My 8 year old daughter has OCD (help)

Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by paula223, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Anyone got any info on this horrible thing ocd!!!
    My poor daughter is only 8 nearly 9,she is continually washing her hands,to the point they are red raw and sore.
    This morning alone in the last 5mins she has washed them.
    She thinks she will pass her germs on to everyone :( got to go through my doctor now to get her into Princess Margarets Hospital so she can go see a child cant spell it :(
    I am so upset to see my happy go lucky little girl change to this really sad anxious child,in just 3 months :(
    Last night was so bad i was sat crying just dont know what to do,as she has to have her pjs put in certain place,knickers & socks have to be left in dryer so she knows they are clean,wont use my towels in wash cupboard unless she watches me wash and put in dryer,if she thinks she has been on toilet and not dried proper has to get changed etc etc the list just goes on and on.
    My O/H has had to go doctors with the stress of it all,and it is really depressing us as we dont know what to do.
    If we feel this bad,gawd only knows how she must be feeling.
    My O/H has just rang me to say he has rang doctors and actually spoke to him and he is on phone to the hospital now.
    O/H has been in to his boss and has been crying(which is not like him)just frustrated to see our youngest like this :(
    Sorry but just has to chat to someone on here :(
  2. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Awww paula thats awful. Its really hard when your child develops any type of disorder. I know my daughter has several.

    You feel so helpless and lost. You seem to be doing the right things. I would have advised going to see your GP and/or PMH.

    The staff at PMH in that department are absolutely wonderful.

    PM me for my msn if you want to chat further.

    Lots of Hugs

  3. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    i would try to get her up to pmh do you need to see your doc first??? hugs it must be so hard
  4. Cornish Pixie

    Cornish Pixie Active Member

    Bless you Paula - sorry you are going through this with your daughter at such a young age - cant even begin to imagine what it must be like.

    Take hope that PMH are fantastic, the child psychologists there will help your daughter and you through this. It doesnt help I suppose at the moment with all the media hype around about swine flu.

    Hugs to you and your family x
  5. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Thank alot mates :)
    We emergrated from UK 5yrs now,and Celine has had so much bad luck :(
    In the first 2 yrs she was in and out of hospital with cant spell it soz,but she ended up having so many allergic reactions to different foods,had to have the eppi pen injected and steroids.
    Christmas day 2 yrs ago we had just had our Christmas dinner,about 5 or 10mins later she was complaining of not feeling to good,next thing she turned round her mouth swollen,red raw all over then she collapsed in my arms!!!
    I was screaming to my O/H get the ambulance!!! it felt like they took forever but they didnt they got here real quick and took us straight to Fremantle.
    She had at least another 8 attacks.
    She now cannot have chicken,blueberry,turkey,rosemarry,mayo, poo theres alsorts.
    Anyhow now we have this ocd,i just feel so drained right know with all the worry.
    Sorry guys but i am usually happy and always say there are worse things but right now im at a loss.
    I was told because of her anxiaty it would be best for our doc to get her straight in rather than having to sit and wait for however long.
  6. samm

    samm Gold Member

    Paula I really feel for you and Celine.It must be very miserable for you both.
    Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.
    Good luck .
  7. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Thanks alot Samm :(
    It is something i have NEVER gone through and geez i feel for anyone in this situation as it is just the most upsetting and frustrating situation ever.
    I am now worried about my O/H as he isnt coping at all :(
    My full family think i cope with everything!!! But Poo if only they knew i could just curl up into a ball
  8. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    why not call PMH and see what they say, might just help you a litle bit, go and have a nice relaxing bath and a big bowl of icecream, choc and all things yum.
  9. abararka

    abararka Well-known Member

    awww paula, i'm so sorry to hear this. anxiety is so hard to live with whether you're the person experiencing it or watching a loved one go through it.

    plan of action-
    1. she needs to see a doctor. the doc will do a very broad psychological test to determine what state of mind she is in and how bad it is (this is a VERY broad questionare).

    2. medication is usually the option that is offered next by the doctor. the medication WON'T eliminate the anxiety or the OCD but it will help her to cope a lot better until she can sort whatever the problem is out. the medication literally just helps to balance out the chemical inbalance in the brain that is unbalanced atm, causeing her to have anxiety, etc.

    3. a child psychologist probably wouldn't be a bad idea to combine with the medication. the talking and getting to the root of the problem is what will fix it, not the medication. they all work together. PM me if you would like the number of a GREAT child psychologist down your way, i know a great one in rockingham.

    4. just give her all the support (in anyway shape or form) that she feels she needs. make sure that she's aware that you and your OH are there for her at ALL times, NO MATTER what the problem is. and if she does come to you, no matter how much what she says may hurt you or your OH or you may disagree with it, don't put that on her. be as objective as possible and if you have difficulty giving her advice on something....don't, just listen and then encourage her to come to her own conclusions by asking her questions.

    she can get through this, you all can. it just takes A LOT of time and understanding. PM me if you need any help at all.

  10. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Thankyou so much for listening to me on msn,you definetly have been through it
  11. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Cheers Abararka this is so helpfull,and i will ghet number of you on msn :)
  12. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I've got no advice but I wish you all the best.
    Get onto it now and you might have caught it early enough.

    Please let us know how you go ((((((((HUGS)))))))).
  13. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Thankyou so much everyone for all your kind words :)
    I was at Woolworths last night with Celine,and she had to keep going to the toilet to wash hands,then the last draw i said thats it i cant keep leaving my shopping trolly to go toilets with you to wash your hands,well that was it she was walking round the shop with her hands stuck out,everyone looking at us,shes grunting sort of like wen you get so mad and frustrated!!
    Wen i had earlier asked her to get me the shoppin trolly you should of seen her,it was like this thing is so contaminated i want to just stand there and cry,it was so sad
  14. safs_mum

    safs_mum Well-known Member

    :( I really feel for you and your daughter, I can't imagine how upsetting this must be for you both.

    It sounds like she is lucky to have you as her mum :)

    Big hugs xx
  15. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    ok Safs mum now im crying again :( (but thankyou mate )
    i know im in this for the long run and cant imagine how long this horrible thing could go on for,i am usually a very positive person,but at present i just feel like im on this huge huge road and its just going forever :(
  16. I feel so sorry for you and your family and poor celine :( must be so hard

    But.. My mums OH is one of wa's leading child physchs ;) also quite expensive but I was going to ring him tonight about something else anyway.. I shall have a chat to him and see what he can do !!!
  17. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    Paula I just did a quick google on services available to you and your daughter in WA.

    If you go to and then click on Consumer Health will take you into the mental health area where there are lots of children services that can help you both.

    Here are a few:


    Armadale Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
    Goline House, Echo Road, Mount Nasura WA 6112 Tel: 9391 2455

    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
    Roberts Road, Subiaco WA 6008 Tel: 9340 8373

    Clarkson Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
    77 Renshaw Boulevard, Clarkson WA 6030 Tel: 9304 6200

    Fremantle Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
    Stirling Street Centre, 1 Stirling Street, Fremantle WA 6160 Tel: 9336 3099

    Hillarys Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
    U2/3, Level D, Endeavour Business Centre, 32 Endeavour Road, Hillarys WA 6025 Tel: 9403 1999

    Kalamunda Child and Adolescence Mental Health Service
    1 Warbler Court, High Wycombe WA 6057 Tel: 9454 2698

    Peel and Rockingham/Kwinana Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
    Cnr Clifton & Ameer Streets, Rockingham WA 6168 Tel: 9528 0555

    Swan Valley Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
    36 Railway Parade, Midland WA 6056 Tel: 9250 5777

    Warwick Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
    316 Erindale Road, Warwick WA 6024 Tel: 9448 5544

    223 James St , Northbridge WA 6003 Tel: 9227 4300

    My heart goes out to you, your family and especially your little girl.
    In almost all mental health issues the best thing is early interventions and you are doing that. She's lucky to have you and while things might seem uncertain now, with treatments and support you will all get through it. Just remember to take ALL the help offered and seek out all the services you are entitled to.

    God bless.
  18. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    OM Aly i would be forever Greatfull if you could get me some more info :)
    At least then there might be something at the end of the rainbow for Celine :)
    I have NEVER cried sooo much in my entire life!!!
    Shit i must have done something real bad in my past life to have this thrown at me
  19. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    EVP thankyou so much for going to all this trouble :)
    i just cant stop crying right now!! god only knows if i feel like this,what my poor angel is feeling like.
    Her friends in school are asking her whats arong with her hands
  20. Okay paula :) mum said could u pm me your phone number so she can ring you tonight about it.. Have a chat. Find out abit more then she shall ring the OH

    * I think my mum should make a stockies account :eek: *

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