mundi auctions this weekend

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by tazzie13, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. RPM

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    In the past I would never have brought from the mundi sales but on Sunday we fell for a little Welsh A filly that was there, damn she caught my mums and my eye. She is well bred and is just an absolute darling. She has settled in so well and hasn't put a foot wrong so far.
    I even went and met her previous owner this morning to get her papers. And she is a lovely lady.
    So not all people and horses/ponies are bad that go through the auctions :))
    And yes it is buyers beware but that is said for any animal you buy no matter where it is from :)*
  2. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Its a Buyer and sellers beware market - WHEREVER the sale takes place.

    and without having sighed papers....most horses could be a Andalusian X, an Iberian Warmblood, or as Jez puts it...a bulgarian coldblood....after all - how many horses are REALLY the 16.hh they are advertised at?
  3. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    Pardon me....that was a tad
  4. tazzie13

    tazzie13 Active Member

    and beagle i have enough money that i dont need to mark up anything thank you and im not going to advertise her now i was just angry about being lied to even if i did only pay a small amount for her i would still rather the truth and pinto lover i was given a mobil number after sale but it seems to be the wrong one
  5. wheatbeltanimalrescue

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    If the filly is by an arab stallion did she not look somewhat araby herself for you to think prior to bidding "hey she looks kinda arabish"?
    Unfortunately no matter where you buy there will be honest sellers and dishonest sellers. Or perhaps in this instance there was a bit of a communication break down on the owners part as she was selling one by the paint stallion you previously mentioned.
    If find it a little harsh that you would be so quick to jump on the owner if in fact it was just an error in communication - give it a little more time before deciding that they are ignoring your msg's or perhaps contact ross at the auctions and ask him to ring the previous owner with your contact details and a msg ;)
  6. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    Hey Tazzie i just checked that number again and yes thats the one the owners friend gave me:confused: Yes pinto lover mikey will be gelded! Just have to wait till his man bits drop...:}
  7. Pinto Lover

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    Oh Toyz are you going to keep his name Mikey? That's great. He was born the day before the Pinto States in 2008 :)* Can someone remember what that date was :confused: If you contact the Paint Soc you may be able to get him reg'd too. I am sure the breeder would like that ;)

    With the filly yes I would contact Ross but if it wasn't on paper I don't think there is alot that can be done.
  8. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    Hey pinto lover im not sure if they are keeping his name! As he's not my horse anymore but ill let you know what they do and how he goes as his just nextdoor... My neighbour has already been onto the vets about gettin the snip, because he wasn't in that great condition the vet rekons his put all his energy into growing thats why he has not droped yet :eek:

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