to ride couldn't go out...If your horse has no vices GREAT! good on ya! You've got the best kind of horse anyone could ever have and don't let people tell you otherwise :-D...

  3. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    Wow, you are very lucky.
    People have different degree's of tolerance for things they see as a problem.
    Somepeople believe to the extent that if a horse moves one hoof whilst being saddled up is a vice (i looked at a horse on sunday, part clydie, who was a burnt out show jumper, and the previous owner had tethered this horse whilst saddling so it wouldnt even pick up a hoof), other people are quite happy for the horse to move around a little as long is in moderation.

    you are very lucky that you can be happy and content with your horse. It is the ultimate dream to both be happy, and you have reached an outcome, that many other riders spend years of training to achieve. Dont look apon this as a problem, just a wonderful achievement.

  4. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Hi Beccy,

    Are you looking at buying a horse are you? Or where you literally just looking at a horse (if that makes sense?)

  5. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    No wasnt looking at it to buy, just looking at a friend of a friends horse which had been at one of those stables is back and has been absolutely cooked from too much jumping

  6. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Poor Bugger...

    What's happening to him now? Lots of rest and relaxation, light riding? How badly cooked is he?

    Love the clydie x's - hope he will be okay.

  7. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    She wont jump, not even a poll. She has been out in pasture for a while, and they are considering putting her back into work, but not sure if she is ready.
    The problem was (being a clydie, connie x ) she wasnt as fast, so she got hammered with jump off training to get super fast at turning and only that daily. Up to 2 hours of simply figure 8 over one jump. as well as the occasional belt for not being fast enough.
    The sad thing is the owner didnt know what training was being used, so he was still paying them to train the poor horse.

  8. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    oh gggeeeezzz that is just plain awful....

    Is the owner going persue this matter of the SJ trainer 'burning' out his horse with cruel training methods further....?

    Good Luck with her...

  9. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    no, the trainer is now in Melbourne atm.

  10. Denny

    Denny Well-known Member


    What area did you go to to look at this horse......... Sounds like a I might know..
  11. beccy

    beccy Well-known Member

    swan view/hern hill/red hill type area. im not sure what it is called, but it is near toodyay road


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