My bestfriend is getting really clingy and jealous

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Smiles2k9, Jun 16, 2015.

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    So she's really annoying me because yes we are bestfriends but she expects me to come out every single day but I'm a year above her in school I have all my exams and need to study for them and sometimes when she asks me to come out I say I can't sorry I'm studying I'll be out tommrow or something then she starts a big argument every time and goes you always lie and your making it up and I'm like stop your getting so clingy and when my family ask me to do something she starts shouting at me and she's like I asked you first and I'm like this isn't a competition and then there's my other friends I feel like I can't even see them because of her but she has to understand we go out every day and do the exact same thing it's not a big deal if I go out with my friends or family one day plus every time my nephew or niece comes she's like omg they're always there just come out and leave them and everything then I'm like no and she starts another big argument with me saying I leave her and I'm lying and I'm sick of it how do I tell her I love her but she's way to cling and jelous in a nice way

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