Murray XC/SJ Training Day 2

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by myyky, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    Does anyone know what the ground is like at Murray, particularly the showjump arena?

    Is it on grass? Is it firm and even?

    Not that I'm fussy or anything :p
  2. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    If its in the ODE SJ arena then its grass.. Last time I looked at it properly (doing SJ crash crew) was summer and it was all right, a few uneven areas (probably where they'd had jumps before) But when I was there for the SJ day a month or so ago it looked quite green and even. So I think its kinda.. average? And grass.
  3. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    Thanks Myyky **)

    I am a bit of a paranoid mother so I might trot down and have a squiz at the grass surface before I enter :p

    Don't want my widdle poppet to hurt himself :p
  4. ashlee

    ashlee Active Member

    yeah i know i should have aye but i sent it in and thought about it later haha oh well :)
  5. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Usually for the training days they have 2 arenas going.. the grassed arena is for the smaller heights and the sand arena is for the higher heights...

    The sand arena is good.. not boggy or soft but not rock hard.. It's nice and large as well :)
  6. cupcake

    cupcake Well-known Member

    Anyone know when the list will be out?

    Want to check if they received my entries?
  7. eventingchild

    eventingchild Well-known Member

    not taking Jackson...Riding two very nice talented babies from Leedale Lodge **)
  8. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    Omg. What does your paddock look like?:p

    And I think the list/draw is out on thurs 21st.
  9. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    Yeah the 21st. I need to make sure my entries were ok as well. I wrote on there to please ring me if there was a problem, and they haven't rung.. I'm gonna ring just to double check anyway.
  10. casperjesse

    casperjesse Well-known Member

    I am going. I am doing 65cm and an 80cm :eek: showjumping rounds. See how I go. Big Coward I am. Xc i will see how I go but would like to challenge myelf and do a few bigger one's.
  11. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    He's not jumping 1.05m in his paddock :p*#)

    My paddocks are currently shocking though pmsl!!! They desperately need harrowing but they are underwater and the tractor would be bogged bahahha. But they are lumpy and awful, can't wait to rip em up :D

    Poppet is grazing down the house area so he doesn't get his tootsies muddy :eek:
  12. Natty and Nell Forever

    Natty and Nell Forever Well-known Member

    Where is the draw going to be posted? :)
  13. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    tomorrow :)*
  14. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    On Ktrials usually :)

    Wouldn't be surprised if it's up tonight.. Murray is always super quick with draws.
  15. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    I can't waitttt for the draw :D Can't believe how close it is now!! :) Slightly excited :p
  16. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    Is it just my computer.. or is Ktrials down?
  17. ClubIgnite

    ClubIgnite Well-known Member

    woops read it as 'when'
  18. Natty and Nell Forever

    Natty and Nell Forever Well-known Member

    hahaha i was going to ask when aswell but i figured it would be sometime next week :)
  19. corporate pride

    corporate pride Well-known Member

    i'll be there. hopefully the truck air tank will be fixed if not maybe hiring a float then. damn tank it over pressuring with air and can't get rid of it long enough.

    this will be the first time out to murray with my new horse i bought before easter :)

    gonna do 65cm sj and xc may try a few small c grade xc jumps, don't wanna jump too high i an all purpose, it wacks me in the butt sometimes, gotta get my jump saddle fitted to barney now that ozzie doesn't jump no more :)
  20. ashlee

    ashlee Active Member

    cant wait for Sunday :D
    Jumped so well Monday & yesterday he just keeps getting better & better!

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