My 8 year old daughter has OCD (help)

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by paula223, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Hey Deb :)
    well i had to let Celine on earlier because she was having an extra few hrs cos its weekend lol,so she decided to come and leave a little message as i have told her about everyone on here leaving her good wishes :)
    Also the book she got today from Bindi (EVP) omg Debs its the best book ever for children with OCD really does go through it all,and it also has blank bits in it for Celine to draw the way she thinks this OCD looks etc.
    Also explains to parents aswell,so im well chuft with it,and the Kindness of Bindi to go to all the trouble to send it from NSW :)
    She is now in bed as she has had a very busy day today,with going to the clinic,calling to see two of her mates,then my son bless him took her with him so she could watch him play indoor soccer with his mates at Aqua Jetti,then he took her to Hungry Jacks for a treat as she doesnt get to go to these fast food places much lol
    So yeh today has been a Lovely day,also clinic said she has done well enough to go back to school Tuesday **)
  2. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Okkies Celine is going back to school today :)
    he wasnt at all happy this morning,but after sitting her down and having a little chat,we both decided we would go on a picnic after school :eek::eek:
    Lets just hope this rain holds of lmao
    I am not a Big Fan of getting peed wet through :(
    But hey a promise is a promise hey!!!!
    Well we got into school and her class mates where all pleased to see her :)
    So then she had a huge smile on her face.
    I am hoping she had a Great Day **)
  3. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    Fingers crossed it all goes well!
    If you fancy a paddle in the mud, bring her over to se Indy and Minty. They're enjoying wallowing and not being ridden much atm. Minty is completely feral - bless him!

    Enjoy your picnic :))
  4. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    lmao thanks Paula,think im probably more ferrel tan your two at the moment!!!! :p
    Hope she has a good day,but i swear im not looking forward to going out later;)
  5. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Hi Paula & Celine!!

    I'm so glad you liked the book, it took so long to arrive I kept tracking it and all it said was 'in transit'....I was very impatient! And then to have to re-post it over to WA......we really don't realise how big our world is until we have to post something.

    Well now I know you like Beanies you better watch the post again......:)*
    I like them too!

    You just might end up with a whole fluffy zoo!

    Sending long distance hugs,

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  6. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Hey be brave suck it up and get on with it lol i will be sitting in front of the fire thinking of you lol I will take a rain check on that pommy hug till after when you not so feral.. Have fun mate your doing a great job...
  7. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Bumping up to see how picnic went??
  8. SanTann

    SanTann Well-known Member

    im so sorry to hear, best of luck with everything:)
  9. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    you BETTER NOT be sending anything else!!!
    Your book and the money you also sent was way more than you should of sent!!!
    Even though i am more than Greatfull & Celine thinks you are an Angel :)
    Now i know not to tell you what Celine likes lol
    She has just read this with a big smile on her face :)
    Thankyou again Bindi you are an Angel,hope you have a great night **)
  10. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    OMG lmao i hope you got your bloody feet burnt!!!! blahhhhhhhahahaha thanks for thinking of me :p
  11. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Well just to let you know,Celine and i and her mate & her mates sister roflmao ended up going for this little picnic!!!!!
    Oh what a good mummy i was today :)
    We saw her friend in Coles while getting our bits,so Celine is like oh mum can my friend come? so i ended up asking her friends mum(whom i dont know lol as i dont really see her at school)
    So i said i would pick her up on the way to picnic lmao,turned out to be a really nice afternoon,and her friends mum was Lovely.
    So came home put Celine in bath,and she is of to bed in 10/15 mins
  12. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    That's fantastic that she got to go back to school today!!

    Hope she ejoyed the picnic too :)
  13. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Oh Paula you are doing such a great job....and hey its what we do isn't it....?even when we can't do much else we can still be the mummy. And you know what, sometimes it's all that is needed.
    My kids at 26, 23 & 20 still tell me that there are so many times that they need 'their mum'....harder for the 20 yr old cause he's a boy and has had 3 mums all his
    And its that dependance and having that responsibility that sometimes is so draining for us.....we just want to bandaid everything and when we can't or its taking longer we find it really tough. We get that "I wish it was me" thing happening because we can't fix it.

    I know when the easier times are with you, you feel good and then when it hits the fan you are miserable......its like we totally revolve around our kids like the earth goes around the sun. When they're good, we're good.

    There are going to be more rocky patches....such as life is.....but you'll come throught have so far and I think you are marvellous. Surely the worst of it, the not knowing, the uncertainty of where to get help and diagnosis, is all over....and now you will coast along with only small speed bumps.

    Too late.............its in the post................sweet girls deserve treats even from strangers (well nice good normal strangers that is....ahahaha)

    Hugs all round
  14. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    OMG Bindi you are so Naughty!!!!
    My Celine is loving all this fuss lol,but serious you are One Lovely Lady :)
    And i know no matter how much i tell you off you are NOT going to listen to me :p
    Well i reckon your 3 Kiddies (even though they are older lol)there still our babies!! as my other 2( Arron 21 Nov),and Lois who just turned 17,there still my babies.
    And yes we do try or best to protect them and they are our Life so nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to them.
    I definetly would take there pain and any problams they ever endure,its my job as a mother to look after them :)
    In fact they make my life worth living,the ups and the downs :)
    But in return they shower me with Love,laughter,Humour and i definetly would be Lost without them.
    Celine is a real Fighter,after what she has been through,especially ICU
    She can get through anything **) And such an imagination she has lol,she really cracks me up sometimes with the things she comes out with.
    All the doctors & nurses told me she has left a lasting impression on them all and what a bright clever girl she is.
    So i reckon she was sent from up above for me to look after!!
    Bindi you are one Lovely Lady **)
  15. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Gawd Paula hush with the lovely lady stuff........don't you know I'm a big bad ogre!!

    I thought of you while I was doing sons lunch this morning....packing his 5 star dinner for on site. Left over chicken and veges in nice containers for him to heat up, crusty roll, yogurt and chocolate OH just shakes his head.....I get up get his cereal out, make his mobile coffee mug up, put his vitamins and tabs out with juice and line his work boots up at the door.

    He's our last at home full-time. And I love doing it. I dread the expty nest thing happening.......and so wish I could have had 6 kids instead of just 3.
  16. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    lmao at the Ogar!!!!
    And i know exactly what you mean about once they all up and go :(
    My son is 21 now and the only reason he is still at home is cos he couldnt really afford a morgage right now lol
    He is joining the police force so has been through most of his stuff now :) just did his beta test (sp) think it was called lol,and he had to do his fitness test which up to now has passed all so im very proud of him,Lois has been offered her apprentice where she is doing hairdressing just up our road,so yeh they got to stay here!!!
    Dont ya just Love being needed hahahaha
    Well Celine had a little unsettling morning as she really doesnt like school she has told me,and she had to have a bath at 8.20am this morning so you can imagine our lovely morning,me running around like a blue arse fly :)
    Then at 8.55 she realizes she has Indonasion (sp) Which she absolutly Loves,so it was all rush rush :)
  17. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

  18. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    This is the tunei would listen to on our drive home from hospital wen Celine was is ICU
    And i always thought of my little fighter lying there by herself!!
    Well she has got over most of her hurdles so i am the proudest mum right now!!!
    Cant believe how far she has come
  19. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    She certainly has come far and it a short time really as well.

    Remember to take me up on the invite.
  20. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Simbin how could i not lol,i definetly will be doing mate :) thanks a million **)

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