My Friends pony, Bucking down hill!!

Discussion in 'Problem Horses' started by luckyboy22, May 15, 2012.

  1. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    My friends pony, Jack, is a lovely trail riding pony, but he bucks going down hill!!
    Her mum bought a Cropper (the tail part that attaches to the saddle)
    to keep it from slipping forward, but he still does it!! Any suggestions??
    We go down quite steep hills. He only just started doing it!! #(
  2. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    trouble walking downhill can be a sign of sacro issues. I would suggest getting somebody experience to check his back and if anything found a vet would be next port of call. Its not ususal for a pony to 'suddenly' start doing anything like this.
  3. Go the Distance

    Go the Distance Well-known Member

    He is sore. Coda Cowgirl is right. Until she sorts it out your friend shouldn't ride him. When it is sorted out and she starts riding him she should get off him and lead him down the hills. It is hard work for the pony to carry her down the hill and his muscles need to heal and become stronger before he can do this.

    He is not being naughty, he is in pain:(.
  4. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Whats sacro?? He doesn't seem to have anything wrong with his back, he walkes down little hills, but about half-way down a steep one he does a little buck, and starts to pig-root.
  5. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    the sacrum is the part of the back bone that the pelvis (Or ilium) connects to.
    Probles with that joint are called sacro-iliac injuries.

    They are very difficult to treat for someone who has no training.
    The other thing I was wondering is the pony sore behind the shoulderblades.
    The added pressure of gravity in a hill may be causing pain.

    Definately time to get a professional out to have a look at find out what the trouble is before it becomes a dangerous habit.
  6. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Yeah could be!! My friends mum, said it might be pinching him, because the saddle slips forward, thats why we got a copper. I will tell them that when I see them!! My friend loves her pony soo much!! Even though he is snotty, and kicked a very sweet horse, and nearly caused him to break his leg!! Thanks!!
  7. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    I think you may mean crupper?

    Has the saddle been fitted?

    I'd suggest getting a horse chiro/body worker or at least a vet out to have a look at the horse.

    Also, the horse probably doesn't see the other horse as "very sweet" - horses don't think like that. It was probably a matter of whether the other horse is in it's space or bugging it for whatever reason.
  8. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Yeah sorry!
    No it hasn't. Its a Stock Saddle, My mum had stock saddle and our horses hated them, so that may be why.
    Yeah, a Chiro might help, but their mum is super busy, and always working, and right now is not a good time to ask her to spend more money. The other horse, was just getting brushed and rugged daily, so, he Cornered him and kicked him, constantly, and at the very end, he did a small kick, and got his leg through the fence, nearly broken. He isnt a dominant horse at all, never kicks, just lets other horses boss him around.
  9. celestialdancer

    celestialdancer Gold Member

    I'm sorry, but no.

    1. If the horse is sore, no matter what the cost, it is the owners responsibility to pay the fee to get the horse fixed. If you rolled your ankle and went to the doctors, your mum would pay for the appointment, same with this pony. If it needs seeing to, then it needs to be done. No matter what the cost.

    2. Horses don't just attack other horses for no reason, it would have been provoked, the human eye just wouldn't have picked it up.

    3. All saddles should be fitted to the pony, and if funds are limited then an experienced horse person should at least run an eye/hand over it to spot anything majorly wrong with the fit of the saddle.

    4. Did the buck/pig rooting happen before the crupper was used?
  10. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    If you need a crupper then saddle isnt fitted properly, and yes I do know how nearly impossible little round ponies are too fit. The saddle may be slipping forward when going down hill and going over his shoulders and therefore pulling on the crupper...OR he could be doing it just because he can';'

    Next to impossible IMO to diagnose without seeing the pony and the saddle';'
  11. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Yep! Thats why they got the cupper!!
  12. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    I reckon it's the saddle pulling the crupper and don't underestimate what a crupper pinching will do to a pony. I have seen a quiet pony buck to billy o when the crupper pinched her. The downward motion causes the saddle to slip forward and pull the crupper. I would be looking at getting a saddle that fits, so u don't have to use a crupper.
  13. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    He didnt buck before, but then he just started bucking, so then they got the Cupper!!
  14. Diana

    Diana Gold Member


    To me it sounds like he's in pain and the crupper/lack of crupper isn't really the issue.

    I'd definitely urge them to get a vet out to check his sacro area - not just a small animal vet but a large animal (at the very least!!!) or equine vet. The sacro area is behind the saddle. It's a very weak area, so it's pretty important to look after it.
  15. luckyboy22

    luckyboy22 Well-known Member

    Okay! I will talk to them this weekend.
    Will they have to give him a break??? They only ride once a fortnight.

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